And It's When You Give, You Get Back In The Most Unexpected Ways..!!

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Remember your childhood birthday days, when you used to be very excited to distribute toffees and chocolates in school with your best friend. You used to distribute toffees all through the school, to the teachers, your classmates, friends, and to the principal. You used to give two toffees to your best friend, and chocolate to your class teacher. Remember? Remember those little joys of life? The little joys of giving?

Well, how can anyone forget that? Those were the best times of life. We then loved to share everything. To our lunchboxes, to gifts on birthdays, to chocolates, to something special cooked at home, to gossips related to new movies and the classmates, and the teachers, and everything! We loved to invite friends at home for casual dinner parties. We loved to invite friends on our birthdays and ask our mothers to cook dishes like Paav-Bhaji, Idli Sambhar, Sambhar Vada, etc.

We used to be excited to cut the cake, blow the candles, and give return gifts to friends. Oh Gosh! Gone are the days! :( Hope, there was a time machine that could take us back to enjoy those little glories of life. There was something special about the joy of giving then. We did not have any negative human emotions like jealousy, hatred, ego, selfishness, greed. We were just happy. We just wanted to give and feel better!

Also, when we were kids, there was nothing better than receiving gifts. A present wrapped in a box was a mystery story with an ending that was ensured to be excellent. Although we didn't know what was inside it, we knew that it was for us, to make us happy, something that we wanted.

From receiving gifts to giving beautiful return gifts, we eventually reach an age where the definition of life changes for us. We all reach an age where the meaning of the "joy of giving" changes. We get so occupied amidst modern life, fulfilling our responsibilities, careers, social life, jobs, business, family life that we forget to make a real living. We run without having a break and ultimately lose our peace of mind.

We forget our passions, creative side, and the things that excite us. We forget that there is something like the "joy of giving," that could bring us peace, the stability of mind, pleasure distracting us from the negative aspects of life, and back to the original and fresh state of being. We forget the beauty of the joy of giving. We forget how peaceful and enchanting it is to make someone happy, give someone a gift, compliment, say thanks, show gratitude, we forget all these things!

But we must not. We must never forget the joy of giving. "Giving" is the thing that helps when we are lost and stuck in life. "Giving" is all that helps us gather strength, reach our dream place, and feel better about ourselves in life. Giving gives it all. Believe, never forget, giving has astonishing benefits. When we give, we get back in the most unexpected ways! So, never forget!

Still in a dilemma about the joy of giving? Here are some reasons giving is best for you for your emotional, mental, and physical health.

1. Giving Makes You Happy

No matter you believe it or not, but when you give, you feel a ray of happiness deep within your soul. You feel peace, you feel content, you feel full, you feel happy! Do you ever give food to the beggars on the street? Do you ever give woolens to the people lying on the empty roads in winters? Do you ever give Diwali bonuses or rewards to your employees? Do you ever cook food for your mother? If you do, or ever did these things in your lifetime, you would be aware of the true definition of giving.

Also, you would be aware of the joy that comes to your life after doing all these things. Giving isn't always about helping someone with money or buying gifts for them, you can give in anyway. You can give compliments to someone looking beautiful, praise your children about scoring good marks in the exam, give your old books to someone who hasn't enough money to buy them, give words of encouragement to someone who feels depressed, give it anyway, in any form.

All you need to have is that inner craving to give. Believe that if you give, you'll no doubt feel better and happy. Also, you'll get magical results. Although, you may not get the results immediately, but when you'll get, you'll be having more than you have ever asked for!

2. Giving Is Contagious

Giving is contagious! Giving is addictive! Giving is infectious! It may sound blur to some of you, but it indeed is. When you give in anyway, you crave to give again and again. It is because when you give, you feel that you are doing something good, doing something for humanity and that ultimately gives you a positive vibration.

When you feel positive, you then crave to give, even more, do something good. And this is how it all works! It is how the universe works when there is something good happening in and around. So, immerse yourself in all the goodness, and seek the most of the blessings of the universe!

Be a helping hand to someone who has less than you, you'll have more. Even be a helping hand to someone who has more than you, you'll have more. Yes, there is something special about the power of giving. You are never empty, you then always have more and more to give and to live..!!

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


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What a beautiful and important article! I've resteemed it as hope as many people as possible will read it and take notice 😀

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So glad you liked it! Thanks a ton for the support! :):)

Beautiful! It is so satisfying and powerful to give!

Yes, it indeed is. Always! :)

I am so glad i visited your blog. This is powerful, the world would be a better place if we all would develop the habit of giving without second thoughts or hopes of gain. The world is just too selfish right now.

And I think the majority of the people today are dealing with the same problem, "The world is just too selfish right now." Yes, amidst this world of selfish people, it's better for us to indulge in a habit of giving. When we give, no doubt we get back in the most unexpected ways!! :)

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