Tap Out

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How many more steps to the top?

Do you ever feel like the whole world is against you? Like all the elements of the universe have refused to be any good to you, and the place you’d normally run to for comfort now feels cold and empty. Then you peep and peep, refusing to believe the new reality...

Some people were born to take way too many punches from life. They get hit too many times that they have no choice but to tap out - end it.

“I’m done fighting you, life. I’m done!”

And next thing, they’re gone.

Sometimes, it’s really nobody’s fault. Parents could be cool, family could be awesome, friends could be amazing but internally, there’s an endless battle going on; a quest to reach the zenith of a mountain while facing an avalanche.

You can’t give your all, fail, and not find comfort where you used to, and remain the same. What’s the point of staying alive when the cave you’re looking into is dark, unwelcoming and empty? What’s there to live for?

Tap out.

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We all ask each other what we life for but we still continue doing what's not right at times. Even if we say we are out, we still in tommorow

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Don't tap out ooo...lol...There is hope for a tree...finish the rest..Cheers!


I’m not tapping out 😉😂