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On The Road.

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There is this battle that seems to constantly be going on inside of me; sometimes in my head, other times in my heart. Location notwithstanding, the intensity of the battle always stays the same - very intense.

Who am I really and what am I supposed to be doing? Finding yourself and finding purpose are possibly the most important actions you’ll ever carry out. Without a solid knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is, nothing you do will ever seem right to you.

Clarity of purpose helps you stay on course and remain laser focused on the goal. When you understand your purpose and its importance, distractions will be easily identified and dealt with.

Sometimes, it feels like I’m in this unending state of self discovery and at other times, it feels like I’m just a confused human jumping from one thing to another. It’s one thing to know what you want out of life - and this is quite easy to do, but figuring out how you fit in is a different ball game.

My life is a constant evolution and this is a fact I need to come to terms with. So maybe instead of worrying too much about being who I need to be, I could just surrender and take the time to grow into who I will be. This isn’t a glamorous and fancy decision but it’s a necessary one.

Maybe it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times. Maybe it’s okay to stay away from the idea of perfection. Maybe it’s okay to not be overly critical of myself. Maybe instead of being obsessed about perfection, the focus is placed on being authentic.

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Self discovery and purpose are vital and they lie there, quietly waiting to be discovered in the things that make us tick...Yes to all the maybes sweetheart. It's not fair to be too hard on one's self. There's only this one life to live...take things a day at a time and enjoy each day.


take things a day at a time and enjoy each day.

Enjoying each day seems to be the key to living a happy life! 😌

Thank you ☺️

Powerful stuff! We're constantly being told that we have to rush our lives. I'd rather be intentional about the life I'm living and my progress than just rushing and worrying.


It feels like society has set too many milestones that need to be reached at specific times but when you zoom out and take a look at the big picture, you’d realize there’s more to life than rushing “to be on time”. We miss a lot of things when we rush and then we start to worry when we seem to be “behind schedule”.

People should be encouraged to actually live