Daily Nuggets - In These Feelings.

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Some times, thoughts of a particular person just come into your mind unannounced and then make themselves comfortable with no plans of leaving anytime soon. It’s at this time you’ll always want to talk to the said person, or just want to be around them, and because of that, you make up every excuse just to be there. You’ll probably catch yourself daydreaming about them when you should be working, and you can’t help but picture your futures together.

You most definitely “have feelings” for this person!

“Feelings” are very weird. They come unannounced, rewire your entire life, and lead you on journeys you never imagined you’d be on.

Even though it seems like they’ve got a mind of their own, these feelings can be suppressed! Yes, they can! It could take an entire world war to suppress them but as long as it’s what you’ve set out to do, you can achieve it.

So it’s all good that you can at least suppress these feelings but why do they happen in the first place tho? Why do we, out of nowhere, start craving more attention from a particular person? Why do we always want to be around them and get sad when we can’t? Why do we tend to pause our lives and start living for them? Why do we start to feel jealous every time there’s a competition for their time and attention?

Experiencing these feelings is tough enough. Properly communicating these feelings is an extra level of difficulty.

What’s your play in situations like this?


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