Severe Chest Pain Health Scare Today

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I had a bit of a health scare today that landed me in the hospital for 2 hours. Over the past few weeks I've been trying to fix my sleeping hours as well the time of the day when I eat my food. Since I tend to stay up late to work and also keep myself updated on things in our industry I have an odd schedule compared to most people with a normal routine.

Today, an hour after I had my lunch I had massive chest pain. I was dizzy and felt a bit nauseated. I also got hit with a bout of anxiety. The pain didn't subside but kept increasing and I wasn't sure what this was but considering I was able to move around I figured I should get to the hospital after trying to figure out what was happening.


I called my family doctor and made it to the hospital accompanied by my mother. Luckily the ECG and the blood reports ruled out any issue with the heart. But, the ECG did show minor abnormality but my doctor assured me there's nothing to fear currently.

However it turns out people as young as me have had heart attacks owing to crazy work schedules and pressure. Crazy work scheduled and ignoring your health for work has unfortunately become the new normal.

I'm quite ambitious as a person and I burn the mid-night oil all the time in order to keep working towards the professional goals I've set for myself every year. However, in the process I've ignored my health a little off late. This seemed like a wake-up call.

Sometimes when we push through constantly we end up building up a lot of stress. The past few months were extremely hectic for me. Falling crypto prices also meant one needed to work harder and constantly monitor the markets to see how can benefit the most and stay afloat through the tough phase.

I've decided to work on improving my sleeping schedule, eat three meals a day and start exercising. We have many lifestyle related issues today. Even if you are self-employed there is so many responsibilities when you are working full-time in any particular domain. Stress is a big factor plaguing most young professionals today. My issue in part today was stress led gastritis.

I'm on some meds for the next week and in the meantime I've also decided to build a diet and work-out plan. My Orthopedic surgeon has given me the green signal as far as the past fractures in my leg is concerned.

I'm calling my old gym tomorrow and figure out a mild work out routine to help me build some lost muscle in my leg from my major accident last year as well as improve the overall fitness before my long travel for prior to Steemfest 3.

If things go according to plan I intend on spending a month in EU prior to the Steemfest. Hence, I would like to be in good health for the event when I get there as there's a lot of work to be done to make the Steemfest event a great success. Not only that I also want to travel a few places and enjoy all that Europe has on offer once again.

Hence, over the next few weeks I'm going to devote more time to myself, reduce my work a little bit and spend time engaging in some exercise and eat healthy.

After all, Health is wealth they say!

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Please watch out dude and indeed listen to the body which is really signalling you to take it easy and change something. We always think we are gods and can do anything, but sometimes we really need to look a bit at the healthy side of it all.

If you are visiting Switzerland in your travels before steemfest let me know, we will have a coffee/beer


Hey Karin! I have tons of energy generally and an active mind so it's hard not to stay productive for most part of my day. But this was a wakeup call nevertheless and now i'm bringing some changes. Lets see how it goes.

I've been to Zurich and Lucerne in November 2016. Loved it albeit it was expensive to travel around. Luckily I had a friend in Zurich at the time and she had a car which made life easier as it was also just amazing to drive around. I had 3 amazing days in Switzerland before moving to Germany. I want to come back to visit Interlaken, Jungfraujoch and other places. If not on this trip 2019 seems more likely. Switzerland is an amazing place! I particularly enjoyed the visit to Lucerne.

Where are you based in Switzerland?


I am a lucky bastard who lives in Lucerne :)

Yes it is damn expensive here, and being a tourist you are even more sucked dry it seems! But you have the right visits in mind dude, those are also high on my list. But first still exploring my own area a bit and gathering the proper gear before I will hike the crap out of this big ones there!

Dude! I know there are a lot of knowledgeable well wishers of yours out there and a strangers free advise you won't pay a heed. But i would request you to spare 2 mins and watch this video. I go through the same at times since I sleep around 4am almost everyday.

Watch this video and if you don't believe then keep doin it till you can prove it wrong. It did work for me. Wish you good luck. Cheers!


Hi @tamsguitar... I saw this clipping.
But it's not mentioned there that whether we have to do that mudra with both hands or only with the right hand. And for how long? Ten minutes daily??
Because I came to know that it's good for arthritis. So I can try for myself too. :)


Hello, For more details please search Apan Vayu mudra in youtube n google and watch some videos to know the exact details since these mudras have multiple benefits for many ailments. However these mudras can be practiced between 8-15 mins everyday minimun and depending on the intensity of the ailment one can practice 45 mins daily in 3 sittings (15 mins per sitting).
You should practice it with two hands for max benefit but doing it with one hand also can help a little.


Thanks dude! Appreciate it. I'll give it a shot. :)



Definitely make your health a priority. When I left the military I became very sedentary over that following year while going to college and I also saw my health decline pretty rapidly.

I started showing signs of having diabetes (sweet smelling urine) so I bought a blood glucose tester, changed my diet a bit, and started getting more active again. Thankfully I haven't had any issues since.

Glad to hear you are adjusting your exercise routine and doing your best to get adequate rest each night. That should help quite a bit.


Thanks for sharing that. Luckily my vitals are mostly fine. BP and blood sugar levels are normal. But making some changes in my work moving forward so I don't have another health scare like this!

Take care @firepower. Our sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us! A few days ago, I hit the gym for the first time in my life and boy I am in so much pain right now. Sitting in front of the laptop whole day and at odd hours is dangerous for health. I am also trying to change my sleeping cycle but can't help it as of now. I can totally relate to what you must be feeling right now.

As we say in India, "Jaan hai toh jahan hai"


Hi @hungryhustle ! Not sure if you read my previous messages, I have some infographic work to be done. Are you available to help me?


No pain no gain. Initially it takes sometime for the muscles to get used to the work outs but in 2-3 weeks you'll find yourself with a lot more energy. I used to work out regularly until the crash in early 2017. Looking to get back to it now. Sedentary lifestyle hammering away on the keyboard is dangerous indeed! But it's also one of the perils of the world today where a lot of the work is done using a computer.

Hey! We actually take our health for granted and when we get ill we realize its importance. Right? But again after a few days we do those same mistakes. This way, even if we are gaining on one side like, be it in career or our professional field, we are losing on the other side and here we even lose a bit of ourself, which in my opinion is a huge loss.

So, be blessed for everything you got and do take care of your health. Without good health there is no meaning I guess.


It's a good news that nothing is serious. You should take care of your health. What is the use of wealth if one don't have health to enjoy it? So, dear @firepower just take a break and regain your health.
I am also devoting much time on steemit in a hope to get some upvote from fellow steemians. I think I should also be careful. Two years ago, I felt a severe pain in my chest. The pain was so intense that I was not able to move. In spite of the pain I could reach the hospital by driving myself as I was alone. They checked my heart, ECG and other tests were done but they could not get the reason of the pain. They gave me injections for relieving pain but nothing proved working. So, they released me. I took a homeopathic medicine which helped me. I don't know how such thing happened but it was a strange incident of my life.
Life plays strange games with us. So, enjoy every moment of it.


Did you find out the cause for your issue? I'm taking steps to reduce my work load now. It's a bit crazy since I'm going to have to leave for EU soon and there's so much that needs to be done prior to that. But can't risk my health anymore.


I don't know what was the cause of my problem but it was very very painful. My body became stiff due to this pain. By the way on account of this incident, it was revealed that my heart is very tough.
Take care my friend. Wish you a happy journey.

Hey! I hope you are fine now man! Take care of your health. Eat well and rest well. I know work is important especially for a workaholic like you :P but still take care of your health first :)


Thanks dude. Feeling a bit better than yesterday but not quite where I want to be just yet. Waiting for the weekend to pass to figure it out.

@firepower are you on any other meds? My wife was on high blood pressure meds and it caused erratic heart beats. She was trying to get off meds by walking/hiking and some of these meds/drugs have withdrawn effects. Be careful, your health IS everything!!!!

As a footnote two years later, hiking 5 miles a day, my wife’s blood pressure is normal!


No other meds actually. All my vitals including BP and Sugar levels are normal fortunately. However, I'm lacking in the exercise dept. Something i'm working to fix asap!

That's scary stuff, heart disease is the leading cause of death, I guess it is never too soon to be aware of our heart health.


true that!

there is a lot of health problems which we didnt know. As well we make us self sick by using unhealthy things like deodorant with aluminum.... I hope you will feel better soon , regards from Germany


Aluminium in deos? That's an interesting info. I will need to look into it. Thanks for stopping by.

Good man, seriously you need to take care of yourself before you can take car of others, including work, family etc. Your own health is key as you don't want others to have to take care of you later on.

Glad to hear it was nothing major and the scans came back good. Heck you could even post about the changes you have made in your life id be curious honestly as I tend to work some crazy hours once in a while.


In the past few years of being self-employed I've realised that work never ends unless you put a stop to it. But it's hard to take a break when you love your work. But implementing some changes now. :)

Really self employment is not a easy task, I also work as freelancer and know the work pressure and stress clearly.


Yeah. It can get a bit crazy sometimes but overall I like this over my past corporate life.

Take care sir , don't take much stress ,

You very right! Like they do say health is wealth. Nature can't be cheated on, yourself health comes first before any other things because once you not okay health wise other things aren't going be okay. Nice decision you've made.

mannnnnnn!!! I would have freaked out!! Take care of your self!!!

U know..We are not 20 anymore, I keep forgetting this. Send you good vibes from Spain bro!😘


I know right. I feel like 20 but im 30 now hahaha! Making some changes in my work schedules soon. Need to live another 30 atleast :D Thanks for stopping by.

It's smart to listen to your body and focus on your health. I hope everything is okay!


The pain is still there but i'm okay. Meeting a specialist on Monday just to rule out anything major. Thank you for asking. :)


You're welcome! Sending positive thoughts!

my partner is having the same issues and it has only increased in the last few months, for him, it's majorly because of his hectic lifestyle which has increased his BP level. Its a warning sign that your body needs some attention and a healthy lifestyle...I hope you do get better soon and take care of your health. Love and hugs :)


Thank you so much! I'm starting to make small changes and hoping to make it stick so that over time I have a better work-life balance.

Take care my man! I remember as a teenager I had to rush my father to the hospital because of an acute chest pain which turned out be gastritis as well. Although I have never experienced this kind of thing before or after but seeing my father like that was a scary as hell experience.

Lately I too have seen this breakdown of my normal sleeping schedule and missed meals and sleeplessness...... I guess I'll take your advice as well and try to improve my health regimen as well......


Yeah man. It's crazy how work-life is these days. I enjoy what I do so much that I rather stay on my desk then head out. It wasn't always like this. I had very minimal screen time just over 1.5 years ago but then things have changed a lot since then. However, hoping to bring about some changes now before things get worse!

Good to know that nothing was serious and you received an alert signal from your body. Do mend your routine and work in harmony with your body.
Happy to note that you're already taking corrective measures.
Way to go! All the best!


Thank you. :)

Ohhh my! Please do look into your health condition properly Mr. You might be needing some days off. Just to cool your fire down.. 😉

I hope you will be fine now sir.God bless you

Hi @firepower, actually when you are fit until then you do not care of your health. Once we lost our health, then we realize that how important our health is. Then we take all precautionary measures to improve our health. It is good to hear from you that from now you have decided to improve your health. It will be example for all people who are your followers.

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