50km for some glasses

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As I mentioned in my post the other day, (you can find it here) I was going to go out and spend a bit of that heard earned BTC.

So I sold some BTC to CHF and then had it wired over to my account. This was also a first for me even though it all took some time.

Well, yesterday we arrived in Germany with the in-laws since it is the time of year again where we all drink massive beers and sing while standing on the benches in a huge tent.

Its Volksfest time.

and I keep getting distracted but need to get back to the main topic here.

Since a friend of ours is an optician we wanted to visit here store here in town. When we texted her she said she was in the other store. And that one was 25km away. So I bravely decided to not just jump in the car but to take the bike (we had brought my bike in the car)
Upon hearing that my father in law generously offered to guide me. So off we went, and since he is from the region he was able to take me the scenic route along the Amper river. It really was a nice bike ride and luckily this is mostly flat country so there was a definite advantage to Switzerland.

Arriving quite sweaty at the optician I did find some nice sunglasses (Yes I realise that they are Armani, but I only noticed after I tried them on) and when I am wearing them they really do feel super comfortable and I guess that is the important part. I usually am not that much of a snob but I do like to have nice things... (I know that sounds a bit contradictory but it really is not)



I was using my old Ray Ban P glasses up till then but they are so scratched everything I am looking at appears cloudy. When I told the her, she said that I should not really throw them away since you can just order new glasses... (so I ordered those as well)
That is when she offered me a massive discount (about 33%) on the whole thing.

So this was a good day where I paid less for something that I would have bought anyway and I did some sports that I really needed to do anyway as well (losing a bit of that BBQ fat is still in order).

Today we will do another bike tour of about 30k so that will really have given me my sport dose for the weekend for sure. It might compensate the giant beers we drink in the evening here.

cheers, prost, salut, op u muile, sante


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nicely done..what do you have against Armani ?


nothing really, but wasnt really a fan of their clothes but never bought any to be fair...
I like my glasses though, no matter what the brand.


yeah.. their clothes can be a little not coy about the logos and branding :)

That was a good excursion for getting a nice sunglasses.


yes it was, I think you would prefer running but that is something I really do not like to do. My wife is the runner, not me


So long for a normal run 😂