FatKat Live Streaming #1

in life •  5 months ago

Yo yo people during my first live stream. Might start doing once a week or possibly daily for the @fatkat channel just so people can come ask me things or talk about anything.

Very thankful for the Wakeupnd contest winning!! Will respond to comments. What a cool thin, thanks @wakeupnd, informationwar is one of the best communities is not the best I have found so far on steem. What a great time this is.

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Best of luck with the live stream. Would guess it will take some time to build a live audience. I will probably view the playback via steemit unless I get lucky and see you while your live in which case will say hey in chat. Would like to hear you thoughts on STEEM and crypto in general. You expressed some disappointment but didn't really detail. Also your political commentary on current events that you might what to express. IDK maybe what you think might come out of US meeting with North Korea.


hopefully peace is realized in korea and across the globe, hope to start doing vlog daily at some point if you ever want to be a guest. I should talk about steem, still need to do some deep dive analysis of how it all works. Hope you have been doing well bud!!

Cool first live streaming video, @fatkat.


thanks bud, hope to get back to it soon and have some cool guests if you ever want to chat