a very silly death

in life •  5 months ago

Hi steemian friend, what causes people to commit suicide or die stupid. Do they never think what they will experience after death. Next I will make a poem about death.

Which divine concept do you worship?

Which in the end you are wrong ..

The perspective on religion also changes ..

Because your actions are getting penetrated ..

images (2).jpeg

You kicked out your life ..

From an innocent body ..

You do with takbir ..

And hope to enter heaven ..

Your brain has been washed

With the coming conspiracy

Then locked in the bar

images (3).jpeg


That whisper makes you kill yourself ..

this is a poem that I can write, may be useful for us all

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Wah ngeri2

Suicide is a serious issue facing the 21st century generation, and people need to be more enlightened about this write up of yours. nice piece

It has beautiful sensation. Good one.

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life is always in change, any of us can not follow the changes of life, time will eat us .......,
only the concept of Islam is eternal will not be time consuming .......


Concept is not Islam . According to you Islam is a solution. Yes , No offence ,but we are human and same solution don't suit to every human. If Islam was a solution probably There would be no restlessness in the countries that follows Islam. I like this religion but we need to understand . Religion has brought more problems than solutions.


It isn't religion but people and their greed for money and power that is a problem. With respect to the topic here, I have to agree with @tucsond therefore - if a man or woman embraces Islam, he will certainly understand how futile suicide is.


To understand how futile suicide is, We may not need to follow any religion. Hello,
isn't a natural lesson?
If man and woman embraces Islam, he can come to know how precious life is and the same he can do by just sitting very near to a person who is dying?
How death brings fear and misery ?
The real religion is one which teaches the importance of life and natural death both.
If religion teaches us how to manage life, how to face problems and how to grow with them. Probably , Suicide won't happen ever.
Hello , because if someone commits suicide he sees suicide as solution to his problems.
Probably, No religion is interested in our life's, they are more interested in the life's of heavenly bodies. We need to stop looking up-word, it is the time we look at our life and be responsible for the situations we are into and find its solution. Yes, Do believe in supreme power because it brings gratefulness.

Yours Reader


Two main points ... first, I think no one (not myself anyway) has said that the only way to understand the futility of suicide is by embracing Islam. What I am certain about is that if a man sincerely embraces Islam he will be the better for it. Second, unless you understand Islam, you can not embrace it nor will you understand what it means to embrace it. I am not sure what motivates somoene to oppose a something which they do not care for or know very much about either. I do see this happen a lot though. You seem to mention a lot of fault with societies and then draw a conclusion that society is imperfect, therefore religion is imperfect.

Religion is not society, and therefore can't be judged byb society's perfections or imperfections. to use this reasoning is similar to saying that universities exist, but not all people understand quantum physics - therefore quantum physics is based on imperfect reasoning. I wish you the best anyway. Peace to you.


I really appreciate your opinion.You are right. and it was wonderful to discuss with you.
Though, Religion can be imperfect but the community which is following it and mentors can make it perfect by eradicating the imperfectness and I really appreciate your example of university and idea of true embracing.
I wish you the best too .
I really don't want to rest in piece, though :-}


Suicide is a really big problem, people jumping bridges into the lagoon, hang themselves so bad. This poem is encouraging though. Coz no matter how bad when there is life there is hope. Suicide shoukd stop.


True.:-) it should stop. But the way human live in this fast moving world can't eradicate this problem. Suicide is not the problem for them who commits suicide rather it is a solution.... Yes, if we want to stop it, we need to bring change in human consciousness.
Happy reader

It is something very delicate but very important to try! I invite you to read this poem I made to Lorca


Yes! It is true that suicide is a solution to the people and most times what we ask at the end is 'why?'
Why do these individuals decide to end their stay with us? Well they aren't here to tell us that. We can only assume.. But one reason that has been constant through the years is that nobody listened to them, no-one gave them attention.. Am not saying we individuals are the cause of their deaths am just saying we become too engrossed with us that we forget to live and you don't live with you.. You live with them

Commiting suicide maybe is an act of cowardness. Try to make another decision to let you go out of your problems not this thing.

For one thing☝️, I love this poem cos you are treating one of the common things in our society these days. I love that.

You approach too was fantastic. I hope to see more of this from you.

Your poem deals with an important issue.