The New Underdog of the Tournament Comes Forth

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What an unbelievable night of football! The drama of the World Cup has certainly kick started into overdrive tonight, that’s for sure. Just finished watching the Uruguay vs Portugal game, with those two class goals scored by Cavani. Was a great match. But the star performance of the night comes from my newly elected underdogs to win the tournament.

Yes, I can only be referring to France. My god, that Kylian Mbappe (love how his name is pronounced) is a superstar in the making. At just 19 years of age, he tore up the competition coming from Argentina this afternoon. The pace and skill of the guy! He was outmanoeuvring the defence like they were stationary mini-figurines on a Subbuteo table. He is the one to watch this tournament and thus, after tonight’s performance from France, I think they have a good shot at being crowned the World Cup Championships of 2018. Even that incredible goal by Benjimin Pavard was football taken to the next level.

As far as the match itself goes, it was perhaps my favourite of the tournament so far. A thrill ride from the outset, at one point Argentina looked like they were well and truly in charge. But how the tables turned. After being a goal up for a while, France found their form and if they continue playing at the same talent level as today, they will prove to be a formidable team going forward. Even extra time was nail-biting, with Argentina getting a sneaky goal in with 2 minutes left on the clock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “This” is real, unrehearsed drama at it’s finest.

And, all this happened on the first day of the second round playoffs. What in the hell is in store for us in the next coming three days? I absolutely can’t wait. France squad, you did your people and country proud tonight. The fire’s been lit. Now, lets see where it leads you in the ensuing competition…


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The exit of Messi and Ronaldo was very exciting
This year's World Cup is full of thrillers


Simply crazy. And all in just one day...

It was a crazy day. But disappointing in the end as both Argentina and Potugal lost :( However hoping for some more action in the coming days, its going to be fun :)


I do like both Argentina and Portugal. But also gotta give it to their victors too. Thoroughly deserved wins all round. :)


Yes, I agree France pulled off a stunner right under the noses of Argentina... Did you look at Messi's face after the loss he was totally devastated :(

it is a real pity that our national team has lost, the whole town deserved the victory, many inchas sold to their homes to assist Russia to accompany Argentina.
excellent work dear friend @ezzy
I wish you a great weekend


Oh man! Sorry to hear that! Well, I'm sure you guys will come back stronger than ever. You did it before, you'll do it again. :)

It was a nice play there for Mbappe. If he wasn't substituted, he might had scored a hat trick. It was an amazing play especially with Portugal and Uruguay. Funny enough, Ronaldo and Messi are knocked the same day... Goodbye to our GOATS 🐐 😀😀😀


Lol, so true. It's almost like the "old" making way for the "new". :)


Haha perfect description

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The France vs Argentina was also ups and downs till the later part of the 2nd half. I was one of the few France supporters yesterday against a whole load of Argentina supporters who were sad much when there was only 10 mins left.


Well, it was a great day to be a France supporter. Nice pick! :)