My Take on Controversial New Documentary - "Leaving Neverland"

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So last night I got to check out the brand new documentary involving alleged victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck in a no-holds-barred discussion about Micheal Jackson and the possible child abuse perpetrated against them both. Well, after watching each part in its entirety, here's my opinion on it.


Even before the presentation begins, we are offered up a warning that explicit language will be used throughout. And that statement is most certainly not without merit, as the stories we are told from both men are horrifying and upsetting in equal measure. I don't believe any other child molestation documentary about as high profile a star as Micheal Jackson is, has ever been aired before in the past.

We are given detailed accounts of how Jackson groomed the two boys from a tender young age, as well as duping the parents into a false sense of security. It appears to be meticulously thought out from the outset and led to deviant sexual acts to unspeakable for me even to mention here. But as a result of this documentary, put together by Dan Reed, not only have all the old rumours surfaced once more but there are already outright boycotts of his music on selected radio stations on a global scale. It all adds up to a very damning portrayal of, arguably, the greatest musical artist and entertainer the world has ever seen.

But what of the truth, if any, in what we bare witness to in this devastating two-parter. Well, first things first, and make no mistake about it. This documentary is made for the sole purpose of destroying Micheal Jackson's name. There is no question regarding that. From the opening few minutes, we are presented with a sombre, almost chilling background score as the two men state blatantly that Jackson is a full-on pedophile and then go on to impart their individual cases one by one. However, as in all the past allegations, there is simply no undeniable evidence available to prove their testimonies are 100% legit, accurate or indeed truthful. And this is not made any easier due to the accused being dead for the last decade or so. It is literally a question of "their word against his", which ultimately accumulates to this being a highly speculative piece. Those who choose to believe he is guilty will have more fuel to add to the fire whereas those who think him innocent will called it all one big manipulative cash grab. And I cannot help but get the unconformable feeling that we are living in an age of "trial by media".

Whether or not this is the final chapter centering on this dark part of Jackson's life, will remain to be seen. Some have already stated that this presentation may give courage to bring forward many other alleged abuse victims after years of silence. But how many of these will be factually valid claims or not, will be up for debate. I do feel this is something that will never to truly answered and as time draws on, so will the chances of discovering any real truth behind all of it. One thing is for sure though. There are no winners. Only losers.


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Trial by Netflix indeed. Too many thumbs up and you are guilty :)


A sign of the day and age we live in, buddy.

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