My Humble Homage to a Very Inspirational and Brave Young Man

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The markets aren't looking great. We already know that. Causing a lot of stress and uncertainly in us all. Not a lot of fun whatsoever. But hell, at the end of the day, it's only money, right? Imagine being faced with a health issue so serious that it meant coming to terms with the worst possibilities. Well, there is a guy who is currently living through this right now and him name is Daniel Thomas.

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I've been following this guy on YouTube for about three months now. He has an aggressive form of cancer and has been literally fighting for his life against all odds ever since. The prognosis doctors gave him even back then was that he was days away from death's door. Yet through courage and a cast iron willpower, he defied the experts words and is still alive to this day. Yet all this time, the disease in still unable to be controlled and has been advancing at a rapid rate.

He regularly goes for check-ups and is ready to undergo operations or trial drugs to buy some more time for himself, knowing that the clock is ticking. But lately he began experiencing pain in the areas most affected with tumours and today received news that things have progressed to a very late stage. It damn near broke my heart as I've been rooting for a miracle to save his life literally every single day. But sadly it looks like the disease is finally taking it's toll.

Now, this post is not only a tribute to one of the strongest and most amazing people I've ever known (through his blog, of course), but a wake up call to myself and everyone else who stresses out over the most trivial of matters in life. At the end of the day, nothing should get you down as our life is but a fleeting infinitesimal speck in time. Be it money, personal circumstances or simply daily annoyances of any kind. Put it all to one side. Individuals like Daniel are the reason I continue to remain grounded in reality, because sometimes we can so easily get lost in it all. Check his channel out on YouTube under "peeweetoms".

So, here's to you, young brother. Forever will this guy have a place in my heart. As his sweater says "Don't Give In, Don't Give Up". Fight to the bitter end and never stop pushing...


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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@ ezzy you are a wonderful being all this speaks very well of you, he is a young boy and you see a lot of desire to live and that is important, only god knows how many days are left of life, maybe he will live much more than what doctors hope faith moves mountains and prayers have power like the blood of Christ, I declare healing for this cancer fighter who does not stop fighting that if you can greetings and many blessings


Thanks for your kind words. I pray that some miracle turn it around for Daniel. Never give up...


that's how I'm a friend, I believe in miracles and I believe in god forces

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