DLive... What in the Name of Unholy Crap Have You Gone and Done?

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Well, it's the talk of community right now. Possibly even overshadowing the spectacular self-nuke imposed by Banfield on himself a few months back. What else but the swift exit of DLive out the backdoor, littering the path with spilling fund out of their digital SWAG bag. But surely not, I hear you cry! After all the support they've received from Steem Inc., the community and everybody in-between? Well, let's delve in a little further, shall we...


It's no big secret that this intriguing little Dapp, that seemed to spring out of nowhere, was welcomed with open arms almost one year ago. Enjoying a sizeable 2 million delegation from @ned as well as the resoundingly positive response and praise all round, things looked more than peachy. Fast becoming a popular and trusted brand within the Steem eco-sphere, Dlive at the very least, provided for a viable alternative solution to using Dtube. And competition gave rise to innovative between the two camps, which in the big scheme of things benefits us all. Such was the level of support that the community even readily accepted self-voting within the team as a means of "collecting a salary" to continue improvement and sustenance for Dlive. Everything couldn't have looked better, until that is, Sept. 20 2018... Five days before the highly anticipated HF20.

The announcement that they were leaving (on the day of the hard fork release, no less) caused an understandable flurry of fractured emotional turmoil for all of us. Confusion, bitterness, but mostly outrage. The team so revered and respected had single-handedly (or single-postedly, as the case maybe) undone all the good they were perceived to have been doing. Upon reflection, their new motives now seemed selfish, calculated and parasitic by nature. Employing the Steem blockchain, one with an established reputation and being technologically sound, was now but a "platform of convenience" to propel their name into the limelight. The dagger couldn't have been plunged any deeper. But why in the hell press the big red "nuke" button out the blue and with no prior warning?

I mean, they cited whale voting politics as a major contributing factor in their decison-making process. But with the upcoming SMT's on the horizon, parameters afforded to a development team before releasing their product, should provide the tools for adequate solutions for this to be put in place. No, it just doesn't add up. In terms of "best interests", they're now seen to have sought out their own just to cut and run. Taking with them a huge chunk of money at the expense of the community and blockchain combined. Surely some form of gratitude in return for all the assistance that has been pushed their way, would have seemed a formality at this stage. But no, their exit strategy has "suspicion" written all over it.

Well, whatever the reason behind the untimely departure, the one small oversight on their part is the integral power of community. You see, as technologically advanced as a social-based blockchain can get, the most essential ingredient would be its user base. And that's where Dlive's actions may well come back to haunt them in the future. I mean, did they think to just pull off a Keyser Soze and disappear off into the sunset on a wing and a prayer? Somehow, I don't think that will happen. We're entering a new era of competing Dapps and gone are the days when a certain development team held the monopoly on a specific area of interest. Therefore, I see "morality" playing a much larger role as the market in general continues to thrive and grow. People don't refer to the crypto space as the "wild west" for no reason. In a world of community-born integrity and policing, unscrupulous actions like these are magnified hundred-fold. And make no mistake, word spreads fast. Especially as Steemit is widely recognisied and fast becoming "the" de facto news forum for everything related to the space. And make no mistake, we already has a huge community (of which Dlive used to be a part of) and tend not to forget such events of this magnitude. This is not a simple blemish on their track record, but rather a definitive example of questionable ethics and fleeting loyalty. And believe me, I'm putting that as nicely as I possibly can.

So, for arguments sake, even if the "grass turns out to be greener" on the other side from a technical standpoint, I see last night's move following them around for a very long time to come. Long enough perhaps for an equally (if not better) competitive decentralised application to take front stage in an already established and powerful community. That community being the one using the Steem blockchain right now. Irreparable damage has been done on the part of Dlive and I can only wonder as to where they will go from here.

"Technology means nothing without the force of strong community-driven individuals behind it." Let's watch this space and see how it all unfolds...


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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It's CLive, not DLive and it's a cApp not a dApp. A true dApp cannot simply up and move platform, because there would be no central entity to make that decision. If DLive had been open source and decentralised we could just keep running it ourselves; it was a red flag and it was a mistake in our part to support closed source software on the Steem blockchain.


Great point, man! That's true! In which case, maybe yesterday's announcement was actually for our best interests... :)

Well written mate! What makes me really happy about this whole situation is that our community stands strong and united and see this as a massive betrayal of us all which is a great sign. At the end of the day we will protect our home and support Dapps that are run on Steemit blockchain! Have a great weekend. Tomas


Many thanks, buddy! And yes, even I was in awe at the community's response to it all. Even individuals who had prior beef put their differences to one side and rallied strong in unison. Perhaps the first time I've ever seen that since joining this platform two years ago.

How's "that" for unity! Bless, man... And you also have a great weekend too. :)

I can see the community feels betrayed, but I expect we will see a few others exploit the good will they get at Steem. Greed is a powerful force and we see people ripping off the blockchain every day. We need to be more selective in who we support, but it can be hard to judge from what you see online.


Big-time betrayed. And yes, there may be other developers trying the same thing in the future. Without defined contracts to work with, it's an open field.

For now, I think some will go back to youtube, no?


I agree. For now, YouTube (or preferably Dtube) should prove good enough, like in the old days.


Too bad I "invested" in view.ly and didn't pay much attention to it.

A well written article and I cannot agree more!! I believe a lot of people on the Steemit platform share the same view. 👍


Thanks, @rea. I'm sure they do... :)

Amen, you wrote down the common sentiment amongst Steemians about dlive's behavior.


Thanks, man. Sucks so bad, but what can we do, right?

Dlive and other platform using the steem blockchain is just here to reap the rewards of the steem blockchain for their selfish needs. It is a shame that dlive will act in such a debasing way. After gaining alot from the blockchain and community support to build their brand, it is truly unfair and unappreciative for them to act the way they did


I'm pretty disgusted too, to be honest. But I guess better to know now than later.

I had just started to use Dlive, it came as both a shock and a disappointment. I hear that Dtube is starting live streaming, but if it is as bad as just posting regular vids, I don't see the point. The place needs work...


The place is absoultely fine and doing well... Just needed a bit of spring cleaning, is all. :)

I happen to think the behavior on both parties is way out of line, but such is the way of the internet, it's the wild west like @ezzy said. Yea dlive should've been more transparent with their intentions, but on the other hand the outrage from the steemit community has been embarrassing. If dlive wants to divorce from this un-contracted marriage than so be it, but this whole fanboyist venom being spewed is reminiscent of the console wars. Competition breeds success, and the tech will speak for itself in the end, so I'm all for Steem SMTs and upcoming HF updates, but people on Steemit need to relax and let dlive do dlive, they never claimed to be exclusive to Steem in the first place anyways. So if the lino blockchain works best for them, then great, if not, then lesson learned. We'll just have to wait and let things play out. Ordo ab chao.


First off, thanks for commenting, bud.

But I honestly think any hatred hurled their way from the community is completely justified and merited. Reasons mainly being highlighted in my post. They used the Steem blockchain as a means to further their market exposure, finance and development. We were all of the understanding that they, in return, would at least support the very blockchain they relied on and assisted in catapulting their name into the limelight. Instead, they do a full on U-turn and, effectively, show us all the finger. No warnings, no prior discussion, nothing. Just up and leave with some feeble excuses that make no sense. Remember, they also paid themselves a salary from the blockchain too (courtesy of receiving a sustaincial delegatoin) as well as powering down the money in their account to further fund their development. Terms like "criminal", "under-handed" and "fraudulent" spring to mind.

So whilst I do agree that the reaction has been an overly aggressive and focus one, did you really expect anything less? To me anyways, the facts speak for themselves.


I didn't expect the split to begin with let alone the hyper-focused wolf pack response from Steemians, but that kind of response doesn't surprise me, honestly. It just reminds me of a super ugly breakup where the man leaves the woman for a younger, prettier, all-be-it less experienced girl, so naturally the woman feels used and abused and so the breakup turns ugly at times.
Wait... I was that guy...
Well now I'm happily married with a 1 year old, so I wish the best for both parties honestly. I'm a streamer, so I hold no exclusiveness to either dlive, steem, or any platform in general, but I also blog and that's why I like steemit. I will probably try out dlive after they migrate, but I will also try vimm or another alternative. Whatever platform suits my channel best is ultimately whats best for my content. There's always the option to dual stream on 2 platforms at once, so no harm no foul for someone like me, just win-win-win :)


Sure, man. Give it a go and see how things pan out for them. We, as users, should be free to choose which platforms we feel meets our requirements. I myself will never use Dlive on principle alone, but hey, that's just me and I'm still a little raw about the situation!

Man, have a good one and best of luck whichever one you go with. :)

Time for @vimm :)

I was quite surprised that they are leavnig the Steem blockchain for Lino. It seems to be the talk of the week on Steemit.

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