Are These Plug Points With Built-in USB Chargers Any Good?

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Last week, we were on the hunt for a new electrical socket. The old one died well over a couple months back and finally we've got around to buying a new one. Now, the place where we're living at has always had the old fashioned traditional twin sockets but I came across these nifty little things at a friend's house and took a snap of it.

The built-in charger option is really useful as for now, we always use a separate plug to charge all household devices with. But on the other hand, I've also read that they take much longer to fully power up a device than a standard plug-based option. There's the dilemma. So, I'm just throwing it out there. Anyone had experience using anything like the one pictured in my post? The help would be truly appreciated...

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I would make sure that you get ones that can put out 2.4 amps at 5 volts. That should charge any phone or tablet as fast as a standard charging block. If it only puts out 1 amp then charging will take much longer.


Thanks for replying. So I take the one pictured should be fine, being at 3.1 amps, right?

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Of course, they will be useful!


Looking that way, bud. :)




Great electric socket.... very useful with USB charger...thanks bro @ezzy for sharing

I don't think it's that good because there maybe a certain amount of powers frequency required for that given device and then having a USB port connected to a direct current without a step-down, it's risky.

Perfectly fine for most uses BUT consider where it is installed. Floor level sockets can create a dilemma when your phone or tablet lead will not quite reach to a table or benchtop and you have to leave the equipment perched against the wall on the floor. My sockets with USD are generally at desktop, kitchen benchtop or similar levels.

I have seen this a couple of times. Most recent was in December in Disney Explorers Lodge, Hong Kong.

I think it's nice convenient and thought I want one but not going to rip out anything. So, next best thing is I have this Targus extension cord:!4281!3!271764288885!!!g!!&utm_source=google&utm_medium=sem_non_brand&utm_content=454174933119_4361637_124041469&utm_campaign=[SSA-260000000000-00000-00000-0]:%20Top%20Tools%20DIY%20and%20Outdoor&utm_term=[SSA-260800000000-00000-00000-0]:%20Top%20Electrical_xxso0000000at2608_c_pla-454174933119&adjust_tracker=t2v78t_5n20iw&adjust_campaign=1413990191&adjust_adgroup=58382186391_c_pla-454174933119&adjust_creative=454174933119_4361637_124041469&tracker_limit=1000000&ef_id=WtiuhgAAAbPCD8Fc:20180906141924:s