Today Mood "Serious"

in life •  2 years ago  (edited)

Just Sharing some photos

i guess it's not enough here just to share photos as a post, but this is what you get when you follow me, deal with it!!

This is how i woke up this morning "i didn't spend 30 minutes on my hair and makeup....... not at all"

Thank you (Please Upvote)

Please fasten your seat belts & prepare for take off!!!

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Wow, i was expecting to see your eyes a little reddish and a little swollen since it was closed throughout the night.

Nope, mentioned things are for normal humans.. lol

Lol, are you saying you are not human, hmm getting scared

Oh my God you are awesomely beautiful 😇😇😍😍😍.. Keep winning

you are looking so beautiful and cute

After a night out on the drink i normally don't wake up to a pretty face like that , but waking up to a pretty face like that with no makeup would be a honor :)
Just stay the way you are.

Perfect 😃

You are very pretty👏👏💕💕

i am flattered, maybe, who knows!

where are you from? and most important one: what is your name?

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LOL! Proof of awesome hair! Have a great day!

You are a natural beauty no need to makeup lovely lady. And its perfect click. God bless you.
If you have time plz visit my blog also. Thank you

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@eyesonsky Well done for sticking at it! Followed.

thank you

you r so beautiful .....

Thank you

although seious but in the heart still radiate affection for others

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Beautiful personality. God Bless you dear. Followed

Love the light in your eyes