What a perfect day to start the weekend!

in life •  11 months ago

I had a great lunch with my friend and fellow block brother @s3rg3 today.

I drove to his house around 10:30 and just like before we walked all the way to a nice lunch place we both know.

It takes one hour to get there and an hour to get back.

Plenty of time to burn some excess calories from the ice cream yesterday.

Sadly it was probably pointless because I caved for a beer the moment I sat down :)

and maybe two....

It's still 28c in the Netherlands...just to hot for coffee..so then only beer is left...I guess..:)


As usual, we had a great chat about life, steemit, and crypto in general.

It's always a lot of fun.

The lunch was healthy and tasty (3 eggs on bread) and after we walked back to his place.

When we arrived I got a call from Bianca.

She was dying to eat steak (Brazilian cravings....man...you don't hear me complain).

@S3rg3 advised me to go to his local butcher to get the meat and I went there on my way home.

I bought 1 KG of ribeye (3 steaks) for only $17.

I couldn't believe the price.

That's way cheaper than Butcher Schell or Makro where I usually go.

It was also pretty damn good quality with some nice marbling.

What a steal!

Snapseed 6.jpg

I got home and started preparations.

Bianca got home not much later from work.

She was starving so we eat very early.


The steaks came out perfect.

Tender, Medium rare and the fat was soft.

My friend @s3rg3 has a hidden butcher gem in his village!

What a perfect day to start the weekend!

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Looking good and 😋 delicious.
Weather should be great.
Time for hot
Time for cold.
Keep on steemin’

Ribeye steak looks perfectly cooked and delicious....I am glad that you cook for your wife .... Cooking for your spouse can strengthen relationships.

The walk meant the beer didn't hurt you. Can't view it as pointless. My Wife has started doing some exercising and she isn't happy with the scale yet, but I keep reminding her that it's better then if she wasn't doing anything even if the scale isn't showing it. The health benefits aren't always about the weight lost.

BTW, really cool you are done with the last client from your business. That took some time, but now you are free to move on. Read a bunch of your past posts last night, but didn't have time to comment....been so busy running my Pay It Forward Curation Contest that it's been hard to keep up on everybody's posts.

Haha one maybe 2 perhaps..oh dam this will take some work to burn now @exyle but I agree it was also too warm here for coffee would have to be a beer what a great excuse hehe, I have to say for its size its a good price!

I will have a Ribeye everyday and throw some good Veggies on the side and what's not to Like ?? Bravo Bianca @bkdbkd for getting Mark @exyle to bring home the STEAKS !!!

I have love for many of my favorite parts of your cooking and food videos:

    1. You, yourself, are not afraid of a pink center of a quality meat
    1. You show people, that is quality meat "done right"... for the most flavor and enjoyment.

People are so afraid of pink centers in quality meat and demand it be cooked "well done". I've never gotten sick this way, and most people don't. If the meat comes from a good source, and hasn't sat around and improperly stored.... it will be safe.


Medium-Rare is the only way :)

I was reading your post and enjoying. You spent a wonderful day. You and your friend are looking so handsome while lunch. As your writing I have come to know the price 1 KG of ribeye is 17$. It was very surprising for me. Because it's only for 5$ at my end. May be cow is available in Asia. Thanks to your friend @s3rg3. You could pass a wonderful day with him. Steaks are looking so alluring. Thanks sir @exyle for sharing your nice weekend.

Wow! You, your friend and wife really do know how to enjoy life. The steak looks good but I really laughed at the fact that you guys qalked an hour to burn some calories and still went ahead to eat 3 eggs on bread each. Egg yolk have lots of calories and you guys are 3 each, them why burn calories when you will add times 2 to it, lolzzz

Tender, Medium rare and the fat was soft.

That’s exactly the way I love my steaks 🥩. You have pretty nice weather in your place. I wonder what kind of beer 🍺 you drink in your country, because I live in NY and I drink Heineken only occasionally of course and I love it especially when it’s 28c outside.lol

uhhhhh waaao great information i mean u bought meet in just 17$? its reallyexpensive its about 1800 rupees in pak and u know? webought 1kg in just 5 to 6$ and its really amazing quality meet but its ok i am happy you enjoyed their alot
well thanks for sharing suxh a good experience and happiness with us keep it up

Hi exyle,

I have to say that you do know how to live life by socializing and eating well. Must be nice to have this much freedom to follow your own time schedule.

It seems like it's perfect weather all over Europe! Make the most of the sun whilst it's there. We know that Green Egg will be used and abused (in the good sense, if there is one) over the next few days and weeks. 😉

Je kunt er speciale bestellingen doen! Hij slecht zelf en is geweldig en dat allemaal in ons kleine dorpje!

You can't say no to a beer or two at 28 Celsius.

It's inhumane. :D

Also, looking at those pictures makes me really hungry lol.


Hahahahaha, inhumane man, really inhuman?, we have about an extra 12c on that here. So, a cold beer is like a life saver.


I was only kidding mate. :) But yeah, at 40c is definitely another story.

Would it pay to go there to buy your meat? If it is just as good or better, and cheaper, is there any reason not too?


I will definitely go there more often. It's great quality. The only downside (not really that big) is that they only have Dutch cows, and South American Meat has a different (more close to home for Bianca) flavor. I hope that makes sense.


Here in France, you can also buy excellent beef from Charolais cows or Limousines or Blonde d'Aquitaine. So there is a lot to chose.


Yes, It does. I can't eat beef from Costa Rica, I tolerate Nica cows, and the best I can get is Argentinian beef. No Brazil meat here so I couldn't tell you what the difference is. I like Dutch beef. To me, it has a good flavour.

Good butchers are very hard to find.

Now, I'm jealous of your beer, steak and weather. (still at work)

what a luxury now that you stopped the 24 hour contracts, just go to a friend at 10:30 and have a great day

You're always eating well Mark @exyle :)
And that Steak is something to behold. Nothing quite like a good peace of meat ;) Thanks for sharing

Just forget about Steemfat #99, enjoy your life!

Great steak, my friend and I see your famous green egg back in business. You are right when meat of this quality, the stack turns out to be excellent and juicy and I'm sure that its taste was excellent. I also would like to try his piece, haha. Thanks Mark

have a nice weekend
Have a great time with your friends

Your really having lots of fun with your friends that's great. The meat looks delicious 😍, am sure you prepared it well. This is truly an amazing way to start the weekend. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post

Looks like it's gonna be a long beautiful weekend even over here. Enjoy the rest of the show buddy.

no dout awesome moment of life really great time for weekend ,these really enjoyable to pass with family and friends

no dout perfect time pass with enjoy weekend

Happy to hear you had a very good time. The steak looks really yummy lol :)

Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

Have a nice weekend Mark! ;)

That steak looks really yummy @exyle. It's still gorgeously warm here too so we're heading off for dinner, to a country pub with a nice garden as soon as John gets home. And great beer of course! 😊


Hahaha! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself! Great blog today. I enjoyed popping by ✌😉🎶

I had steak today too and it was amazing but yours look great! It looks like you had a great time while you were out. We all should take time outs to spend time with awesome people and eat really good food. Thanks for sharing about your day :)

Well it seems that you had a wonderful day, exercise and cooking together make a man's day perfect ;)Price of the meat feels quite low. Hope you and your wife enjoyed Steaks to your fill :)

OMG mouthwatering!
Well done, thanks for sharing!

a very beautiful blog thanks for sharing @exyle

living the good life. thats what i'm aiming for; low stress, passive income, good food and chatting with close friends

very dilicious

So cool this is the perfect way of enjoying the weekend :D


man, I will travel to Netherlands just to have you cook for me on green egg. I'll buy the meat and beers

Wow..seems like you had a great day with @s3rg3. The photos look great especially the steak and it's a good thing you discovered a cheaper place to get it. Have a great weekend :)