Vlog #46: The beginnings of a Steem blockchain economy are slowly emerging.

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Yesterday I didn't make a summary for a vlog. @gigafart, a user on Steemit asked (in a comment) if someone could make one.

User @abh12345 made a really nice summary and got rewarded by @gigafart with a full upvote. I thought it was so cool that he took the time and effort to make one that I also gave my full upvote. (+$60 total).

This was, of course, a cool event but it means more for me. It's the first time I saw that a user was being rewarded for filling a request by another user (on my own post made it extra cool). Not like a job, more like an open request that got filled.

It's just another cog in the wheels of the Steem blockchain economy I see slowly emerging.

A platform where you can earn Steem in other ways than blogging alone.

The bigger the Steem blockchain gets (more users, more frontends, apps, marketplaces ect..) the more Steem tokens will be accepted as a form of payment worldwide.

It's the social aspect of the Steem blockchain that's making this possible. This is the key.

Earning Steem tokens through blogging will get less and less in the future and earning it in other ways will come more to the forefront.

We are literally at the beginning of this process in my mind.

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Good day @exyle

Thanks for the mention today, and vote yesterday (and also @gigafart !), i'm glad these interactions inspired today's blog in some way - it's nice to be involved in new thoughts and ideas for sure.

Today's summary... free of charge haha, no doubt there's been 5 already while i'm typing this reply!

As i mentioned yesterday, commenting on posts has been more rewarding for me since becoming active on Steemit again a few months ago. I've been checking this on Steemdb.com regularly and, apart from this week because of a contest entry post that seemed to pick up a curation trail, comments are a around 2/3rd of my earnings.

Having posted on curation rewards for new users a few weeks back, the general point was that it's going to earn you very little unless you have tens of thousands of Steem Power.

Blogging (Vlogging)
For the established user like yourself this is the main income, but i think already, and as the platform grows, it is harder to become known unless you are unique, or brilliant, or dare i say it, pretty hot looking! So newer users will need to find something original, like a project for a worth-while cause, to make it as a blogger.

So from the 3 current ways to earn, commenting seems the way forward for newer users perhaps with a long term goal of finding their Blog niche.

As far as it being ethical to vote on someone supplying a summary, i'm going to be biased and say of course! Surely beats a 'good post', 'you nailed it man' any day.

Anyway, You nailed it man, have a good day ;)

First of all, loved your vlog. The way you speak, showering a personal touch to your videos is a big viewing factor for your blog profile. Now, If I talk about Steemit or Steem in general, both are growing exponentially because people are joining steemit gradually and in return there are a large distribution of steemit tokens happening behind the scenes. That's why steem prices are also rising, which is a great thing actually.
If I explain steemit in three words it would be 'Social Media Evolution'. People are connecting with it for the sake of variety of purposes, mainly because of it's monetary factor, others are joining because they want recognition for their work and that's why I joined. I want recognition for my skills and my work, money doesn't matter that much but the recognition do.
Maybe in the future, Steemit will grow exponentially, and you @exyle are doing a pretty good job in making people aware about steemit and motivating this platform through your vlog.
A big Thanks to you and A big thumbs up for your work.

Thanks, man!

You're so welcome @exyle. And please no need to say thanks again. You deserve it all. It's your hard work which is paying off. So enjoy this success, keep informing and motivating people. You're good at this .

Very interesting case. So, to support this innovative trend next step is the contest for the best summary! Then for the best other parts - (introduction, and so on). And in the end we will have the post , which is result of the collected minds. Steem Lego Blogging.)

brief but on point as always!

RoadRunner dropping a written message to @ionlysaymeep
MESSAGE: Hey MEEP! How are you? When you are able, can you pop up in the interview? =) We are waiting for your answers.

Steem Lego Blogging made me laugh man :)

I get your point about it being too hard to earn rewards in the future on Steemit with more users but if the Steem price goes up substantially between now and then even though everyone will be earning less Steem but those tokens will be worth more so perhaps it will still be possible for people to earn decent money here.

One small tip buddy it's "summary" not "summerary" otherwise your English was perfect!

Thanks for the tip on the word! Sometimes the language barrier gets in the way.

Damn those scratch like marks look nasty but I'm glad they don't bring you any pain.
I agree it is the beginning of this process and it's going to get even harder when hardfork 20 hits and the floodgates open.
It's going to get harder and harder to get steem tokens so people should begin to horde as much as they can now as when time progresses and more people use the platform the distribution of the reward pool will get slimmer and slimmer.
Let's see what the future beholds but if you jumped on board the steem train now you, like myself, you are very lucky.

I saw this, it was cool to see. Steem-backed tasks will definitely become more of a thing - perhaps this is how the ecosystem can graduate from phase 1, where we all earned steem mostly by blogging, into phase 2, which might be powered more by Steem Gigs and the like?

It reminds me that I am meaning to post up my first Steem gig soon..

You are really right... STEEM (through Steemit) made social interaction more possible and easier, and it's like hiring someone... (like you said) but in a fair and open way (I would say). And who decides on what or who to vote it's us! (who vote). So that makes it all very true and personal. You can vote because you may want to help someone, up a vote like I did for this one, or because you really like something you see. Ultimately, the value you produce on STEEM is driven through the decisions you make. So, make them count. And be yourself!

Enjoyed some of the thoughts you talked on the video. Glad you see voting differently with HF19. =)

Wow, the power of the community is awesome. I'm noticing this more and more. I've been doing my best to just read, watch, comment, resteem, and create. I really enjoy your page @exyle thanks for the help and good vibes. I have been turning almost everything into steem. You make so many points and I hope to help in the ways you talk and do.

I don't think he even knew he was gonna be rewarded. I believe he just wanted to help. He had some free time and did what a friend from his network needed. That was it. He got rewarded. That is great.
It is a nice concept in my opinion. It will evolve even more and it would be fun to be able to earn Steem other ways than blogging. I can't wait to see more in the future. Evolution and growth is so exciting.
Keep it up @exyle you're asking interesting questions.

Yeah, didn't expect what i received at all, as you say just responding to a request. I find myself doing that quite often when i see a question i can answer, must be the IT support guy in me :)

Now if you could only find someone besides the one who is summarizing your vlog who will vlog for you! Now that would be full circle freedom! Actually "Full Circle Freedom" is kind of an amazing word if I think about it!

Thanks for this post. I actually agree with several of your points. It's obvious that earning Steem tokens through blogging with become less and less as time goes on. However, I believe that having more gigs, social applications, and other functions on the Steem blockchain can only further increase the value of Steem.

I believe this too.

Do we have any alternatives to steem? Steem happens to be the only decentralized network offering such an opportunity for folks to make cryptocurrency while providing content. Any competitors yet?

As far as I know there is nothing out there like Steem.

The steem blockchain is the hottest package in the market now. It's wise to join the train now before it's late. Before the end of this year I see a rapid rise in the value of the steem blockchain.

I'm backing up the truck right now...
Bleep, bleep, bleep... 😜

Thanks for sharing this good post, and thanks for all information that you provide with your blog @exyle

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I also believe we are just getting started and that Steemit and crypto in generally will grow and evolve as it goes more main stream. With HF 20 I'm hearing the sign up process will be made much easier, and Steemit will no doubt be flooded with new members. I believe we'll have some growing pains like any other community, but I see a very bright future and a fun ride ahead.

I saw that too, @gigafart couldn't view the video on his mobile. I am sure that people are turning towards curation rewards rather than author rewards (although comments are considered author rewardson Steemit). HF19 has also benefited the minnows and dolphins with more dollar value per upvote. Also people are more conscious when upvoting posts after HF19.

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The steem blockchain is the hottest package in the market now. It's wise to join the train now before it's late. Before the end of this year I see a rapid rise in the value of the steem blockchain.

Very good post, I agree that the steem blockchain will grow large and more innovative things will happen. See my blog post about future of steemit and steem for more info.
I however think that steem is undervalued for now and thus more room for growth when its value is recognised..keep powering up buddies, the future is bright

good post

Steemit is Game Theory of Wit, Humor and Intelligence.
Brain Power to create Blogs that Earn and Votes that Count and Earn in a Steempowered Economy.
I think Bitcoin will Rise Big because of Steemit ~ provides an easy entry to the Cryptocurrency Markets...

I can see the economic future will be much greater than the opportunity to earn by blogging. Hopefully, someone with very deep pockets will not buy enough Steem tokens to dominate the economy. You display ethical character. Others may not. The price will determine the value. Desperate people will work for it. We now have the opportunity to exist without the threat of a Super Whale draining the pool.

Steam blockchain from now to the future

I would like you my friend @exyle, if possible, to do a very realistic analysis of the effect on the price of Steem / SBD with all this problem created by Poloniex turning off the deposits and withdrawals of funds. Well, I see that since this problem was created, the price and volume of SBD in the market has been falling every day. SBD died?

Quite an interesting question was asked. And u @exyle, thanks for the answer :)

That is a great way to earn extra bux for people with some teck experience, and their's nothing wrong with being ethical either.

Great Post
thank you for sharing

Awesome vlog as always my man

Hopefully when this mass adoption will prosper, we will be seeing more about steem. Hope the community can keep up.

Its what makes steem a totally different form of crypto from the run of the mill coin.
Thats what i like about seemit.. not only the crypto but the people and the sense of community.
This is the main reason why i think steem will survive while other cryptos fall by the wayside

Like your vedio. Thank you for shearing

Thanks for sharing this, @exyle :)

Hi Mark @exyle I really respect your opinion, as you know. Something occurs to me that perhaps you would like to address in your vlog (I know I'd like to hear what you have to say about it), and that is gaming the Steemit system. I don't know how else to put it, but what about those who are using Steemit merely for profit, in other words? As Steemit looks more and more like an opportunity to make money, what about those who just want to take advantage of it? Is there potential for them to ruin Steemit?

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Hi again, @exyle Here's the post that got me thinking about this: https://steemit.com/steemtools/@cian.dafe/compounding-steemit-profit-and-the-power-of-the-guild

It contains two videos: they are motivated merely by profit and not the best interests of the Steemit platform, IMHO.

Daamn.. That guy is smart! I should think about making summaries from now on lol.

Very nice post good blog @exyle

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