Vlog 294: Utopian.io hack + Users are diversifying to different apps to upvote and consume content.

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Yesterday the servers of Utopian.io were attacked.

Besides loss of data also SteemConnect Tokens were leaked.

The hack was therefor quickly picked up by Steemians all over when their accounts started to randomly upvote and downvote posts.

You can read all about the attack here. It's the official statement by Utopian.io.

From the post:

The attack started yesterday. It was initially identified as a service disruption only, but it appears that wasn’t the case.
Our main production server was completely erased.

Our CDN, which contained files and backups, was erased .

SteemConnect Tokens were leaked from our DB and today used to bulk downvote/upvote random posts.


To check if you are affected you can check your upvote/down behaviour here:


Steepshot push notifications.

I have been using the app Steepshot for a while. They recently build in these push notifications.

Besides giving a nice interactive feeling it also tells me users are diversifying to different apps to upvote and consume content.

I got around 20 upvotes through the app Steepshot (and not steemit.com) on one of my posts.

I think that's cool and is exactly the type of thing (Users using different apps) I would like to see happen when this blockchain grows.


I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Greetings, great exyle

I do not know what you think about it. I think that with this question that happened in utopian, for those who have sp invested in the site, the best thing to be done is to modify the password. Even if it's just to make the person's mind more comfortable, it's good to have it done.

After that, I think it's not good to put a password anywhere other than steemit.com. I will not post more on other sites that can connect to steemit, such as b .....

It may be a radical attitude, but it's better this radicalism than losing money invested in here.

Thanks for the post and good morning!

I quite agree with you, we also are very careful to connect to any third party platform. Thanks for sharing

We all learned from our mistakes and not from our success. Hope Utopian can adjust to this tragedy so it wont happen again in the future on a larger stake. Great post @exyle

Hope Utopian.io will take appropriate actions so that it won't repeat again.. Glad to know that no private data was leaked and wallet was not at risk at any point. Steepshot push notification will come really handy....

Honestly, I had no idea about all the different apps available on the Steem blockchain! After my exams are done I'll surely explore some of them and write some articles about them!

Good morning!

Well as you probably know, I've been contributing, and spent some time moderating over at utopian-io and so clearly want them to be back up and running as soon as possible.

This is really unfortunate for them, but as with the rapid growth and speed that they put their virtual team together, it's obviously pretty hard to build that team full of 100% trustworthy types.

As in so many businesses these days, your IT guys have access, by way of the role, to data that as a CEO you would rather they didn't have - it's just impossible not to allow them access. I wrote about the incident yesterday based on my experience over the years.

I feel sorry for @elear and the team, and hope they come back stronger.

Have a good day man, looks like a nice one over there :)

and hope they come back stronger.

For sure! It's such a great project and idea.

Yeah definitely. If they keep the support of Steem inc, which looks to be the case then they will be back. And are actually due to start accepting contributions from the standard condensers again soon.


Hey Asher ✌ Nice to see you here!

Hi Jill, thanks and you too! :D

sad to hear that the hack was an inside job

Hope that utopian-io could recover the problem soon. And thanks to you for alart about sudden danger. I have no idea about it. I could know details from your Dlive video. I have android phone. But I don't know why steepshot is not support in it. I tried. May be I have to buy a new phone with IOS :)

Thanks a lot sir, for sharing the most valuable information.

Steepshot should work on Android 100%.

Oh no, I hope this doesn't affect the STEEM price

  ·  last year (edited)

What can i say I heard the news and I was shocked I first feared if it was a malicious hack, but they I was told no keys were compromised at all, it's totally a relieve I'm glad for your consistent blog, I'm sorry I've been away, how's Bianca? I heard you celebrated an anniversary together?

Bianca is great. Thanks for asking!

thank you for the post @exyle, that is very informative! I see in the images you have an app "steemify". I can't seem to find it on the play store. What's that?

It's only for iOS atm. Android is being developed.

I see, thanks!

OK. You've convinced me @Exyle. I need to do more on Steepshot. I did the one post at the London Crypto Currency Show and then reverted back to my pc as it's so much easier for me.

I 'll give it another go and try and get more comfortable with it.

Have a fun weekend! 😊

Steepshot is really fun! 💗 i hope you enjoy it this time!!

It is!

I did one from the beach @yogajill. Well I cheated actually and sent it when I got home but I did take it on my phone and then I sent it from my phone so that's a step in the right direction. I might try and do one a day. 😁

Not very prety news for the community, Utopian.io is one of the biggest projects and fear spreads very fast... It´s good to know that no funds were stolen, at least the hack was minimized and it should be easy for them to come back stronger into action.

Usually we learn with our mistakes, but in crypto you don´t have that luck, prevent your mistakes because they can be very expensive.

Yesterday the servers of Utopian.io were attacked.

That’s the reason I don’t like to use too many apps. I’m aware most of them are very good, but all I need is a good notyfying tool and Steemify does it all what I need. As always great and informative post. You have become my morning news. Every morning I check your Vlog to see what’s happening in steemit world 😆.

I hope Utopian can recover from this mess, they are one of the best platforms running on the Steem blockchain....

Thats a pretty cool update for Steepshot, I installed it on my phone and used it once or twice to post a photo, i should start using it again lol.

That's shocking news about utopian and I do hope they can resolve it as soon as possible. The silver lining in all this is that no wallets or keys were compromised. I guess no one can be 100% secure online, there is always some malicious hackers lurking around. After hearing your steepshot story I think I will try to use it. I wish u a great weekend, thanks for sharing :)

Blinking heck, the more I see if steemify the more I like it, I love the way it tells you how they interacted!

Not a big hack and nothing compromised but time to be aware with master key :)

Very in pity, why it can happen ???

Yes I am @mahera very supportive of your good work, I will campaign to my friends to help you that your work is very good.And we strongly support @blockbrothers as our witness.
Hope will be a witness we are very proud of.


Thanks for your support!

Informative post.Much obliged for sharing it

Mark @exyle I think you need to do a Celebratory Post Once we Hit One Million Accounts on Steemit....................

I heard about the hack on Steemconnect yesterday evening, but to be on a safer side I have to my master key immediately . It's also good to hear that no wallet and key were compromise.
Thanks for sharing friend.

Well let's just say that at least there were advantages and disadvantages to this attack on the network... Many won upvotes!

Thank you for informing us, my friend @exyle

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello @exyle great content as always you have my vote ! :)
Can you please explain the reward system with steepshot... is it working like dtube. Basically getting 25 % of the rewards? Would be awsome if you could answer ! Greats :)

This is so nice of a news to behold a beautiful Saturday morning. I should try this out . Nice 👍🏻 f you to share such. So glad the disaster with utopian was tended to

Tanks so much for the info! I hope it was a moderate pain for people who have been hit by this attack!

  ·  last year (edited)

Great post my friend. May the Cryptocurrency God's Bless You.

Does steepshots rewards with Steem/sbd?
Is it safe to use posting key on 3rd party app?

Thats an other new problem. And as it happened once it can happen again, if no action will be taken against it. We are already facing a lot of trouble here and one of them is "Phishing", if you noticed that lately!
Many accounts were stolen and abused. Money was stolen from each account and transferred to other accounts, then to Bittrex. These are some of the accounts involved lately:




tipuvote! 0.4

the hack is a serious thing here hopefully the team will be more careful next time

Wow.Interesting concept..That's really great news..I think it is helpful for us...thanks for sharing.

utopian getting hacked big concern this is if such a site is not safe then there are various flaws in the system

Hi Sir

I read your blog its so heplpful , great news , good job .

I recieved your post resteem my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Follow my blog @powerupme

the hack has been fixed which is a good thing for users

Yes I really support your good work. I will testify that you are a very proud witness

Hey, hello is there any way to contact You more privately? Got something that would be a good material for a video.

Like Post.JPG

Utopian is one of the best platforms in steem,they will recover from this problem

thanks for share your blog i appreciat your blog

While the fact more people use apps on the steem blockchain is awesome, it's also sad that there isn't more discussion why some apps fail.

Always rely on you for the latest happenings on the block chain! Thanks @exyle
Have a great day!!

Yes @exyle many of my steemian friends here in Nigeria complained about this problem of their accounts been used to upvote and down vote other accounts, some that are minnows where scared to death that they where going to be flagged by whales lolz... It is a good thing this has been addressed. Great post @exyle.

@exyle, It's terrible, I almost checked in there. I think you need to change passwords immediately.

I just hope that it will not happen again but what we must do as a member is to be careful and also not to use third-party apps very much especially those that require important account password @exyle because we just can't trust that much.

how it been attacked and did it make any problem to the steemit as well , who had attacked on it will you please give me some details i like the working of utopion.io they are really a nice platform to help others and they must have anti support to help them preventing attacks

I hope that Utopian.io will be back online as soon as possible to continue their services in the STEEM blockchain. I agree with you that we must educate ourselves pertaining different keys we log in through different apps in the blockchain. Upvoted!