Traveling to London by train from Rotterdam. Visiting @ezzy and @rea and a meeting with @nanzo-scoop.

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Today Bianca and I traveled to London to meet our friends.

But unlike going with the plane we decided this time to go with the train.

A journey of around 4-5 hours.

It would take us from Rotterdam to Bruxelles and then London.

We took a taxi to the Central Station of Rotterdam at 11:00.

We arrived 90 minutes early. (We should adjust this next time.)

We had some coffee at a bar inside the station and then we were ready to leave.

Waiting for the Thalys train to arrive.


The train arrived perfectly at 13:00.


Inside the train its very comfortable. Nice seats and enough leg space and also free WIFI and places to charge devices.



With 300km/h it does not take much time to enter Belgium.


When we arrived in Bruxelles we had to rush to get to the CANAL (tunnel) gate. Sadly the same applied here as with flying. Security checks galore (no pictures). It took about 45 minutes to get through it all. Then we were of to the next train to London!



Inside this train was a small bar! With food and drinks! Perfect.


Bianca was tired she fell asleep halfway.


And then we arrived in London at 16:00 local time! The station was stunning.


Outside the Station we were greeted by Rea and we quickly walked the 10 minutes to the car where Ezzy was waiting.



We drove to their place and Rea gave me the perfect drink after a day of traveling :)


We couldn't relax for long because that evening we would meet @Nanzo-scoop in a Chinese restaurant Rea picked out for us. It was good seeing him again after Steemfest 2! The conversation had only one subject.....crypto!


After dinner we had a small drink in a bar called the bull and talked some more about our favourite subject. As you can imagine the recent STEEM price increase had us all pumped. It was the perfect and to a perfect night. It's a lot of fun here!




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What a fun trip!! Looks like you guys had a great time :) I'd love to do that train trip one day!

Yes, i also like to travel in train. It's really fun.
Best of luck for your happy journey!!

Let's go guys journey by train.

Thank you! Having a blast!

Well documented. this is the first leg. Travel in style.
You are truly a beer fan.
Keep on sharing.

I love beer :)

Wow looks like a blast i am from buffalo always wanted to a trip like that we'll have fun be safe happy new year

@exyle that looked like so much FUN. I would like to ride a REAL Train one day unlike the 20th Century Dinosaurs we call trains in the USA. Cryptos, Good Food and Cocktails. What a great way to enjoy your Day. @rea and @ezzy are Fantastic hosts...........................

Yes from what i see it was really fun for you guys, sometimes you just go out of your way to experience a different whole stuff altogether

If you want to see how good train travel can get go to Japan. The Shinkansen wipes the floor with anything I've been on here in Europe and in the US.

It would have been very intresting to be a part of or even a fly on the wall for those conversations you had. Sounds like you had a great time!

Must have been fun. Next time you pass threw brussels station - let me know i might be able to get you threw a bit faster as i work there :D

Seemed like you had a blast with the fellow steemians!

So awesome! I really enjoy your posts! I'm learning how life is done from you! Thanks man!! :-)


Wow it looks awesome especially the train it's cool, I wish we have that kind of transpo or I mean that kind of train here. =)

The train is supper cool, and i think apart from the time it took to get to london it was an awesome journey for them

A great trip, my friend, and glad that you arrived safely in London. The train itself, of course, impresses with its design and speed, we have no such yet. London, as always surprised by its style and grandeur, was pleased to see your friends and I am sure you have rested in a beautiful company. Thank you Mark and keep us informed of what's happening!

Thank you man! It's great here!

I remember taking the train from Bologna to Florence and how pleasantly surprised I was with the Italian trains. They are so comfortable, especially in Business Class. Our seats reclined and we got a free glass of prosecco, too!

Wow we are yet to get such pleasurable train here, but i hope i would visit London or Italy soon, perhaps its going to be fun to try out such trains

I wished the trains here in the U.S. travelled as fast as some of the ones you rode.

It looked like you had a really wonderful time. How was the Chinese food at the restaurant you ate at?

The food was incredible!

@exyle I love Rotterdam and Amsterdam! I was there on December! What an amazing place, the Netherlands are a paradise on Earth. Unbelievably efficient public transportation by the way! You can visit the whole Europe by train in zero time.

The most delightful type of trip, is hele bed; a lot of time is spent in the food wagon, even so that even one place goes to the joke just to make this journey.but I think you like London a lot.I remembered a post about a few london trips. :)) @exyle

I love coming here and it's not that far!

I would recommend coming to Istanbul one day.I'm sure you'll love it in istanbul :)) @exyle

The train is so cool and comfortable! I hope we have that here in our place.. And also london is a great place. I enjoy the way you elaborate your trip :) thanks for sharing!

Looks like an awesome trip so far. London is a beautiful city and riding the train in Europe is a blast. Spreading the Steem love in London, nice!

I lived in the UK for 3 years and loved it, make sure to have a "proper Sunday roast" 😁 enjoy your stay, I'll be looking forward to your blogs to see what you guys are upto

say hey to all those ppl! really cool to see steemians staying friend outside steemit!!

It is like european countries are not too far apart from each other, for you to be able to travel with a train?

Happy new year @exyle.

Yeah it's all pretty close compared to other continents!

Ah! Happy trip!
My fav station (bar platform 9 3/4 @ Kings Cross of course!) it’s pretty majestic , right?
Train is THE way to travel. We were at St P to travel to Avignon. My daughter looks for a piano fix wherever she travels away from home and she found 3 at St.P and played them all for a little public performance Adrenalin fix! The first time she was brave enough was St P.
Did you get treated to any piano music?
I heard steemfest was really well organised and I’m really wishing I’d have dumped all my kids and come!

Yeah! there was Piano music there and someone playing! Your daughter is very brave to take the stage!

Very brave! And glad she did because she’s been set on that path since and she’s following her heart now (rather than a should kind of career).

wonderful post.. hope to be able to that one day with crypto friends.. would love to cu once in a dutch meetup.. start small ;-)

Looks like the weekend is off to a fantastic start! Can't wait to see what posts you have in store for us.

Thanks for sharing this, photos are great! London station looks amazing. It would be fun to travel and visit places like these. Fun time! @ironshield

Looks like you guys are really enjoying yourselves in London. So beautiful.

The train looks so fancy and really cozy. I don't remember the last time I was on the train. It was like 27 years ago when I lived in Poland and the trains were not this fancy or provided drinks and food but might be right now.

The train station in London is so beautiful.

Glad that you got to enjoy your night with your steemian friends and make a great post about it.

So they have a TSA type check when you exit the trains in EU? I only took trains while in Poland. China has some amazing trains, not sure if you have been there, but the speed is inane. Great pics. thanks !

The craziest thing about this post to me was how NICE those train seats looked! Way better than train seats here! Every time I see someone meet up with other Steemians it looks like a great time :).

So many familiar faces. Are you still in London?

Yeah I'm staying here till Monday.

Did you feel strong pressure when the train moved with 300km/h?)
It's like a freaking roller coaster!
Hey, it's @ezzy. I wonder if he still hates to take photos. :d

Hope you guys had a great time ;)

It's an extremely comfortable ride!

Have fun and be safe! ❤️😘

Awesome. That first train was like the predator of trains. Have a great time on these fair shores! :O)

Good shores to be on!

You all are so happy and smiling.
It's pleasure to look at your happy faces.

Sir @ezzy at the last photo looks like: "If you freakin dare to photo me again I'll punch you in the face!!" :)))

Have fun visiting! Raymi and I will be there this spring.

Thanks Eric! Enjoy it in the spring. I love this city.

Haha That is what probably happens to any crypto guy who meets fellow crypto guys, talking almost only about crypto. I was in a meeting yesterday with my co steemians and we have no other topics than steemit. Amazing world :)

You were very brave putting that picture of Bianca sleeping. I'm curious what she is going to say about it :))

I asked permission :)

Wow all the best steemians are out there incredible i hope you all had a great time enjoy your trip and keep steeming on :D

How cool is that! Becoming friends trough Steemit. Being able to travel, and meet up. Nice that your story consist of picture-telling. Have to learn how someday. Say Hi to London and ENJOY

Thank you!

Wow that would be a great trip! Enjoy well and I think it's a good idea to have a train that a flight! With 300Km/h it's amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us! Hope to hear more good news about this journey also!


Good Morning Mark, Seems you had a good trip Yesterday, besides the lang time it took to pass the security. But arrived at your location it was good, meeting friends, have a cold beer and a dinner together.
And talking about todays most exiting topic “crypto”.
Ideas and possibilities, so much to discuss, and I See it everywhere; more and more people gets involved.
The demand will be so much higher, with as result ....

For Today; make some nice visits, and have fun!

Soo cool man, enjoy!

Wow - looks like a fun trip.

This is a great place, I once travel to london sometimes in 2016 and it was an amazing journey, I got to visit many beautiful places in london like the bigben, london eye, millenium dome, buckingham palace and many more, I would say london is the best place for me...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of my trip to London. I wish you a successful trip .
His idea of ​​traveling by train rather than aircraft is excellent I hope to share the upcoming events of the fog capital of London .

I enjoyed watching your wonderful travel season.

Nice pictures and good write on this post. keep it up! :)

Nice post! 45 minutes for a security check, that must've been an annoying wait. Either way great photos!

I haven't been to London yet but I hope to go there someday in the future. It seems you had a blast talking about crypto.

Looks like u really haved a good time !
Nice post!

nice photo.enjoy your trip

Hehe , nice one bar :) I don't know why but I have feelings for London bars and pubs , I love their service , cocktails and interior :)

wonderful shots hope you enjoy it bro and happy new year

I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
If you wish, you can check my posts @allaboutdeetails
Keep steeming. Cheers !!!
Follow me @allaboutdeetails

What at great adventure you had <3 lovely photos!!

I love how steemit is connecting people together, i love how steemit can make you dreams come true!!

Thanks for sharing. Its very usefull information for the travellers

OMG That post is so beautiful!
Well I'm new in here and I post amazing pictures about yoga because that's my passion! I follow you! kisses <3


I wonder if/ how much speed limits will change in the next 100 years. You'd think technology could make things double and reduce transportation times

I like the way you followed each phase of the story with pictures. Nice one! Obviously, interesting journey it was...Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

"The conversation had only one subject.....crypto!" as it should be with the recent price rises!

You’re so lucky , some legendary people at the table. I hope one day I can meet with s few fellow Steemians hopefully this year. Looks like you guys had a great time

Enjoy your trip! Have a safe journey.

Traveling on a train is always a wonderful experience. I did it a lot with my EX.

Please follow back and Upvote my blog. Thanks Exyle.

Seems like a fun little trip, I'm glad you had a good time!

Thanks for sharing.

wow it is like you have had a good time..taking a train and going to another country is sort of fun thing as i assume..because being an island we always have to take the planes to go to other countries :)

Hope you all had fun and a perfect meetup. Steemit rocks!!!!

Thanks for sharing your traveling experience with us.Is it a bullet train? And i really like the photos of London station.It reminded me of the Harry potter film where it has been filmed if im correct

I agree with you
please like have me

Very strong story and long journey. I wish your journey is preserve every day.

Love this! Looks like a fun trip! London is one of my favorite cities.

parfois voyager par train meilleur que par avion je vous souhaite un bon voyage

London welcomes you!

wow what a great day with awesome people you had must be the best day of 2018 :)

The train ride seems to be a fantastic one drinks and food are always there haha perfect :)

I would love to see a post about the highlights of Rotterdam @exyle if you're ever inspired to do that, I've never been!

♨♨♨ @rhdmedia amazing ✴@exyle✴ nice post

Wow! what a fun journey and I'm sure you met some new friends. Nice post there @exyle!

London is stunning no doubt wow the pics are super stunning too excellent meetup with friends there :)

Wow great photography.
Like funny photoshoot.
Your life is awesome.
Thanks for sharing

damn these are interesting shots..

perfect travelling experience you just shared its amazing to see the pics :)

I lived in Belgium from 1996 until 2011! Miss the trains... I travelled with the fast train to Paris from Belgium and indeed it is so quick. I live in South Africa no so everything with the car 😢

you are off to a holiday wow have loads of fun and share the streets of london and what's more epic there i can't wait for more future posts from there

super cute moments captured in photos tahnk you for showing to us... i am also developer follow you friend F4F follow me too

wow @exyle this is awesome..good one indeed. Would love to visit those guys too including you...keep up the good work.

Feel free to see my latest post on how I caught a thief using kingscrown name to scam people...your advise is needed on how to stop such issue...blessings to you.

300 km/h that's quite a speed vrooommm
wow some great photos amazing :)

Wow, thanks for wonderful sharing. Looks like I am traveling with you. Nice and superb pics. I am following you. Your other posts have valuable information. You are helping me to understand all stuff here (liquid Steem, steem power, coins etc). Haven't fully understood all yet though.
Thanks again and Good Luck!

have fun in London!
I was there some months ago with school!

must be a little bit of tiring journey but meeting friends after a long time give the energy and boost : )

great trip I liked all the photos, great the train with the mini bar looked very comfortable, I would like some day to travel on a train like that, and nothing like a trip to meet friends and have a drink and talk and laugh

I love trip like, use to be fun

Nice travel bro

nice this looks great ,you guys are really having fun ,hope one day i will be there too

Nice post. Reminds me that travel stories don't have to be epic adventures to be worth sharing.

I've heard Stella Artois used to be higher alcohol in the UK and people called it wife beater LOL, this just reminded me of that. Just found you on here and I'm glad I did. Going to check out the app as well. Cheers!

Great idea. As a newbie here, I'm building a list of ideas of what to write. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your time in the UK. I'll be on that same train in a couple of days going in the opposite direction to go skiing in the alps.

Have fun in London!! I still have a dream to visit UK for the first time and arrive by train in London! it looks an awesome trip

Hope you had a nice trip?. Beautiful pictures btw

London is some place!!!

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