Supermarket trolleys madness!

in life •  5 months ago


It's fun to encounter cultural difference between countries.

And they can manifest in the simplest of forms.

Like this: Supermarket trolly madness :)


There were so many trollies left behind that it was rather difficult to reach the registers.

It's something my Dutch mind just can't really comprehend.

In the Netherlands it is very common to take your trolly back to where it came from.

We don't leave them in the supermarket or outside on the parking lot.

I think one of the incentive methods the Dutch use is to make you pay for the wagon (it cost a minimum of 50 cent to 'release' the wagon and you get this coin back when you return the wagon).

But here once you put all your things on the register you leave the wagon behind, slowly filling up the supermarket with wagons.

Once in a while a employee comes to collect all the wagons and returns them to their home.

I guess this must have been a 'peak' moment because soon after they were all taken away.

Again, nothing really wrong with the system, just different.

And it's cool to experience it in these small forms.

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That's funny Exyle!

Another topic, do they use 'beurtbalkjes'?

Good morning appreciated @exyle, it is true, in these countries that what you just saw, is very common, here in my beloved Venezuela many do, but I will tell you something, that is about the culture and the principles of education of each human being, personally I do not like to do that, I, when I empty my car, I try not to leave it in the middle, rather I move it to the place where it should be, that's why I say it's a matter of education and respect for Where are you buying They will tell me crazy or that I am different, but if I lived in Europe I would be happy to comply with the laws and regulations of any country, because that is what I like to do, all good.

Excellent walk to the supermarket, my friend and your country have acted wisely, when they made a symbolic fee for the cart and when you return it to the place, then you return your own fee. Unfortunately in my country as in Brazil, the trolleys are left anywhere and there is no incentive to return to the place, haha. Well done! Thanks Mark

trolley anarchy

I think that's also part of our Latin American culture, @exyle. There's not much organization and order as you'll see. Surely if there was a fee to rent the cart, there would be more control, or on the contrary, many of us would stop using the shopping cart to avoid paying for them. Sure, some will say it's a way of giving work to the boy who picks up and tidies up the trolleys again, but it's just a citizen's hobby. Remember when you used to say about the bottles that were thrown away in London and that were recycled in your country because they were worth money? I think Holland has discovered the way to order the world! Good for you guys. Happy start to the week.


Yes, I remember the bottle story. This is the same incentive I guess.

The Health and Safety fans wouldn't like that over here @exyle. Our system is very similar to yours although you don't need a coin in every brand of supermarket. 😊

People must pay to access the trolley, then there wont be any trouble
Otherwise people get used to bad habits

I always tried to change that habit among my friends, here in Latin America it is uncomfortable to carry more than one trolly with all that obstacle track and there are some companies that let you take the trolly to the parking lot, many leave it lying obstructing the road and in some cases causing scratches on the paint of the cars.
But it also depends on the market because there are some who have their employees in charge of looking for those trollys.

We don't leave them in the supermarket or outside on the parking lot.

lol In NY everyone leaves it anywhere. That’s why the stores have employees to take it right back where it belongs to. New Yorkers are too lazy in this aspect. Store employees even pack the grocery for us 😆.


They pack groceries here too. Not in the Netherlands.

The same trolley madness happens in my country Kenya,people will leave the carts wherever they please, especially the parking lot. Someone loads groceries in his/her car and just drives off. I think the Netherlands coin system is a brilliant way to tame this madness :)

Haha! This is a cultural difference eh?! Canada is more like your buggy process. Though ours generally cost a loonie. Sometimes I find it an annoying though, especially if I have no coins in my purse! I agree with @ceicicastor, you two look so calm, relaxed & happy -- this time away, and the Brazilian environment is good for you two! Wishing you a fantastick day!

What if another person return the trolley and claimn the 50 cents back, Wow it could be a good way to earn money @exyle don't you think so?


I guess so but it won't work in the Netherlands. People want their own money back :)

It took me a while to get used to the supermarket culture here too. I still take my cart back, and I get the strangest looks from people when I do...
You guys look so relaxed and happy. This vacation has been great for you!


It's relaxing here indeed. Still plenty of time to go!

Haha, cultural gaps come in all shapes and colors :D That reminds me how I was always (desperately) trying to push my trolleys on the escalator in Mexican Wallmart and it took me months to find out there were actually attached to the escalator through magnetic forces. I cannot describe how stupid I felt at the moment of realizing that :D

Well, as soon they'll make them with coins it will be solved

It is quite interesting this topic does not do ucho I saw a program called mental games where they put into practice how many people left the cart in its place where 100% only 2% put it and used different ways to encourage the public to improve this bad habit

You have a pretty nice smile sir

your wife is so beautiful

just Awesome..

Brazilians just want to watch the world burn :P

I have heard about netherland before and that it is full of beautiful places. Although i am yet to visit there but i hope to do some someday.

Buenos días le deseo desde Venezuela amigo @exyle , eso representa en las imágenes malas políticas de información a la clientela del supermercado por lo incómodo que es andar entre carritos vacíos el cual puede originar algún golpe a cualquier cliente. Que tenga un buen día.

aww you both are loveee 😍😍 best couple bianca and exyle

I've never seen that either. I thought to take the truck out for is a normal phenomenon. Maybe the store is afraid that the truck will be stolen...

Hahaha that's fun to see those trolley becoz in my locality we just stay outside the shop and ask the requirement , shop keeper will deliver products outside the shop. It's look like different and funny 😂😁

LOL so funny that you brought this up. Here in the States it is very common to leave the shopping car in the middle of the parking drives me nuts! Especially when the cart return holding area is like literally a few feet away. People are sooooo lazy! One of my pet peeves. haha

Such a wonderful story😊😊 Just impressive 😉😉

Keep it up @Upvoted done

Just imagine a crowd full of that and the trolleys in between dammm

I used to have to go out in the parking lot and get the carts at one of my old jobs. It was a pain! We have cart corrals in the parking lot that keep them from going all over the place. As long as people put them in there. We also have a chain called Aldi's that you have to pay a quarter to get a cart and you get the quarter back when you return the cart.

Haha it is always hard for people coming from ‘organised’ countries to witness the chaos of others! I am one of these, coming from Australia, but I’ve just returned fromAfrica and am slightlllly relaxing a little now!

Seems like the system is quite different and the system of

50 cent to 'release'
sounds cool and that would make a discipline as a matter of fact ;)