Steemfat3: The toughest part will be walking through the valley of temptation.

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When I was 19 years old I went to the UK alone to visit my clan mates.

We used to play this game called Urban Terror (a Quake 3 mod).

Of course we went out to and that was the first time I realised that these guys understand going out so much better than the Dutch!

Instead of of going out around 22:00 and coming home at 4:00 these guys started at 19:00!

Have a drink and a chat in the pub and in bed before midnight!


The next morning you wake up 10x fresher.

It just works so much better that I only wanted to exclusively do it like that.

And that was very easy said to because I never went out in my twenties. I lived online and later in Azeroth.

But now, this amazing knowledge comes in very handy!

Just like yesterday. We started around 14:00. Even earlier!

We lost Ben around 22:00 and Fabio went home 23:45.

I was in bed around midnight.

I woke up fresh and got a lot of stuff done.

Snapseed 2.jpg

After my morning vlog I went straight to the gym.

Pretty spectacular for a Sunday. But I have a lot of catching up to do.

I've simply been slacking.

It went well and focused on core and cardio this time.

After coming home Bianca and I both realised we need to get more serious about this.

She been struggling with her own weight-loss Journey.

And I weighted myself in the gym and was sort of shocked when the scale read 124kg.

We went for a walk near a nice place close to our house to talk about it more.

The weather was stunning.


Coming home Bianca made a delicious and healthy meal including some leftover brisket from yesterday.

Rice and beans the staple of the Brazilian cuisine! With some Okra.

It was good and the last thing I'll eat today.

Snapseed 4.jpg

Which will be interesting because we going to the cinema tonight.

There is a new movie out Bianca has been wanted to see for a long time (trailers).

It's called the 'The Shape of Water'.

I'm not sure what to expect but i'll go with the flow.

The toughest part will be walking through the valley of temptation.

The part of the cinema that is filled with goodies before you reach your seat.

The popcorn stand (my favourite) will be singing like a mythological siren no doubt.

But after today I feel confident we will withstand.

Let's go.

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The rice, bean and brisket combo with okra sounds strange and interesting. I have always had okra cooked the Pakistani way with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder so seeing it like this is strange for me. I am struggling with weight loss too and walking through the valley of temptation is something I can relate to a lot.


I never had Okra before Bianca introduced it to me. I didn't even know there are different ways to prepare (makes sense though). That's the cool thing here on Steemit, so many nationalities in one place to give ideas. And yes, the good old valley of temptation, I'm sure we can resist!


Yeah there are many ways to prepare Okra, but I like it cooked the way I mentioned before. I fry okra in oil and when it ebcomes tender, I take it out and fry onions, chopped tomatoes and green chilies with turmeric and red chili powder and salt till a smooth mixture is formed and then I add in the okras. It is delicious. Your way looks interesting too but I am a bit scared of experimenting because if I don't like it, the food may go to waste and I don't wanna waste my money since I am already living from paycheck to paycheck.

Yeah, temptations can be resisted if you stay focused on your goal. I am trying to do the same nowadays. Very difficult but doable.

It's called the 'The Shape of Water'.

I'm not sure what to expect but i'll go with the flow.

This pun made me laugh. I don’t even know if it was intentional. 😂

I try to avoid the concession stands at the movies. They only have “too much sugar”, “too much fat” or “too much salt” for options.

It’s better to save your hunger until you get home.


It was unintentional, but it works I see it now :). I tried the meal before you go tactic.

Hahahahaha @exyle, I wanted to say get a masking tape to cover your eyes and let someone walk you through the corridor of temptation. But then you mentioned popcorn so I don't know how you are going to do with the aroma. Well, tell us tomorrow if you were able to withstand the pressure.



The last part made me laugh * valley of temptation*.
Just don't over do it. It should be fine. I know you like pop corn.
Enjoy your Sunday night.
Keep on steemin'

Well done for going to the gym on a Sunday - it's all about habit forming - you need to do something 19 times in a row before it gets to be a routine so keep persevering my friend! Will be interested to hear if you like "The Shape of Water' - it is supposed to be quite original - it's on my list too. Keep posting!

124 kg is bit on the higher side, try to bring it under 100 kg....Glad to see you eating rice and okra, which is really healthy food to have while on diet. But i was enjoying Lamb mined meat since yesterday, recipe in my blog!

Rice and beans with okra..? Hmmm .. strange combination. Seriously!


It was lovely!


wow very nice


Did you look at the pic? Looks perfect to me.


I was thinking so too but days ago someone here suggested that based on my intro post. Will sure try making this combination and blog about it here.


Rice and Beans are a staple down here in Georgia USA, and Okra too :)

The food looks similar to what North Indians eat. Although I am sure it will taste way different. I hope it's not much spicy. We eat a lot of spices you know. :)


This was not spicy. I do like Indian food a lot though (except when it's too hot).

Ignoring the goodies at the cinema will be one hell of a challenging walk down the valley of temptation..
Like seriously, there's nothing like watching a movie at the cinema with a bottle of soda and popcorn😍😍😍

well its good to hear that bianca also been struggling her own weight lost journey and this is really good that you both on this track one time hope it will make your progress good @exyle
also she make this deleciosu food and rice with beans is really my favourit

you are right it is much better to go sleep at midnight instead at 04:00. I work on my events the most off my Saturdays and on the Sunday i am just broken and i dont drink. I try to be active on saturday so i like to go for a run in the morning and fix everything so that i can relax on the Sunday.. Your dish Looks delicious for sure that you enjoyed that...

Kind regards,

Keep strong and don't give in to the dark side when passing the popcorn stand. Have fun man :)

Looks like a good meal! Meat, beans, and veggies is the best way to go for dinner.

I gotta eat like half a pound of meat, often in the form of two turkey burgers with no bun or cheese but plenty of other toppings, so I won't even think about snacks later at night.

The Brits love to have a drink. It starts early in the afternoon if you're into sports. Watching a football or rugby game has to come with a pint. And then, it's more victory or sorrow pints...basically more drinking. So by the time it comes to midnight, you'll be a trooper to surpass this mark!
Well done on getting back at it at the gym and it seems to be more regular now. It's more what you eat rather than excerise we feel. We've been to the gym, five times a week for the past ten months and we've lost not enough to justify all those sessions! It is said that the split is like 70/30 for food/excerise. So, we're going to slowly ease into a full-on healthy diet (not that we're not doing it now, but there's a few more cheat days than we should be doing).
Hope you'd enjoyed the film. Haven't watched it, but will do. First, Black Panther tomorrow on 1/2 price Tuesday. :)

Looks like a great meal. Keep your goal in mind and constantly work on it. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes hard. Keep the faith.

I've been slacking as well when it comes to going to the gym ;(. I keep finding these sloppy excuses to avoid going to the gym. I hope I can stick to my new workout plan (I plan on going 3 times a week).

Waking up early morning always results in a productive way. When ever i woke up at 5 AM the day felt like very long. I managed to do so much on that day.At the same time you may have to go to sleep at 10 PM in order to wake up at that time.

Also, That weight machine was probably broken. There is no way you could 124 KG.


The machine is right I'm afraid, but I'm rather tall.

Taking okra on rice here in Nigeria is a taboo.
True is the saying that, one man's poison is another man's food.


Why is it a taboo?

  ·  last year (edited)

It's not done here, it's awkward!
We only take it with cassava flakes, pounded yam and yamflour. A typical example is what is illustrated in the photo below.


It happens with many kids who are actually introvert type and the feel odd to move in the town after 7:00 PM, it is basically a psychological factor. I am really happy that you and your wife made a plan to go for a walk

We went for a walk near a nice place close to our house to talk about it more.

P.S: By the way 124KG is not too much but you really don't seem obese in your photographs


I think it's because I'm 6,6" tall.


Oh My God what an amazing height you got 6'6 WoW <3

Azeroth bin there done that 😊 well if I go out till 4 I have to sleep for 3 days 😂 so im going to save that money and put it in crypto 😁


Yeah, there is a age factor too I guess, lol, I have noticed this when I entered my thirties.

I'm wondering if you managed to withstand those delicious 0.5l cork popping Grolsch every pathé has.

  ·  last year (edited)

cheeky ;)

Didn't know you had a clan of gamer's @exyle haha yes its slightly annoying that the action only really starts around 10 but you get home at 4 in the morning get half hour's sleep and then go into work, yup its pretty crazy, Azeroth would that be Warcraft? Oh yes that is being advertised everywhere I am not sure but seems like a woman who falls in love with a water monster...

Glad you stuck to going to the gym. It is easier to say will go another day. Walking is a good form of exercise. And having company always makes it better. Your dinner looked nice an healthy. Now off to the movies but no popcorn!

I lived online and later in Azeroth.

For the HORDE or for the alliance? Be careful with your words! you might lose a follower right here depending on the answer xD
124kg! How tall are you?


I played for so many years, I played both sides over the years. This is probably even worse! lol. I'm 6,6" or 2 meters.


I played for so many years, I played both sides over the years.

That's it! I'm leaving, i was expecting a "For the Horde!!!" playing both sides... the only time i would let that pass is if you were a panda !
2 meters!! You giant!! And here i am with my 1.75 thinking i'm tallish

I tend to get fat so my diet is a lifestyle. Well, it was a lifestyle, now estotoy totally disorganized and that led me to gain several kilos.
Congratulations for your initiation of walking and the stretching and cardio-vascular work of gymnastics that is good for your health.
The shape of the water has a lot of recommendations, I have no doubt that they will have a great time
I wish you a good start of the week dear friend / @ exyle

Hehe I didn’t know you used ti be a gamer too.. I was spending my nights in Azerith back in the days as well but had so many friends I made in the game that we were going out together all the time. (Quite often to a Internet club to play) :)


I used to play games all the time. Loved it.


I’ve met so many good friends online in games. The person that introduced me to steemit was someone I met in Diablo ages ago and we are still close to this day. :)

Thank you for the inspiration as I try to lose 45kg myself!


Good luck man! It's not always easy. Keep it up!

it's great to see you again going to gym for preparation of steemfat3 and wow i really like that rice bean and okra, honestly i never try this combination but i hope it will taste great, wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! friend Stay blessed

a nice day .. enjoy the movie this evening with Bianca.
I think you have to make a diet to lose weight a little ... 124 kg is a little too much!


very nice picture
Especially the reflection of mist in the water

There is nothing better than wake up after a good sleep. Just like you mentioned “fresh”. Sleep is a reward for hard work. I make a lunch today using rise, Brussels, cauliflower and red beans all cooked together with turkey. Sounds delicious just like your dinner today. I know you eat pretty healthy, it won’t be an issue for you to loose some extra waight.

A great start to the day, my friend, it's right to go to the gym in the morning and conduct a training session when the body rests, which is good for health and figure! I imagine with what appetite you ate with Bianca yesterday's meat after loads and most importantly, it's going to the cinema in the evening, where there will be a perfect end to a great day! Thank you Mark.

Hehehehe that food alone is enough to leave you fat. Look how sumptuous it it. Since you decided to watch you Weight , what are the things you to eat that you stopped eating, or do you go to the gym alone and still eat the same things?

By the way, you said you hit the gym early this morning, did you go to church today?

good to see your keeping up with DTube and bringing Your Own ideas

This great story i appreciate your writing thanks for sharing this blog..Best of luck..

Good luck for your goal of weight-loss journey. Keep walking, eat healthy and stay positive about it :) You need to believe your self. As far as I know this the key of weight- loss. And you must drink alkeline water (I prefer few limond drop in a glass of water, or silece of cucumber) fist thing in the morning and all day.

Looks Delicious wow yum!

An interesting story about life experiences. Each of us has different experiences.

But the experience outside our place of domicile is very interesting. It was a hard to forget experience until the old days

Morning walk is tough but its the best experience everyday i have. When you are able to wake up in morning you got a long day to pass and you have enough time.

Really weather was stunning and the food looks yummiest @exyle

You are saving up beautiful memories. and sharing with us is really nice. ..Have fun.

This Really nice one and true you always make a good post sir thanks for sharing sir

experience the interesting friends

.its very informative and important.
plese go ahead...
thanks a lot for sharing.

Like for real I thought rice and beans is for Africans alone my friend can't still believe he said you are an African but the okro part is something else

  ·  last year (edited)

Good! Wherever you'll be going, be sure you're in bed before midnight, just for a stronger and a fresher you by tomorrow morning. Nice expirience @exyle

Wow...Nice and awesome post

nice writing
i appricate your writing
carry on

Very good me gusta mucho

Spend time....good quality...wanna try watch that movie!!!👍👍😅😅

wow very excellent post

Beautiful Place.
Looks like you and Bianca had both Visual Treat.
The Brazillian rice and Beans look so good

wow well story keep it up ,,,,,, thanks for shareing

You take advantage of this week's day with good friends, by going to the gym is a great idea to make your body fresher

Very inspiring, just keep at it and dont look back

Making the decision to change is more often than not the hardest thing to do, once you do that and get into the routine of having a healthy lifestyle things develop naturally after that. Once you know the secret sauce to weight loss, it is very simple actually. I know from experience and thats a powerful tool when you have walked in the shoes of others you know how hard it can be for some to overcome some of the obstacles put in front of them. If you want some pointers to help you int your weigjt loss goals, I am happy to help you.

After coming home Bianca and I both realised we need to get more serious about this.

And then there is a photo with a giant plate of deliciousness lol.

Wow that's looks like rice and okro, a wonderful here in Nigeria. Unto YouTube to watch Bianca trailer. Let's see it

Good idea to party early and get to bed early. :)

The part of the cinema that is filled with goodies before you reach your seat. That's typical of a cinema

The popcorn stand (my favourite) will be singing like a mythological siren no doubt. Like mosquitoes dancing around your ears

But after today I feel confident we will withstand. I bet you will

You've got big weight sir


hope you had a nice day..i have heard that film..but couldnt watch it yet..they say that it is a good hope you will have some nice time :) enjoy the movie

That scarf! <3

wow i love the food ddamn good

Instead of of going out around 22:00 and coming home at 4:00 these guys started at 19:00!

Wow that's really a better way to hang out, will try this out!
Nice meal you got there @exyle, I wonder how it's gonna taste with okro in it... lolzz. Enjoy the movies and have fun while at it

I hear a lot of good things about The Shape of Water. I want to see it too.

Hey @exyle what did you do in your daily life. Though this is a good good day for I hope you Enjoy it 👍🏻✅

Excellent post @exyle, you make your days full of organization and well structure. I admire people who go to the gym and try to do a variety of tasks everyday, people like you undesrtand what an equilibrium is. Maybe if you add the studyng to your daily to do list your days would be considered very profitable. What do you think about doing multiple tasks daily makes people to improve skills and intelectual thoughts? Best regards from @presentnworldsc

@exyle i loled when ya went to go meet ya clanmates

so glad i wasn't the only nerd growing up

Good job . Awesome upvote

lovely and delicious dishes

Are you sure your weight said 124 kg :O I think you must do more in gym! Try to deduct the weight to 80-90 kg! I think it's much more healthy thing if you can do!


You took my favorite food, rice and beans. I so love it. I can eat it all day, wait excluding the okro. Hahaha 😂

"WOW"Seems like you have had some quality time.I like the menu of your meal.It seems delicious!!!! And the photo you have taken during the walk is beautiful!!!! Enjoy the movie time

woi is very beautiful. i hope you can vote me and I invite you to vote me!! Awesome upvote?

Good luck on your weight loss journey! Remember, it's all just a question of habit, once you get used to not having pop corn at the cinema you won't even think about it. I never get pop corn, it's loaded with calories you don't need, especially after dinner.
Was the movie good?

it must be a thrilling experience back great to recall some nostalgic memories back ... the views were incredible from there and later on the food was so Delicious nicely presented too that was awesome thanks for sharing :)

it was a great refreshing moment for you wonderful to see the food nice post enjoy the day :)

what a cool surprise coming over after that beautiful experience nice and yummy food awesome steem fat is a tough journey but its destination is beautiful

oh my God you bouth looking amazing :)

the clan mates hahah i love that :)
interesting memories thanks for sharing nice time i had reading this :)

Nice story.good job.

Never tried that type of food combination before but it seems very interesting

Great post. That light looks amazing!

I am a person who loved to burn the midnight oil, I felt my best work was done between 2 and 5 in the morning. The problem with this is that it is not sustainable. Getting enough sleep is a core thing, when not enough sleep alle other aspect of your life seem to degenerate. So for the last years I had a lot of catching up to do, I had to learn the hard way that everything starts with good sleep, exercise and nutrition. It sets in motion a positive chain of events ....

@exyle it is the discipline that makes Winners !!

stunning day from the start it was to enjoy such a beautiful day full of interesting things nice :)



Mixture of veg n non veg. I think it makes a better combination, a tastier one

Wow,that was a lovely time with Bainca. It takes two special people to enjoy such a moment she your girlfriend or wife because the time together was sweet.

Nice article, i'm new here.Upvote my articles and follow me :)
i follow back

Good job thanks for sharing post @exyle

My party begins @ 23:00 hrs n I go to sleep @ 05:00 hrs. I wake up @ 10:00hrs. I have no plan to change that. It's perfect.

Night party is night party.