Vlog 211: STEEM is very strong in the downtrend + SMT's even got my dad interested in the STEEM Blockchain.

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Yesterday I talked about my investment strategy.

I set a baseline and I'm buying crypto with fiat when it goes under that.

It appears I bought at the bottom for now, so I don't have to buy today.

I'm sticking to this plan.

STEEM is behaving super strong in this downtrend and has already gone back to $3.70.

Considering that at the end of November 2017 STEEM was around a $1 the price is fantastic.

SMT's and communities

My dad is a programmer and a huge fan of Stack Overflow. A community of programmers.

I have been explaining SMT's (Smart Media Tokens) to him for a long time but it never clicked.

Until now.

I have project Peer Query to thank for this.

With SMT's it would be possible to reward contributions to Stack Overflow in the form of a token. You could upvote and reward the best answers or even send a couple of tokens to the provider of the answer as an appreciation.

It would even be possible to set bounties for questions you want answered.

The token will have value because it's tradable on a open exchange. (And maybe the community could even find more use cases for the token we haven't even thought of, adding to the value.)

Being able to thank others for helping you out or set bounties made even my dad interested in the STEEM blockchain and the SMT's.

Now you can also turn this around. For others being able to earn tokens would be an incentive to join a community and do their best to add value.

So, what I learned from this is that the key to explaining SMT's is to find examples people can relate too.

For example: it doesn't have to be a programming site. It can be a cooking community where you can thank someone for sharing a recipe for instance.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Its great explaining something with a example. Because people are able to relate to those those situation which helps them to understand better. Many school in the developed world also use this strategy to explain difficult stuff to kids.

It's all going to kick off with SMTs. I can't wait to see the first sites that decide to run with it. It will open up so much opportunity.

That's exciting about your dad, I am still trying to convince my brother to get into steemit with no luck!


My bro has his account, and just needs to 'cook up' some content now!


Hehe, the hard bit!! Nah, I am kidding. Good on him for joining!


Abh12345 i hail you


For sure! I do have a hope that it's not going to be universal. There's something about having a community that isn't influenced by the potential for rewards that I like sometimes. I think both have their place, and there are certainly a huge number that could benefit by having rewards.



Tokens can be purchased as you know. When there is an internal exchange for SMT's... I expect they could be traded for Steem as well. Potentially, earning SMT's might result in simultaneous Steem being awarded based on existing individual Steem holdings. I expect some internal power to exist for holders of Steem in their activity within an SMT. I'm guessing of course.


That would be nice. I think Steemit is going to be my bread and butter for a long time, so hopefully I won't be missing out too much by sticking here.

Good to hear that your dad changed his mind about blockchain, surprised it took so long considering he has a crypto obsessed son! I'm now going to check out Peer Query as I hadn't heard of it before


You'd think hanging around this guy much at all would make you want to invest. I certainly did!

Do you have any idea when will HF20 finally go live?


Runicar...i want to learn here
What is HF20


It's a "patch" that will allow millions of new users to effortlessly join our platform.
You can read more about it here.


What benefits do we get???


Millions of new users, which will in end bring the price of steem/SBD up a lot

Nice to hear someone positive about Steem these days. I follow you for your future analysis. Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts about SMT.

Thank you for explaining SMT (Smart Media Tokens). I will check it! Your posts are very useful and you are very good guide for me to find out the my way in this crypto jungle. Hugs from Spain.




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Absolutely, Steem has maintained very well even in the downtrend, just imagine how much it can go in the uptrend...I am very optimistic on SMT, a real game changer for Steem Blockchain....


I wouldn't mind Steem staying low for a bit longer. It's a great time to accumulate!


We can always try...lets be optimistic as you have said

Im sure steem will be back on top 10 soon, there is so much development happening this year!


Lets be optimistic...steem will be top 3 soon

@exyle I am impressed with your Dad coming to embrace the SMT's. STEEMIT is going to be so BIG in 2018 !


Honestly boss...steemit is going great

I watched your video twice because its useful thank you so much @exyle



I see you struggle with the same thing I always struggle with. Finding a still where I look semi decent :)


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What a day! Finally, your father is also interested. What a victory!
He is a programmer from the end of the seventies. I remember the first Apple that came in. I think he was one of the first private individuals to own an Apple in the Netherlands. I also remember our first game, it was a kind of ping-pong with a ball that bounced up and down and you had to bounce it back, otherwise he ate stones at the bottom.


I loved those early games! So simple. They fell out of favor for a long time, but some of the mobile games now remind me of them.


It is exciting to see even people like us that remember the early days of computing are still here to enjoy being involved with crypto's and STEEMIT.

You are absolutely right, my friend, the stable price of the Steem pleases us more than a year ago. It is also nice to hear from you news about your father and since you have almost the whole family already on the Steemit , it will be great to see your father with us! Thank you Mark.


I don't think he will join just yet :) But I made progress.

Amazing, I really think this concept will be great, having to have a group of people who are super informed to deal with things you need to be tackled SMT would have then gotten better advance and rewarding people like minded

Is your dad on steemit already then?


No, I think that might take another while for my dad to officially join :)

I recently started investing in Steem and found out that I have been missing all these while , sound good that you involved your dad I already involved my entire family lol . Great job bro. I already drop upvote for you 👍🏿✌🏿

When SMTs come out, what function will STEEM have after? Media outlets and websites can all implement their own SMTs on their site, so what can STEEM do that would increase the demand and price of it?



You need STEEMPOWER (STEEM) to pay for the bandwidth your SMT uses.


Ah, ok. Thank you sir!

We already saw a couple of bottoms on the downtrend but steem hasn't changed at all comparing to the BTC price. Probably it's because people are ready to the bear market and it's better to accumulate for now.

Ice skating is awesome! lol I am looking forward the future of steem. I'm so glad that I'm not on the fence anymore. Thanks for the information.

Crossing fingers here too! Bought a nice chunk yesterday and hope that's the bottom. But who knows....

Great to hear about your dad jumping on board. I'm trying to figure out how to get my parents on board too....So any tips would be greatly appreciated LOL

Time to HODL steem becuase its the greatest asset of all time with smts coming it will go more and more high

There have to be hundreds, probably thousands of use cases for SMTs. They will be incredibly transformative to the internet ecosystem.

Glad your dad gets it now. When will we see his #introduceyourself post? :))


Yes! So many use cases. It boggles the mind when you start to think about it.

so many great updates you have given today really good feeling to hold steem at such a panic situation too :)

steem blockchain keeps interesting everyone who sees its one my friends too started to taking interesting in this and with more times goes by the higher the potential will be :)

when people got the power in hand they can use it with creativity and smt's will rewrite the history with so many practical use case

it is nice to see steemit stay so strong

Now I understand SMT, thank you for sharing this @exyle. Steem is really strong and now that the market is all green we can see its upward trend again. :)

all of your post is always so informative,so i regularly follow your blog. love to read it.......

Yes!! 100 % true sir I definitely agree with you keep updating thank you

This is great.. Thanks for sharing..

Up Down Up Down ..... Steem to the moon soon
#Steem #future #cryptocurrency

wow nice story dear..your all.post so nice thanks for sharing..

There are many things that I do not understand yet like the fluctuations ;-). I love Steemit for the exchanges and things that we learn every day, I also like it because it has become a pleasure for me to post things that I like. For the rest, I remain in confidence, who will live will see ^^

We are going to see native tokens across thousands of websites where content is curated by the crowd, this will raise the demand for Steem.

good post,hello friends upvote me my blog


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Hoi @exyle goede morgen!

Ik heb dus gisteren ook nog een kleine investering gedaan ik ben niet rijk dus ik probeer echt op de dip bij te kopen en ik spaar ook altijd een beetje geld om dit te kunnen doen. Gisteren heb ik het risico genomen toen btc op $6500,- stond net niet op het uiterste maar toch wel mooi op tijd.
Zoals altijd leuk om weer je blog te lezen.

Geniet lekker van je dag!


Nice buy, don't spend any more money on this then you are willing to loose though. Also, remember don't forget to take profit on the way up if you want to mitigate risk.


Yes i understand this was my second investment my first on i did back in september.
I can afford to lose it but i dont want to 😂
Thank you for your advise and i will take out my profits on the way up!

ahan great thanks for sharing!! <3

Thanks for sharing your investment strategies with us! Cool you got your dad interested as well. I'm going to have to learn more about SMTs now, 'cause I'm a newb and it seems important. So, thanks for sharing so I can learn/grow more! Thanks for adding value

awesome your vlog.
thanks for sharing

steem is holding really tightly wonderful work infact to bought at the dips even we have seen steem in cents which was really cheap at that time

An interesting post thanks for sharing

steem price today are better than first 10 months last 2017..

it's still a good price!

interesting, amazing your thoughts


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Thank you so much i didn't know that.


I like this #reply! As a #newbie of only one month, I see so many 1 or 2 worded comments! I like to leave an informative and personal reply to show the poster that I've actually taken the time to read and indeed, learn from the amazing posts they've crafted here on the #steemit platform.

well good to hear this good news about your dad after your brother and hope we will see your dad on steemit soon @exyle

That's really nice post @exyle . i like your post to much. thanks for share the post.

excellent dtube video,very good job
thanks for sharing

Hello, my name is Juzkid from Ghana and I've been checking some of ur posts n I will like tu be ur frend

Steemit has a lot of potential and most people that i know are starting to realise that now so i am very happy that Steem is behaving so strong. I hope that trend continues into the future.

I think there is a whole lot going on in the world of crypto and it's just not easy to keep up with all this infos . Maybe there should be a book that people can download and learn about this terms. Thanks for sharing ur story

Very nice info, thank you brother

Awesome post as ever.. thank u

we are waiting for welcome to your dad.

I also a big fan of SO! So, if PQ alive as it planned then it might be a change of devlopers history!


Wow every steemian just love your videos your videos are trending just after 30 mint of uploadinh awesome

I've beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen curios about Smart Media Contracts. Can I conclude that it promotes the best responses through a rewards program.

what a nice writing it is.. keep it up thanks for sharing

i think in the beginning of march we can expect the smts to arrive and with that being coming some huge positive news will come along too :)

Wow, that would be an awesome use of SMT for Stack Overflow, another community I also love!

I haven't seen anything on stack overflow, thanks for the link, more to research.

Interesting publication, and if the truth, the Steem has been very low.
I'm relatively new here and I do not know much about this page..

wow you dad is interested in it great to know that we can't wait too to watch the roll-out of SMT interesting times ahead and steem prices will really justify that soon

If steem hold this ... then this 2.. 0r 3 $ is new bottom price.

     &nbsAfter reading your article, I was overwhelmed and inspired. I think there is a lot to learn and learn from.Thank you so much...

good post

good to know that there is hope for the SBD to keep appreciating in value.

SMT will really redefine the way of steem ecosystem it will be really great how it will get implement and what the real case of it will come in place

hello ... my new dtube user wants to get acquainted with you, please would you like to accept friendship from me
thank you

hello ... my new dtube user wants to get acquainted with you, please would you like to accept friendship from me
thank you

hola que tal, te respondere en espanhol, me parecio exelente lo que dijiste, y lo compartiste para el sistema ios, te dejo mi voto y lo comparto.


Interesting and it will be good for engagement.

we have seen the bottom of steem but it is way above that its great to hold steem at this point of time perfect buy it was

i am aslo interested

good post :)

I really like your determination.keep it big @exyle

Yeah it's really i agree with you. Steemit is a best learning platform. Best of luck for future.

nice syering, I hope you want to vote my blog....

Is amazing, keep the ball rolling

Pretty cool about the explosion of the platform... the sec and cftc met and Im sure you heard how they spoke so highly (basically) of blockchain and well cryptos will need to earn their spot for the funding abilities but here we go!

My son also brought me to the blockchain. I am glad that I have listened to him.

The future is bright. At least in the vision I have. But for now - lets enjoy growing wiser and stronger with each written word. Together we're team!

value being added and created each day the beauty of the steem blockchain which only this platform has :)

I think that it is wonderful that your Dad is finally coming on board with Steemit! It almost all in the family. You need to get your sister involved now...

Im going to look out peerquerry. Sound interesting.

steem is the way forward 👍

I'll check out Peer Query! I have also found that explaining SMT's with something people can relate to is much more simple than trying to explain to them the technology behind it.

Quora better watch out...

Great #post as always @exyle
Short and sweet AND straight to the point
How weird is that? I was just talking to my dad this evening on the phone about SMT's and he wants to invest in my music here on #Steemit.
We're having a father son meeting this Saturday (in private) about how we team up and Steem up!
Funnily enough, he said his 'Bank manager' advised against investing in #blockchains and #crypto...I said that the banks are scared of the down turn in their business! 2% return on your savings here in the UK is shockingly bad, So I'll get my dad on board as a silent partner and manager of me and my musical steemit journey!!


Here's a screenshot from said #bank
How they expect to sustain their #business in the #future is beyond me!
2018-02-07 (12).png


So I couldn't get back to it I found a place where you could create your own smart media token and I think you could do it without a cost so it seemed a little bit complicated to me and I thought that it was much easier to create a coin or token on the waves platform but what was missing on the waves platform is the ability to have a social media contact where you can distribute these coins or tokens as a reward and this is the great strength and power that the steemit platform has

We're the third rock from the sun. Our home, Earth, is the third planet from the sun and the only world known to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and — the big one — life. Earth is one of the four terrestrial planet: Like Mercury, Venus and Mars, it is rocky at the surface.

Interesting, i completely agree. Keep up the good work.

It's great news for as well as for steem blockchain :p hopefuly we are going to have a new invester in blockchain and in steem.

@exyle yes you are right steem has a lot of potential and really steem at less than 3$ is always a best choice to buy and keep because it will surely give tough competation to facebook and instagram and I see a lot of people getting attracted to this

This will be of a great help to the stemmit community and stemm block-chains.

Bitcoin is probably going to go under 6k.
At the end of 2013 we also had a major spike to 1k and the price ended up going down to 200+.
The long term Bitcoin trend is to go down the first half of the year and go up the second half.
So the bottom is probably going to be around june.