No more worry of impending calls of IT doom in the daytime is a privilege.

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If there is one huge privilege after leaving my IT business behind is that it's possible to do stuff in the day time without the worry of an impending call of IT doom.

Simple going to the gym.

We usually go from 12:30 to 13:30.

It's lunch time. Not many people are there and all the machines are available.

It's very relaxing.

Snapseed 10.jpg

In between gym sessions I'm usually busy with blockchain related stuff.

Especially in the morning (today I got up at 6:00) and afternoon, often in the evening too.

Well..if I'm honest also in the gym...between sets I check things....

It drives Bianca nuts sometimes. Family too I have heard.

I tried to stop checking didn't I gave it up.

But today I only did a little work in the afternoon.....

Because there is another privilege that I recently discovered.

And that is......that....

No-one goes to the cinema at 16:00.

It's great.

By now you should probably know I love cinema. And I also love Star Wars (no spoilers).

We went to see the new Han Solo movie.

Almost no-one was there. You could hear a pin drop throughout the movie.

Snapseed 11.jpg

Again, this is a dream....especially because I know how bad it can get if you have the wrong people in the theatre.

A good movie, a silent cinema and no phone helps me relax a lot.

When we got home I went straight back to check on things because that's something I can't help.

The movie is a lot of fun I thought so.

I was very entertained.

But I just checked IMDB. It only gets a 6,5.

I never understand these ratings and I'm glad I never check them before seeing a film.

I guess I'm just easily pleased :)

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Ahh, nothing better than an empty Movie theater, especially when you're with someone cool.

Hope you guys enjoyed ;)

It was great! thanks!

Man today I left work and switched my phone off because I had this gut feeling they would ring me, yup later I discovered 20 mins after I left the building they were calling me already so yea I can imagine how awesome not have those calls are @exyle and I know right while everybody is working you discover these places all to yourself I hate full cinemas too noisy!

That's a nice way of finding the right time to get to places you wanted to wind up, but not in HK, exyle! (nice name by the way) I don't know where you live, but in where I worked in publication, lunch time is where all of us go to ICC, and its all packed! We have to hurry or else no more space for me! Movies, my love! but I go anytime I like! no people the better, I like my legs up and enjoy my popcorn and rootbeer!

It seems you have booked the whole theater.

I heard this movie bombed but that's ridiculous.

My buddy saw it Friday night says it’s dope I’m gonna go see it

"Almost no-one was there. You could hear a pin drop throughout the movie."

That's great.
No popcorn eating people sitting next to you.
I am going to watch a movie on Friday morning, that should be awesome too.

Enjoy the film!

good @exyle you and Bianca have spent a beautiful day reminds me when I was young like you that I went to the cinema to see the first Star Wars (1977) and I was 14 years old ... with my father and not with my girlfriend;) I also love Star Wars

That must be a nice memory!

Well, now you have time to go do your thing without waiting for an IT call. That's what's wrong with this kind of job. Sometimes you don't have the time to spend it with your family or other things that make you happy too. But it's just a matter of having a schedule and sticking to it.

For example, I work from 9am to 1pm, lunch, from 4pm to 5pm I work out and then from 6pm onwards I go back to work until 10pm. From 10 to 11pm it's my time to play Zula online hahaha. That's my routine.

By the way, speaking of movies... I have not yet seen Infinity War :(. I'll go next Monday hahaha.

Greetings colleague @exyle!!

Cool, it's a great film man. I hope you managed to avoid all spoilers!

You spent a wonderful day, my friend and you are right, in the daytime in such visited places as sports and cinema people are very few and this is our privilege, because we are dealing with our business and we can allocate our time as we need, which can not be said about people who sit in offices. It's great and we can rejoice at your favorite things like cinema and chatting with your friends! Thank you Mark.

A crowded gym can be a pain in the ass. Oh good for you that you discovered another solitude holy grail :). I am a movie person too.

You had a relaxed day, enjoy the freedom to have time for everything you want to do, enjoy the movie, exercise without having to wait for the machines or have to use them full of sweat! Btw they look very cute together :)

Thanks :)

You and Bianca had a good day. Time freedom is really a great thing and what am working towards too. I don't want to work for someone else building their dream and restricting my time. Seems like the block chain is your addiction- not a bad thing if managed well :)

I believe after a lot of time spent on business or other duties realated to it, we should always have time to relax and enjoy our day, you chose to spend your own free time at gym and even movie theater, I like such idea. There you have time to do some stuff on steemit too. Thanks for sharing how you spent you day.

I'm heading to Solo in 3 hours 30 minutes!!!

I hope you like the film!

My wife fell ill so I had to reschedule until Saturday morning.

I hope she will be better soon.

Independant, free and enjoying life !! You're doing good :) 🖒

Well it's the most funny idea that i used myself too because it's based on life and success that we do something at the time when no one wants to do,and it has it's own privileges.

I am fond of sports related activities specially athletics due to which never compromise on fitness. always love to see you happy life spending with your family. my best wishes always for you my friend @exyle. take care.

the worry of an impending call of IT doom.

I can relate to that. Setting you own hours is a great relief, I bet. Watching the new Hans movie with your wife with no crowds? I bet that was nice too! Congrats on your new and improved life. @ironshield

I'm with you. Working IT isn't very fun when stuff breaks. The pressure is on at that point. I'm like you now too. Just working on the future!

I know this feeling. You are like a free bird instead of being in a cage 😆. I worked for the company before and if I wanted to go to gym, it was already late and of course full of people. Now, with my own business, I can even take a week off without asking anyone and go anywhere and anything I want.

Yeah freedom is priceless indeed!

Relaxing and gym. Now there's two words that don't go together in my world @exyle.

Cinema in the afternoon I can manage though.

Glad to hear you're discovering all sorts of benefits on not being on call that aren't quite so obvious.

Now you just need a bit more practice at leaving your phone/screen behind. I promise the sky won't fall in! 😊

I go to the movies because I want to be entertained. I don't go because of what critics like and don't like. That is their job to find fault. It is fun going in the afternoon before everyone else! BTW a good way not to be checking the phone all the time, is to leave it at home!

Going to a movie without a preconception of what other people think gives a much better experience indeed.

I know what you are saying about the cinema. I love to go to the theather, specially if it's empty. I'm not an antisocial person, It's just that I like the silence, also you don't have to stand in line to enter or to buy the snacks.

Yes, you got it! Same here.

I am jealous of your time flexibility. This is my main quest... leave 9-5 for more exciting and freeing pastures. Lots to learn beforehand but the journey has begun with a single step. Or investments to the moon... let's see what occurs first lol.

Good luck man!

you are right @exyle

thank you . Nice photo shoot . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Mark @exyle what a Terrific Picture of you and Bianca @bkdbkd at the movies. Everyone should be All Smiles when you have the Theater to Yourselves !

Picking off-peak time to enjoy stuffs is great idea. But so far I know, morning and evening are the better time for doing exercise. You might be more knowledgeable than me in this case or know in detail about this.
IMBD can't be the parameter for liking or disliking of movies in individual level, a movie with higher IMBD rate may be boring to someone & vice versa. Good writings, thank you.

Lol so you know Bianca was pissed off? glad you took her to the cinema for the movie, how long is your IT going to last?

Cinema and gym are my favorite hobbies they let me feel good ,I'm sure you had a great time.

When i feel tired i always Spend my time outside that help so much.

I'm glad to see your relaxation still your busy condition. Go to the gym noon time not much better. Deserve time early morning and evening time. I didn't see noon time goes everyone to gym here.
Oh...In the cinema you and Bianca only there. Empty crowd giving cool feelings to watch Han Solo movie. I see your smile and it mean you entertained there. Nice job @exyle.

A perfect day then it was ;)

Exercises are very important for you to relax , and returning with energy .

happy to have fun with his family, because if we go with family we will be happy and our family also happily participate, let alone go to the cinema, surely very exciting and impressive. Have a nice day.

I usually find imbd ratings to be relevant but I am very picky when it comes to movies.

Perfect timing you choose always hahah less crowded places are always fun to enjoy :)

its relaxing to have a empty gym and excercise just with a partner bacause when there is no one in gym then you can excercise with more focus.....but i think cenama without croud dont have much fun