New glasses tomorrow and no pan fried steak can beat the green egg!

in life •  6 months ago

I got a call from my (newly hired professional) optician today.

My new lenses are ready!

I can't wait to experience the result of her research after looking at a world that could have been way sharper for almost two years now. (my lenses in my glasses are wrong I recently found out).

I'm pretty excited about it if I'm honest.

Bianca studied the whole day again so I asked her what she wanted to eat tonight.

"Steak!" (bless her)

Say no more!


I had to time it a little bit because the Netherlands is being attacked by rain.

For a country that is very good at fighting water from the sea I'm always surprised how a little bit of rain from the sky can bring this country to a standstill.

Including my grilling efforts. (I really should build some sort of roof for the egg.)

Snapseed 4.jpg

I gambled I would have a clear window between 7 and 8.

I lid the green egg and prepared the meat and vegetables.

Snapseed 2.jpg

I opened all the vents and she reached 225c within 10 minutes!

It's such a perfect grill.

It was @s3rg3 who showed me the Green Egg way and I have never regretted the purchase.

I put the steaks on and turned them after 2 minutes.

I also used my cast iron grid, I did some experiments with the normal grid for a while but this wins. (it makes better grill marks too).

When the internal temp reached 45-47c I took them off and wrapped them in aluminium foil. (They continue to cook while resting and they will reach 55c, my perfect rare temp.)

Snapseed 3.jpg

After 5 minutes of resting it looked like this:

Snapseed 8.jpg

I apologise for this end result picture. It was too rushed.

The steak was served with rice and beans and grilled peppers.

After tasting a pan steak from a couple of days back I can say that nothing beats bbq.

It does not even come close when it comes to steak. (unless I learn better pan technic maybe).

Dinner was great!

Snapseed 6.jpg

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Greetings, Great Exyle

You've touched on 2 main points that anyone should like. Meat and chili in the same food. It's a delicious blend. The meat well Temperadinha is one of the best foods in the world. The chili gives a special touch in the meat, besides being very nutritious, because it is a vegetable with many types of vitamin, especially the C.

It looks like this barbecue is used very often. That's very good. A meat always good for the health and the soul hahaha.

Thank you for posting and good afternoon!!!!

I remember you talking about this in your two days post concerning getting a new glasses, I know that madam is serious about it and will never let you down she will surely get you the best matched glasses for you.

Wow. You are so good getting meal prepared just like you did yesterday.

True, green egg steak's are the best and you are perfect in cooking it well!

"I gambled I would have a clear window between 7 and 8."

I love your weather picture. 🤣

Exyle when are you going to kick some serious ass with Streetfighter?


I would love to play again but messing up my wrists (better now) made me somehow weary to restart the journey if that makes sense.

Now you can see the world clearly with your new @exyle jajaja buddy lenses. I'm nearsighted. I have to go to the ophthalmologist to have my glasses made.

By the way... Beautiful steaks.

wow, it looks like the food looks very good, I think you are very romantic, so you can make your wife happy. Your wife is very lucky to have a husband who is very affectionate and caring to her. Hopefully someday when I'm married, I also have happiness like this. I do not believe that you can cook, it's really cool. A man who is the dream of all women. Thank you @exyle, and I hope you have a wonderful day with your family... :)

Good news that your lenses has arrived. I wish you all the very best with it. You are gradually turning into a masterchef :)

Delicious , do you usually get contacts that last 3 months ?


I don't wear contacts, I mean the lenses inside my glasses.

When the internal temp reached 45-47c I took them off and wrapped them in aluminium foil.

I definitely have to try it.
I hope you get much better vision with your new “properly” adjusted glasses.


You be surprised how much a steak continues to cook off the fire while resting.

HMmm, Steak...
I have been seriously been considering embracing the vegan lifestyle,
(don't judge me)
you are not making it easy on me

hiii friend @exyle, nice to hear about your new glasses/lenses. always love to see your food photography and specially prepared steaks by you is awesome job. looks so delicious. It is fine that you take care of your Bianca. stay blessed.



Is there a picture of a non-glasses-wearing, non-bearded @exyle somewhere?


Yeah, I had to dig in the blockchain but it's here.

A fine steak, my friend, and when served with a garnish in the form of rice and beans, then the blubo becomes even more delicious, especially if you are cooking a steak in a famous green egg. I, too, are a big fan of meat in any form and especially roast, so the look of your steaks is very pleasing to me! Thank you Mark.


I'm happy you know that that blubo taste great!

Send some of that weather over here @exyle. We need some storms to clear the air. It's really muggy.

I thought it was noodles and chicken tonight! 😂


For lunch!

Looks great my man! I had some charcoal grilling going on this weekend as well. Did a couple fillets with my wife. Medium rare, and had sweet potato fries to go with it (wrapped in foil with butter/salt/pepper, finished on the grill to crisp them up a bit). Great meal.

Loving this hot weather here in Michigan. Good times, cheers!

I'm really curious how your glasses will work :)


me too!

Lets hope your new optician adviser was on the line with the tests @exyle Yup Saturday we had some crazy storm and today it really rained alot, the steak looks nicely done and those beans will do some good.

Nice to see the green egg again and the end result looked delicious. I have to agree that barbecued meat generally tastes better than pan fried. Steaks taste even better when you marinate them for few hours in a mixture of spices and/or wine before cooking. There are plenty of marinade recipes you can test n try- I think you will like it :)

Wow those steaks look delicious! It is not bad to celebrate the arrival of your new lenses with a great lunch, now if you can say that you have no problems in sight and that your eagle view is the best! Besides that you can boast with confidence about it, the photos look great, I love how your meals are, great job :)

One of the best joys of our life of not been a vegan is the pleasure of eat a delicious steak! I did the same on the long weekend in UK. Gladly it didn't rain as was predicted and we had a nice day with friends!

I can't wait to experience the result of her research after looking at a world that could have been way sharper for almost two years now. (my lenses are wrong I recently found out).

Bianca deserve the treat for sure.

the meat is delicious, let alone you menggiliknya own, whatever we make yourself certainly good ..🍽

it looks like the food looks very good....

Yes, those photos do seem rushed. Very foggy. Hopefully the food tasted better than it looked.

Side question: How hard is to port steemify app to android too?

well it looks really delicious and for the glasses hope it gets to be ok like the lady said when you visited her.

Como para chuparse los dedos.

Well this is good news brother, may be happy and enjoy the beauty of the world

What a great day you had

Bianca studied the whole day again so I asked her what she wanted to eat tonight.
"Steak!" (bless her)

Oh!!! Lovely question to a spouse
I presume the rain just started thus, the standstill

looks yummy and amazing

tasty food)

Green Egg Steak's wow, a wonderful and tasty way to get an appreciation from the friends and family members. By the way you are very caring Husband and an awesome chef as well @exyle ;)

Only a rank degenerate would drive 1,500 miles across Texas without eating a chicken fried steak.”

Larry McMurtry
'In a Narrow Grave: Essays on Texas'

Hope you'll love the new specs :)

I've seen a couple of your Green Egg posts and I assumed it was an InfraRed grill but it looks like it's only a plain ol' grill. Correct me if I'm wrong :D. Have you ever had the joy of cooking on an InfraRed Grill?

Bistec ya tengo tiempo que no se a que sabe.....:(

Great Job on the Steaks Mark@exyle and keeping Bianca @bkdbkd Happy is why Grilling Steaks is such a Joy.........

That dinner looks great. By the way... What's a green egg? I hope you post about the new lenses today

the lense will be great for your can't wait to see them ;p and the food looks delicious today :D

its look like delicious you look great in glasses

No pan or technique makes a great steak. Only BBQ does a fantastic job on steak! I see Bianca has you eating rice and beans. We call that dish Gallo Pinto and I serve it with a Ranchero sauce (tomato, onion, peppers and a chilli pepper) on the top with sour cream.