My mom - master crypto investor.

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My mom (@clio) lives in France for about half the year. (she is there now)

She is a content creator on Steemit and an investor in Bitcoin and STEEM.

It's been a lot of fun following her process on here and now that she has some extra time she is diving into crypto even more.

She watched my vlog this morning about the downtrend.

I was waiting patiently for a good entry point to buy 1 (or more) of the big Five.

The big five are the best coins mentioned in the Weiss report. (STEEM, EOS, Cardano, NEO, ETH) and not to be confused with the Big five in Africa (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo)

Although if I had to chose STEEM clearly would be the Elephant.


After she was done watching she send me a text!

Buy me Cardano, it's low now, I will will send you the money!


Last Christmas with my Mom.

Now, I was confronted with a problem.

I had no Cardano in my portfolio.

I was looking for a lower entry point if I'm honest but there was no way that my mom would invest in a coin that I did not have!

It's silly pride I know :)

But on the other hand I remember the other two times she bought crypto and it were both the perfect entry points.

So, I went to Bittrex and bought 3061 Cardano @ 0.00003768 BTC.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 21.25.30.png

1500 ADA for each of us to start with. (I always buy gradually.)

And then this happened....

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 21.19.15.png

The second after I bought the graph revered and started to go up.

I was shocked.

This woman is a savant!

She bought at the absolute bottom of the day.

I told her this tonight and she was over the moon :)

I was happy too of course and very proud.

Now this is crypto and anything can happen overnight but it's looking good for now.

I hope she will drink a glass of good red french wine on her success.

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Experience always prevail.
Men tend to act quick, women planned and act accordingly.
I did have some of this coin too.
Keep on steemin'

I LOVE this post!! I am 63, and it's so great to see such a wonderfully diverse age group here! Kudos to you and your mom for sharing your crypt trading adventures together. I am new here but this is one thing that I have noticed that sets Steem apart from networks like Linkedin: on LI, if you are over 30, everyone assumes you are still using a manual typewriter. Here, it seems that everyone is on the same 'playing field'. What a delightful change!

My only regret is in not getting my tail in gear and getting active here last year - when I originally signed up!!

I intend to make up for the lost time ;-)

Thank you for your great comment. A lot of people on Steemit respect each-other here and age does not matter much. At times it reminds me of the early internet. Make up for that lost time! :)

I fully intend to - and to connect with your mom, too! And you are both so lucky to have such a great relationship!

It is always nice when you get to involve your family into something like this that makes them happy and they see some results. I got my mom into steem about half a year ago and she is absolutely loving it posting every day. She is still learning about the crypto world but I bet she will dive into it at some point too. Today sure is a great day to get in or get more! :)

Fantastic you got your mom on board Steemit! What's her username?

It is @nelinoeva. She does post about her journeys around the stars trough her telescope (when the weather is good enough) and about her pets most of the times. :)

I checked out her blog. It looks to me she's having fun on Steemit!

Thanks on her behalf! She sure does enjoy it a lot, gettin in all sorts of competitions and challenges. Steemit is a place for everyone it is amazing! :)

Now I feel like bringing my mom along here.

Ohhhh really You are luck @exyle you have "Crypto mom" @clio, wonderfull assesment about coins, perfect predictions of Cardano and investing in it at perfect time that's amazing. Lol. impressed a lot already from you and now from your respected mother. Take care. May Blessings of GOD on her.

O my God!! Your mom is so beautiful and gorgeous till now. Very surprising. Say Namaste to her from me. Really, family plays an important role in every step of our life. Even in your work. I lost my mother last year. Otherwise My mother could be a member steemit and be interested in crypto. Thanks @exyle for sharing.

well that's influence. she's got the bug! sounds like your mum is a savant for sure, it's so great that you empowered her this way. good on you man!

thanks man! It's a lot of fun.

I live near your mum here in France and she was one of the first to comment on my first post on Steemit. I am looking forward to meeting her, once I am able to drive again after braking my wrist just before Christmas. I am really enjoying this community and making new friends, and your mum has been a big part of that.

That is so cool. I'm sure I will read about a meetup when it will occur :)

Excellent post friend and many congrats to your mum to buy this coin at absolute bottom price of the day and honestly i don't know before about this crypto but today after reading your post and your mum observation i came to know about this crypto and i surely do more research on this coin soon, being in top 5 coins in weiss rating i hope Cardano will do well in near future, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us friend, Stay blessed.

thats really great really she is a best crypto master and congrats for this and i know a bout her and followed her blog and his posts she is really great woman and you are lucky that she is your mom @exyle
best wishes and many happiest life for you s always with your mom and bianca and all other family member and also wish you a great sucess

I think to selection is first step to buy any thing and your mom is best she select one of the best from five because she know about some thing about this I wish you all the best and keep it up

Congrts to your mom I hope it works out for her its crazy how some people never have any luck and sometimes a beginner walks in and hits a home run right off the bat but crypto is indeed a wild persons game @exyle

wow you mom has learnt a lot and now a professional in buying and selling cryptos i think we all need her analysis soon :D i love shopping and crypto shopping with her analysis would be cherry on top what a great entry point that was she can sense the market uptrend and downtrend :D

I managed to get done today as well pretty near the bottom. I had some buys set up and they kicked in at less I have expected it to reach. By all accounts cardano has a bright future.

Well done to @clio and of course yourself. I shall be raising a beer in celebration tomorrow! :0D

Thanks man, I truly hope you like the beers.

Haha, wat een tof verhaal ikzelf heb ook Ada heb ze toen gekocht voor 0,12ct in begin december zeker een Hodl longterm in mijn portfolio!
Ik volg @clio nu ook! Je post is UPVOTED en RESTEEMED! Keep up the good work!

excellent post dear friend @exyle, congratulations for the knowledge and wisdom of his mother. how good it is to be able to have conversational topics with our relatives, with his brother and his mother share two passions, steemit and cryptocurrencies.
Thank you very much for sharing all this information of cryptocurrency, I was following the movement of (Ada) yesterday and today this coin was the great news of the day
I wish you a great day

Timing is everything... and that ... was fantastic!

Amazing buddy! I like how you inspire your family and friends into steemit n crypto. :)

Wow you should tell your mom to share with the steemit community her trade knowledge! So next time we can follow her haha!

I wonder if you could inform us about which coins are in your portfolio?

Omg. She's adorable. I can imagine what a proud mom she is, and by the way @exyle you ought to have looked better judging by how beautiful this woman is 😂😂😂

That is too sweet!

I am trying to get my mom, in-laws, and wife onto Steemit and into crypto and it is starting to work.

My wife is now signed up to Steemit and she is waiting to find the time to make a good introduction post.

Love that your mom got the bottom dip!

Happy days ahead,


My mum likes cheese, not Crypto

LOL! It's something :)

She sure deserves a red wine.
I'm sure she will really be excited about this.
Good entry points are like the best news in these red market days.

Big ups to your mum!
Let me run along to her blog.

Glad u bought at the bottom, your mum is the best. Hopefully the coin will keep growing and make her more proud. Wishing both of u all the best :)

Next time before your buy something according to mom's saying, you must write a post or a vlog before it :D
What a great entry! Excellent dude!


Salute to your mom.

Very nice to have family members involved in crypto space who can support each other during times when cryptos are crashing and can give sincere advice.

"This woman is a savant!" ... Agreed totally! You suggested 5 and she picked the one which has reached the bottom.. a perfect midas touch...

I am so glad that @clio shared this with all of us. I may need to go buy some now. @exyle perfect time to get involved with a New Crypto.

That is so cool that your mom is in this with you.

wow great person I will follow her right now and please take care of her .

Nice to meet you mom @clio

Hehehehe your mum might either be a crypto genius or just a fortune teller. Damn! How could she have known the exact time to buy. I love your mum though. Come tell my African mum about crypto and she will start preaching to you about how the world is about to end ..but here is a mum that knows what's up. Big ups to yo mama. Hehehhe

@clio i follow you ;)
take care of SuperMom

Your mom is awesome. She is a woman that sees value and goes for it.! Super mom!

I also Love this post!! it's so great to see such a wonderfully diverse age group here!

Mama is smart I must say. What a privilege to have such a mum. 🍷🍻 to you and your mum. Congratulations

Idade não importa, vamos ganhar todos.

Steem is the elephant. 😁😁😁. But i know its rising quickly. Soon it will be the leopard of the big 5!

This is so amazing. Your mom is really smart. Keep steeming

Very good @exyle, I wish one of my family member was interested in the things that I am interested, but unfortunately there isn't anybody. Thanks for the post.

Great post with your mom, she's lovely.
Keep the fire 🔥 burning

Upvoted and resteemed done ^^ @exyle
I like picture and your mom

Seems your mom knows the market more than you do. Lol

ADA is a good buy, but tell her not to miss STEEM

She is a content creator on Steemit and an investor in Bitcoin and STEEM.

What a cool mom you have! That's really cool that you help her buy these coins, being that she lives in a different country and all! You are a good son..

That's was really awesome ur mom is a baba like she can see the future holy hell that's crazy

Very nic post and good work.

Now that is a super mom.I wish my mom would have been like yours.Thats a very nice post.@upvoted

Can you do me a favor and ask your mom what the winning lottery numbers are... i'll split my earning with you 2 xD

Steem, Eos, Neo, cardano, eth.. Nice portfolio and right time to get in now. Mom is an awesome woman.. Thanks for sharing mate @exyle

Steemit is the best retirement ideea I could think of and the fact your mom is diversifying shows she is on top of her crypto game :)

happy family

Woooooooow, that's sound great, I wil Like to introduce my mum too, Hehehehehehe
keep the fire burning @exyle

How can you do it that

Ma sha ALLAH your mum is looking so nice :) nice to hear that she is in steem crypto :) it's really amazing. God bless you both :)

oh! tha's lovely your life story, YOur mom is great his every post is fantastic I must read it. You have a very blessed family this is sooo amazing looking both of cute. May you've always happy with your mother an other family member. It's very good to involve your family too in this matter .
i ALWAYS read your mother post and do comment she is do very great work
Im first who comment on your post :)

stay blessed :)

Thanks for sharing this about your mom. I had to follow her as she seems exceedingly cool. I don't think there are many moms doing what she does. That's super inspiring! Go mom.

Well Congratulation for instant rise bro💐,
You got a eminent support for investing in crypto.perhaps she got some amazing market experience in crypto does she have anything for me to grow on steemit?,like your cardano rise.

good writing.the photo is also best

Awesome story! Please don´t tell your mom that there are 26 billion ADA and that´s why they are so cheap 😉

@exyle ! I really admire your mother hahaha so cool she is into crypto...

Seems se has great insight as to how things work. Well, sharing an investment thought with a mom can be. a very unique experience.

Your mom seems like a go-getter. She's more informed than most moms these days. I see where that wit determination to succeed comes from. Nice one☺

Great story its always nice to hear a positive story of family members buying crypto together!! Cardano to the moon!!!

Oww great mather, awesome ! and yo very lucky person . Know the value of your mother

Wow! @exyle your mom looks very beautiful and energetic!

It is very interesting to know she's on steemit too. I will follow her too. I think as much as I do learn and get lots of inspiration from you, she'll also have a lot I can learn from.

But what's your prediction about SBD in few months?

Your mom is super cool to allow her son to invest in the volatile cryto currencies. Not just that she herself invests in it. I wish every mom was super cool like that. I know of many peopel who invest in crypto with out the knowledge of their Mother or Wife. They hide from them.

Much many respect for your mother.You are a lucky son.You have good chance to do something which will very unique and very ingenuity.And it will samble of victory.
Again many respect of your mom

That's what I am talking about, get Mom all in!!! I been trying to get my Mom in, but I don't think she is taking it seriously. Cardano is a good coin too, your Mom got good taste in crypto!!!

That's awesome my called me the other day to ask me a bunch of questions about crypto

I like the first picture very I decided to take up.hopefully with many years experience

ahhh what a great mum you have :)

your mom rocks. What advise does she have for bleeding red market?

tell me when she text you again!!!

Man, I tried to make my mom join steemit too.
Even sent her some starting steem. But she couldn't find time yet.
Maybe later, she is not strong English speaker :)

Well I'm sure she's happy to see how all the major indexes plummeted today yet bitcoin seemed to recover. It's going to be very interesting moving forward to see if the investors run to the cryptos when the equity markets continue to sell off. At least people know that they can trust the block chain if nothing else.

hahaahahahaha its not a good moment right ?

haha your mom is a genius! She should make a crypto-analysis account here :D

Your mom is a natural...I'll be following her too now :-)

Salutations to your mom making a total noob out of people like me haha. Good work on that investment. Are you keeping the coin or selling it while it's high?

Your Mom is a SAVAGE!! I want to get my mom on Steemit too!

This is awesome! Perhaps she has some 6th sense for crypto. Or she is extremely lucky...

I am glad to see you playing you part to enhance the Mass scale adaption of crypto. @exyle

Your Mom is Your Real Hero in Your Life

wow your mom is great
that is best blog with your mom

Hey Dear @exyle
Its really awesome article about your #mom creation in cryptocurrency achievements and you did very good work to boost up her project.
I appreciate and inspire to you.
My support always with your blogs.
Steem on

INB4 she out crypts us all!

That is hitting the sweet spot ! Well done, perfect moment. Hope it will rocket high from now on.

That's good.
She's really an industrious woman

There is no age to learn.Thanks for sharing

great mother is always side by side and compact in steemit ..

She sure is enjoying very much and the support of her son is also great :)
She does seems lucky though ;)
All the best for both of your investments !


The bounce back is on ! (-: Peace

and my mom still don't believe in crypto hahah you are lucky there keep buying the dips

Wow, amazing story, Mom and Son cute :) This is not only the downtrend, this is the best buying opportunity for us. Steem On @exyle

Respect to the crypto master mom wonderful to know about this incident hahah he is getting here skills and showing us how to buy at the dips to take out profit :)


good time when you bought that perfect entry time she already knew it wow genius :)

Its so nice, work with mom and have similar interests! My mum don't know, how to use viber 😉

This is very nice that your mother is investing! :D
We need to get more elder people into the crypto-scene. ^^"
It's awesome for her that she gets used to the new technology stuff so soon!

Wawooo after this i think i need to convince my friends to join steemit and invest in crypto ... :)