My first business deal on the Steem Blockchain is COMPLETED: LOGO is done!! Full story!!

in life •  last year

Around 5 weeks ago I made a blog post offering max. 250 SBD to have a logo designed for me. I wanted it to be a real business deal on the blockchain.

I chose @twistychips to make my logo.

Today he sent me the final design.

It is more than I ever could have expected.


Celebrating my new Logo with a nice glass of red wine, it's Friday after all.


Exyle logo final _ RGB-02.png


I spoke to @twistychip on Steemchat and he asked me several things before he could even start with the logo.

He wanted to know what I would use the logo for, what I wanted it to portray and to send him logo's I like and don't like so he has an idea of where I wanted to go with it.

I send him this text:

To tell you a little about myself. Before the age of 27, I was a very closed person. Liked dark clothes and being by myself most of the time. I spend a lot of time playing video games (world of warcraft) and was perfectly happy with that. My world was small.

At some point I realized my life was not going anywhere so I decided to do something about it. First I stopped smoking then started to gain weight and exercising. I went out more. I spend more time running my IT business. It became way more successful because of that effort. I got into crypto in 2013. I'm more outspoken and 200% more confident than I used to be. Managed to find a girlfriend too :) Her name is Bianca.

I also like colors now. I now always wear colorful socks (happy socks) and more and more colorful T-shirts. I have a hard time listening to negativity too. I try to avoid it if I can or deal with asap. I also show emotion way more than I used to. I like to be surrounded by people that have a positive outlook on life.

At the age of 33 I feel better than I ever felt before. My goal is to become financially free and from there I want to help others.

I found Steemit in July of 2016. Started to blog on there. Had a great time. Never stopped blogging. Recently I started to vlog. Was a bit scared at first but I like to try new things. I hated new things in the past. Now I feel very comfortable doing it.

I would like the logo to be a reflection of my transformation.

On Steemit I blog about crypto, life in general and grilling and chilling. I recently bought a green egg (grill) and having a blast with it. But this is the now, I like to keep discovering new things so I'll no doubt mix it up in the future.

I would like to use the logo on a t-shirt, coffee cup, apron and blog posts and maybe other things I have not thought of. I would like it to be versatile. Scalable for different purposes would be cool.

I send you some logo's that I like and that I don't like.

You already told me this process might take longer than I would think. I hope this is a good start.

Cheers, Exyle

And I send him these logos as requested: Logo's I like and don't like.

I then send him the promised 25% down payment

These are the first drafts he sent me. I chose the pixelated for him to work on. I liked it the best plus the idea behind it was brilliant. At this point, I thought we were almost done and I would receive a JPG in the mail with the Logo. I was so wrong.

The pixelated one is because what you are doing is mostly all digital, and the colors on the black background is a symbol of your life transformation, you are coloring in the colors to your old dark past.

He went to work on the pixelated logo. He sent me this as a follow-up. I loved the 3D version and asked him to build upon it. It was around here that I started to realize this might take a little longer.

He did. As you can see all the letters are 8 blocks compared to the draft above here. I loved it. I thought we were done. But @twistychips was not.


He had one more idea up his sleeve and sent me this. Asking me if I was open to this idea. I had to sleep on it. The letter shape stands for the different directions in my life. In the morning I knew this was the direction we had to go. He went to work.


I received this not much later. I loved it but I had some doubts. It felt right, but not completely. Like he was on to something but something was missing. He said: 'let me play around with it a bit more'.


FINAL LOGO. The next day he sent me this. It was perfect! From concept to this in 5 weeks. I am blown away.

Exyle logo final _ RGB-02.png


apron mockup zoomed in.jpg

apron mockup.jpg

Mug mockup white.jpg

Tote bag mockup.jpg

T-shirt mockup zoomed in.jpg

T-shirt mockup.jpg

This was my first business deal on the Steem Blockchain and it was a perfect experience. I have paid @twistychips for his services straight away. I am in awe of his professionalism as a designer and businessman. I would recommend him to anyone.

And that's it. My next project is to get this LOGO on T-shirts and others product. I'm hoping to find someone on the blockchain to do this for me. As I believe businesses on the blockchain is one of the things that will make it grow.

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I'm very happy that you liked it! It's been so smooth and easy working with you! If you ever need any help, just give me a buzz! :)

Also I wanna thank everyone's support for this business deal and my work. Really really appreciate it!

I also made a post about this, if you want to, you can click here to check it out. :)

You can also check out my other work as well. :p


The logo looks incredible! Great job! I think it's incredible the role you're both playing in advancing business on the Steem block chain.


Great design @twistychips ! do you work on #steemgigs? I'm trying to sell signatures too


Thank you! No, I have never heard about that! I should check it out!! Thanks for letting me know!


That's awesome, well done!


Thank you man!


Hey, @twistychips! Awesome job, it couldn't be more exyle than that. :)


Thank you so much!

This is awesome. It's seems like you just started this project yesterday. I really dig the finished logo. @twistychips did an outstanding job and really brought your vision to life.

I really appreciate you giving us all a front row seat to your entire business transaction from start to finish. It's been a great example and learning experience of how easy and efficient you can conduct business transactions over the Steem block chain from anywhere around the world. You both have laid the ground work and developed the blue print for many more business transactions going forward!

This is something people need to see & hear about in hopes of encouraging more business transactions on the Steem block chain and attracting businesses to Steemit. Steemit has so much to offer businesses via direct marketing/contact with their target demographic, super fast payment and feeless transactions. Great job brother! Re-Steemed


I believe in this lies a fantastic future for the Steem blockchain.

I guess the wine is worth it when you had a stunningly designed logo by @twistychips. I absolutely love the design and the 3d perspective came out perfectly.

I wouldn't mind myself getting my hands on an exyle mug. A sip of glory each time I drink from it haha. It is just such a cool design I think it will go well with most things.

Hopefully this is the start of people buying services with steem. I've already seen people open merchandise shops and it really does give me hope that one day we may have people doing freelance work here as well as running their own outlets.

I hope you do find someone here who can print the logo onto a t-shirt. We have some amazingly talented people here and I think it is a great idea to somehow manufacture your brand and goods purely by using the blockchain @exyle.


Fantastic man! I am very happy with the LOGO result. As soon as I have some mugs I'll send you one.

Very cool @exyle-- and thanks for sharing the whole process from idea to concept to final delivery... and of course I'm a big fan pf anything that adds an "economic" angle to Steemit; the more actually business transactions we have, the more viable Steem becomes, as a currency. And a big thumbs up to @twistychips for interpreting and conceptualizing your request so well!

Love reading positive Steemit success stories!


Thank you man!

you can see that he definitely put a lot of work into the logo -I like it.
Congratulation to one of the first business Transaktions on Steem.
@twistychips good work.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

@exyle, I love the fact that @twistychips really paid attention to your journey from closed off to happy socks! I love the extra bends in the letters because our journies are never a straight line. I love that the color represents you surrounding yourself with positivity!


Thank you so much for your kind words!


Of course! Glad I found you! :)


He really did great job!


Yes, he did! And you did a great thing by promoting commerce within this platform. You could have gone the traditional route by getting a logo created by someone outside of Steemit, but I personally believe this is the best place to find great talent because you not only can see if someone has talent based on what they choose to share, but you can also tell if you're going into business with someone you want to be in business with based on the way they communicate and treat with others on the platform.

I love the finished logo!! it's a great symbol of your journey you wanted it to signify!! you can do so much on steemit and making business deals like will lead the way for others to do the same thing. great job!! i can't wait to see you do "cooking with exyle" in your new apron with "exyle" emblazoned on it. :)


Thank you for your kind words!

@exyle - Sire, I love your logo and I wish to make one for me too. Your logo is a perfect match for your works. Congratulation Sire.

+W+ [ReSteemed & UpVoted]

Oh yeah i remembered that post and Today it was great to know about it once again,That design was pretty impressive indeed :)

I could remember your last post regarding about the logo. We were suggested you to EXY in 3D design and now I could see something greater than that one! Yeah this is a perfect design! Congratz my dear friend! Thank you very much for updating us!


A lot of good things came out of this:

  1. You're happy
  2. You employed someone and they earned money too...
  3. That person did good work and we can all see it
  4. You recommend them
  5. This work brings more future possibilities

Hiring via the steem blockchain and having it be a success is great news.

Thanks for telling us all about it, including, how you went on this venture and how it ended up. :)

Congratulations, and I'm happy as well. :)


All and all very positive all around!

I really love the logo @twistychips. Nice work. Congratulations @exyle on getting your blockchain business started. Wishing you much success in the future.

The end result is super - also the process and your background story - but the end result I really love. Positive, Colourful, and it has depth! 3D on a 2D plain and done very well, if I may say so.

My story in a very few sentences. I do love dark colour, and like you I was more introvert and changed to become less introvert. But I still love my black cloths, but also I love colours. Positivity, well, that is what we all need in our lives and when we dont have it, we have to create it. If it is not around us in reality, then we have to think it at least. My take is, anything negative has some positivity in it. Find it, and hang on to that.


Thank you! And for sharing your story. You are correct a positive mindset helps loads!

So retro and so cool. The t-shirts are a must!!


I agree! Looks awesome!

i like to buy t-shirt EXYLE


If you mean it, I'll make it happen :)


I really mean it but to collect t-shirt from you,
You have to send me return ticket . 😉

thx for detailing the arrangement, love the idea! and great job done

Came out looking great. I have been involved with creating logo's in the past and the process is far more lengthy than I could've ever imagined. From concept to finished product can take weeks.

I love your new logo. One question ... In your list of likes and dislikes, what do you think of this logo?


FANTASTIC! I can even see the Steem logo in the grill :)

Its a great design.. Reminds me of liquorish allsorts and berty bassett

Very nice logo, the idea of using cubes in the logo is original, it is an exceptional creativity, I am a very big fan of your blog and your videos, day after day you take us with novelty and a Great talent

Final result looks really sweet! And I can see that the T-shirts will look awesome as well :) Hopefully we will see more people offering and buying services on steemit!

That's a cool logo. Coming up with something good takes a special talent and it's worth paying for


I couldn't agree more! I think I got a steal though :)

How dare you to hate Sligro logo? Lol


The logo not the store!

Lindo logo.Parabéns.

Very catchy! I think it's a success! Good job @twistychips!
Wonderfully done!)


Thank you so much!


Congratulations on completing business transaction on Steem Blockchain... You are utilizing the true potential on Blockchain technology.....

waw it turned out to be pretty cool! I really love the loge, fascinating, definitly worth its 250sbd!

Great deal ! lets cheers...

@twistychips and @exyle way to go guys! Great team work and great design for the product!

Very minecrafty. ;-) I like it.

Looks like candy :P

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Very cool work! :)

He aquí nuevamente Piqué!! 😁

Very nice happy colors!

Great locos take a while to perfect. I am glad to see you very happy with his work. Now following you for future updates

great work... i upvoted you plz upvote me ??

Super bro....I like ur story

Looks awesome, I like it too especially the colors..upped.

As a graph designer myself (bid sad i misd that post offering sbd, but you can't see everything on steemit :D). I realy like the outcome. The complexity and style are amazing. Thumbs up to @twistychips for a great job!

that was a outstanding professional logo creation, simply a best one. hmm i should better to give a try with upcoming projects as rewards are high with @exyle, i can survive 3 months with that money in here. anyway follow you @exyle for the upcoming blockchain products , thanks for the update

I send him these logos as requested: Logo's I like and don't like
Very good my post

Great logo @exyle
Thanks for sharing!
Greetings @gurb