Memories of good old gaming. How my love for Point & Click adventures games was born.

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I don't have much time for games anymore but playing Streetfighter with Ezzy has renewed my interest for them a little bit.

It has triggered me to want to replay my all-time favorite games series. The Tex Murphy adventures. I already finished Under a Killing Moon and am now playing the Pandora Directive.

Bianca is already calling me addicted. Which I think is a bit over the top. She has no idea how much I used to play games when I was younger.

My favorite genre when I was younger and today are point and click adventure games.


I still have the original box of this Sherlock Holmes game from 1996-1997, I was 12)

The first adventure game I ever played was called Déjà Vu. I played it on the Macintosh when I was around 4-5 years old. I couldn't read English (or read at all, I'm not sure) at the time but it didn't matter. Clicking and just trying to figure out what to do I played that game endlessly.

I loved it. Although I don't remember ever finishing it.

Between Déjà Vu and my next game is about 7 years and an NES and a Sega Mega Drive. Which I both played every day after school and on the weekends.

I'm now 12 and we have our first PC at home.

I think it was a Compaq 133mhz. Made from that Beige white color that slowly turns yellow over time. I remember it had speakers on the side of the monitor, like big ears.


It was running Windows 95. But to get some games to work you had to boot from a floppy to get to DOS.

In DOS I had to set the Soundblaster and load the mouse drivers manually. I forgot the commands. But it was perfectly acceptable at that time.

The first real point and click adventure game that I played and remember on that PC was called Beneath a Steel Sky.

I played a demo from a disk I got with a magazine and loved it. (I pretty sure @eqko was there too, although I don't remember 100% sure)

I wanted to play the full game but back then it wasn't like today. You had to go out of your house to find the game. Going to shops and look for it.

But I was young and could only go to our local mall and it wasn't there.

I forgot about the game until my mom and I were in Rotterdam one day, many months later. She had to go to V&D. V&D was a famous department store (that no longer exist).

I had never been there before but quickly found out they had a game section, full of PC games. It was heaven.

Going through all the boxes I found Beneath a Steel Sky!

I still got the original box I found that day.


At some point, I was stuck in the game. This happens with adventure games. It's part of their charm. Trying to find out what to do next.

I just could not figure it out and this was at the time you couldn't go online and just look up the solution. (this and only having 3 lives is a struggle kids today will never know. It was so much fun and awful at the same time.)

I decided to just try everything on everything. Going from screen to screen using every item in my inventory on every clickable item in the game.


I found the solution 2 weeks later. I had to use a card and combine it with a lock, to fiddle it open. To this day I remember the character saying:

"It's an old trick but it still works."

I finished the game with @eqko not much later.

Finding that solution was the best feeling the world!

My love for point and click adventure games was born.

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Beneath a Steel Sky! OMG! That was a beautiful game for it's time!

I played this game for months on the Amiga, but never completed it. I think it held the record for the most disks, 15 I think, topping Monkey Islands 12.

Its funny how 2 hours on a game could mean to some we are addicted, there was a time where at the weekend I would play 16/17 hours straight - sometimes until my mum flicked the power off downstairs! How I wish sometimes I was 8 again and fully submerged in a game like the above.

Thanks for the memories! :D

You can now get it for free!


Still playing the odd bit of Elite:Dangerous - now that's a game that's cost me a few months!

The memories. I still remember 'Sodium Pentathol' from Deja Vu ... and while reading, I also remembered 'it's an old trick, but it still works' I will NEVER forget that line. (or the game, I think it was the most epic Adventure we played together, with Indiana Jones & The fate of Atlantis coming in as a close second)

God the memories. I wish we could relieve those times. Though we are still making memories now :)

Sodium Pentathol! WOW! I forgot about that. Such good times! The Fate of Atlantis, what a classic too!

Wow, you really took me on trip back to my child hood with this post. We didn't have a computer, but my best friend did and we would play these games constantly. In middle school, when the Nintendo was out, all of my friends and I would beg our parents for the same game and then have a contest to see who could beat it the first. Yeah, in those days there was no internet to help you out, just good old fashion persistence and ingenuity. Man did I love those days.

Some games that immediately come to mind were Ninja Gaiden and Mike Tyson's Punchout. I played both of these feverishly to be the first one to beat the game.

You've really allowed me to take a walk down the path of childhood innocence brother and remember a time when each day was a new wonder all unto it's self. . It's about time I brought that same level of excitement back to my life. Thank you!

Ninja Gaiden was freakin hard!

This post brought back a lot of great memories.

To play many of these games on a PC (in the early days) , I remember manually configuring my autoexec.bat and config.sys repeatedly until I got everything to work. The joy I got from seeing the text show that I was as close as possible to 100% memory usage without going over was occasionally better than the game (There were many cheesy games back then).

I like games that push our curiosity, every time I solve a mistery it feels good, Tomb Raider was one of my favorites, I played countless hours.

First Tomb Raider I played was part 2. Playing in Venice. Such good times.

@exyle I am glad that you wrote about your adventure games that made you happy as a child. Like I mentioned in your previous post about going to the arcade. I was always looking for the NEXT New Pinball Game when it came out. Even though it was so FUN to play certain Pinball Games over and over again, It was always such a TREAT when a New Pinball machine hit the Arcade. I think you know what I mean about that feeling.

Man, I totally understand! It's the same feeling!

wow fantastic post @exyle, well it's great thing to recall your memories because it makes you feel that you are the same child with no fear and enjoying the life at most, it's also nice to hear that you love playing games right from the younger age and i think it's great think because in my opinion these games sharpen the mind and develops a love with computer and person becomes addicted to use computer, which is absolutely essential in modern world.

i remember i don't have computer when i was young so coming back from school i use to play games on gamezone shop and on that time my favorite games are, snow bros, cardillos dinasaur, street fighter1, kings of fighter and we buy one token for just 1 cent at that time and enjoy playing games a lot, thanks for sharing your beautiful memories my friend, stay happy and blessed.

Maybe you should do some videos commentating the games as you play. Or maybe livestreaming. Anyway nice trip down memory lane :)

Oh yeah, these are good memories, in my youth I was very fond of games, especially on the Sony PlayStation and it was not forgotten times. Especially I liked the game Air Combat, that was exciting! Thank you @exyle

I never had a PlayStation. But I know it had great games!

Thanks, thanks to you, I remembered the same as playing until 3 am, and in the morning I had to go to school. It's a very good memory. I'm sorry that unlike you I have nothing left, we left and everything remained in the old place.

I always loved full throttle - and there's a remastered version on steam :D

If I start digging I think I have the original lying around somewhere! Great game!

As much as I'm normally that way too - for this one, they properly remastered it, including the graphics (but still allowing the swapping between new and old graphics), and the new graphics make the game better

It goes on sale every now and again on steam, I'd say pop it on your watchlist and pick it up when its massively reduced

Wow that would be a great experience! Yeah I was addicted too! But now I have to forget it and hate those new games with 50 GB+ hard disk capacity :D One thing I have noticed! You kept all those memories with you! Moreover those gaming diskettes yeah you kept them too! That's a great thing!


I used to love the demos from the magazines ! I also remember having an amstrad 128k and newsagents sold the tapes that took about 30 minutes to load, and then fail so we had to do it all over again. But we got there lol that's patience I can't imagine kids today having patience like us veterans had 👍 Ironically the original games are still the most addictive - simple ones like Tetris and mario, the success of angry birds on the I phones adopts similar principles and very successful. Thanks for sharing

I had to look up amstrad 128k. But wow! talking about something that looks awesome!

Wow great memories of childhood gamming, I also used to play some games with my child when they were pretty little, the game tekken, Super Mario and contra etc. But they become teenage so I have also little time, so I remain much far away from the game. Now I some time playing the game of candy crush. Any way thanks for sharing such an amazing fact about gamming, yes it is addictions. Wish you good luck good health and happiness my dear friends, please friend by mistakely give a visit on my post too friend. Your presence means a lot for me. Thanks.

Hi @exyle, I'm not a game geek but I love to read your posts.

I used to play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Mario Bros, Snow Bros and Frogger in my childhood. I have some very good memories regarding games. In current times, when I see kids playing games, I see at least 100 years of difference between their skills and mine. :D

Steem On!

My first addiction to a game was Loderunner. It had 150 levels that had to be played sequentially... But if you made it to the end you were given a code you could send to Brodaebund for a champion's certificate. I am a CLR and proud of it!

Man what a classic! Wonderful story about the code! Brøderbund made some great games. I remember this one:

You really have a good memory of what your first games were, I can barely remember mine except that it was in MS DOS and I had to navigate a series of traps and whatnots to get the key and make my way to the portal to escape to the next level.

I didn't have the opportunity to start early in games.
My favorite one was Mario Bros 3 on the first Nintendo NES, I think it was 1988.
I played quite a few other games as well like Double dribble, name a few I recall.
It was fun and give you a great sense of curiosity and you want to finish the game.

SMB3 was a great game!

Woah! Used to spend hours and hours in gaming. I still hear the noise of our past when I pass by that gaming zone. Thanks for refreshing the memories, dude. I shall be visiting the place very soon with old buddies and enjoy a kick-ass nighter!

It happens with me too :D actually games are made just for that to divert everything from mind to game :) Thats the real and brilliant mind of game makers

At some point, I was stuck in the game. This happens with adventure games. It's part of their charm. Trying to find out what to do next.

Going back to the nostalgic days of the retro games and our childhood, there is no better feeling. Thinking next year I will start collecting the old consoles starting with the SNES!

Well I was big fan of PC games when I am a child, but with the work load I have lost the interest a bit now a days. But you reminds me my old times.
Nice post @exyle

i like games that challenges me mentally. i remember when i was a kid, i used to play resident evil with my cousins on my playstation 1. i was scared shit to play it alone. haha what really intrigue me was that it was both scary and challenging. not to mention the puzzles that you have to solve. damn i miss those good old days.

I remember the first resident evil. Fantastic game!

I just wanted to say that those games are available on gog for free or really cheap but I was too late lol :)
In fact, there are a lot of old and beautiful games on gog. All the memories.
Thank you @exyle for making this post. Reading it made me smile. I remembered how it was to play all those old games.
My favorite three are still Elite (on spectrum), Fallout and Diablo.

I've played Tombraider, Full Throttle, Monkey Island.
Great post! 🕹

great games!

hahah after seeing the post you seems to be addicted more to gaming now what about green egg lol :D

You kept the old games but did you also keep the old computers to play them on?

No, they are gone. But a lot of the old games still work fine in DOSBox. Or if you are lazy (like me) I buy them again from this site when they are on sale.

wonderful post @exyle i m also fond of playing games because games keep us active and healthy

what an experience that would have been simply outstanding....

i always vote your post, but you dont vote my post...But why.....

so many old memories revived today haha perfect gamer you are :D

Wow, interesting. I don't have time to play games too, but i love games forever.

This is really nostalgia. I've been keeping the game Prince of Persia on such a duckset so far :)

games are my favorite but as you said finding time to play them is hard now as compared to earlier but still it keep me hooked

Wow, Sherlock Holmes.

* _ *

U just reminded me of the good old days when i play mario on "ending man". It was a wonderful experience then. Things are really evolving though.

Not a that much hardcore gaming fan but still likes to play quite a bit :)

you should do a gaming post everyday i will get addicted to that :)

Nice articles to read. I love playing computer games but i don't have much time now days.

Amazing old game thanks for sharing

Good old days.... current generation will never believe having games inside floppy drive :D

Used to play those in the 2000's. They were pretty fun..hint hint developers

Thanks for sharing your memories.

It's great to read your post. Always be happy like this.

@exyle - It looks like you are addicted gaming Sir :) Probably Bianca is correct Sir :) Nice article & you reminds me my old memories too.... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

thanks for sharing your beautiful memories my friend, stay happy and blessed.

I really surprised to know about your childhood adventure.

after seeing the post I remember my childhood. I also play game challenging with me.

Seems like some great memories to get by.
Miss those of moments of playing games .