Vlog 296: Dtube changing it's economic model + Trying out dlive 0.7 for the first time.

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Yesterday dtube released an update about their new curation and economic model.

Read the official announcement: here.

The 25% beneficiary reward dtube took to build dtube and pay for all the costs will no longer go to dtube itself but will be distributed to curators (of dtube content).

This is very interesting. Especially when you compare it to dlive's model.

Dlive doesn't take any beneficiary rewards for content creators. So content creators that wanted to maximise their own rewards were incentivised to go there.

But now...

Curators are incentivised to curate dtube content because you get more rewards for curating dtube content.

So this could mean that even though content creators 'lose' 25%, they could still earn more because more curators will be found on dtube.

And if you are not into curating at all you can delegate your SP to dtube and also benefit from the 25% curator rewards they give.

I think it's a bold move by dtube and I wonder how this model will pan out in the long run.

If they can get enough delegated SP through this model they will also have to rely less on the delegated SP they have from Steem inc and I think that's wise.

I talk about it more in my vlog (from @ 1:35).

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So many interesting developments happening all the time on this blockchain, some good, some bad, but it's all an experiment!

The possibilities are endless.
Trials and errors before getting the right combination.
We steemians got a lot to absorb and stay ahead.
Keep on steemin'


The possibilities are endless.
Trials and errors before getting the right combination.

Totally agree.

Glad to know that dtube is now even more rewarding...All youtubers must migrate to dtube....


Not all of them are needed here :)


All are welcome here without any restrictions....

Thank you Mark @exyle I really enjoy when you tell us about features on STEEMIT that I had no Idea about. I may delegate some SP in the future and there are so many good things to contribute to. Communities are popping UP everywhere as you know. STEEM price won't be Single Digits forever and it is such a great time to accumulate more.........

Owk this is really a great idea by dtube. But the truth is, which ever way they chose to do it, be it the dlive model or their own recent model, it's still gonna be a win win situation . I never really knew dlive never collects 25% from content creators, does that mean they don't reward curators aswell?

Just got to post on dlive for the very first time when I participated in a contest and it was really quite easy to use for me. Easier than YouTube I must say. Mayb when you get to try it out yourself, you will see what I am talking about.


You get the standard curator reward on dlive.

Thank you for informing us about the new features on dtube and dlive. I think what dtube has done is really awesome and will make them one of the best places on steemit to post and curate. Am starting to think of things to post on dtube, and with the coming of the SMT it's gonna be amazing :)

Hi @exyle! Good news again today 😊 i noticed rewards deposited in my account yesterday from dtube, i guess this explains why! I wonder, does it matter if I place the upvote for your dtube vlogs in steemit or does the upvote need to be placed in dtube to recieve the rewards? Love hearing the birds sing when you film in the garden🎶 Have a great day!!


It does not matter. (as far as I know).

Yeah, there’s a lot happening in the @dtube and @dlive space. I just got an email from Kent from the 0.7.0 update. A lot of other features baked in there as well. I haven’t had a chance to test the changes and I somehow overlooked the curation update. Thanks for sharing, @exyle, as always.

I started to notice about dtube.rewards giving out steem for my vlogs, now I realize why, it is an interesting change in the business model. Yesterday I watched your stream on Outlast it is one of the best horror games around, I suggest you can also try and stream Frictional Games productions, it would be fun to watch :D


It's cool change and I hope it will work out well for them. Cool that you liked the stream! The company you suggested make some really creepy games.

will no longer go to dtube itself but will be distributed to curators (of dtube content).

I actualy notices curation reward flooding my account from Dtube. I though “that’s great”. I think it will work out for not only Dtube, but for delegators and everyone else. It’s a win win situation.

Does dtube have their own curators ?


Yes. It's all in their update post.


so much too read about steemit it's hard to keep up :)

Good morning thanks for the information. I signed up my kids to steemit as well as my father this weekend, they made a video on making maple syrup on our family farm...if you have time check it out. https://steemit.com/maple/@ajbasketball3/making-maple-syrup-with-my-grandfather-and-brother-at-the-farm

Glad to know that dtube is now even more rewarding , dtube sound means great news knocking the door .

I recieve post resteem ....

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Follow my blog @powerupme

Thanks for the update.

It is a nice moves by dtube to give the 25% curator rewards back to curators of dtube, I believe this will lure people to start using dtube to curate their videos and work because they will now earn more from their contents . Nice and progressive decision made by dtube

Very important information sir @exyle. I Hope one day be curator. But now I must learn first with my less english. Thanks sir, hope you always in succes. God Bless you

I think DLive should do something similar to that beneficiary reward.
As it is, I rarely upvote DLive content because it's only relevant in a very short period of time, compared to regular Steemit posts or DTube videos.

That's fantastic sir I really inspired to your work..

really goods...

thanks for the updates on dtube

Wow after the shutdown of dmania, dtube is ready to avenge his brother dmania. This is an awesome reward system and this will definitely get me personally to use dtube more. Thanks for the great news.

"Dtube sound means some great news knocking into the door."
great update info for us..
any doubt? I think no doubt...
thanks for the informative shared

a very good post @exyle, this is very useful for everyone, and especially for myself, because I want to learn more about steemit, because I still do not have knowledge about it all, like crypto and market. Because I want to be able to understand it all, and can be as successful as you. Thank you, and hopefully you will be more successful to work...:)

Wow awesome good time with some awesome hahah :D great pics

When they initiated Dtube, I raised this concern. When someone posts on Dtube, they have to pay an extra 18% to Dtube. Finally, they are on the right track but now their competition is already ahead in the game. Good luck Dtube.

So . . . my question @exyle is . . . will the curations rewards work the same way as they do on Steemit, i.e. those with low SP will not get much, if anything at all? And it's better to upvote at a certain time etc. etc. Or is DTube completely separate with regard this?

Ta! 😊

That's great I love dtube and I am glad they have come up with this new system. I haven't really been a fan if @dlive as one can't livestream with mobile yet.I will definitely give it a trt

Good update, that mean dtube will be the best alternative to maximize rewards, since there is no curation for delivery.

This is some nice development we are having on many of the steemit platform. As the times goes on we are seeing these platform getting better n better

It's an excellent idea, especially to call the herd of new healers to the platform, everyone wins something.

This gives us a sample of how sustainable the platform can be and it is only the beginning.

interesting update that is regarding dtube lets see how well it works out :)

Ummm excellent model to be applied from now on! A way to encourage content creators to... Now Dtube can grow faster.

Greetings @exyle!!

I see this thing ... And this is interesting plan :) We fill see what happens :))

Awedome article. thanks

Learnt it is really rewarding..tried it so..I testify

Great news about curating!
Thank you!

I got to see some rewards coming to my wallet and thus seems like a nice effect in a way :)

@exyle your blog 296 is very interesting......thanks for sharing us....resteem done

Interesting . Didn't even know Dtube didn't give that 25% to begin with. Thanks for the heads up @exyle :)

I am loving all the services being built on the Steem network, it just means good news for the whole ecosystem.
Once most of them get proper mobile applications, they should take off and become more mainstream and used by the masses.

Anyways thank you for the good explanation and updates @exyle...

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