First grill session of the year 2018! Blade steak on the Big Green Egg! — Steemit

First grill session of the year 2018! Blade steak on the Big Green Egg!

in life •  10 months ago

Now that the days are getting longer the itch to grill is back.

I tried to suppress but it was impossible today.

In the end grilling is life.

I decided to start early, around 17:30 so I had one small hour of natural light.

The last time I fired her up was at Christmas.

O, I missed this!

Let's grill!


I had no idea what I would find after removing the cover. Unused for over 5 weeks! If you wonder what all the junk is. That's to prefent the cover from blowing off when we had that mega storm not to long ago.


Not bad! Except for the small amount of water. I do feel that I will need to find a better solution to prevent that in the future.


The inside of the grill was fine! I removed all the ash gave it a quick clean for now. Soon I remove all the parts from the inside and give it a spring cleaning.



Fresh coals! YES!


End so we begin. The first grill session of 2018!


This is meat I grilled (It's called Blade steak). It's cheap yet extremely underrated. This cost me $7. In the Netherlands it's been used for decades to make stews but it's also perfect for steaks if you can find the one with good marbling. There is a sinew in the middle that it's a little tough but edible or you can cut around it later. If you ask a butcher they can also remove it before hand.


The coals I use burn hot and fast. Ideal for fast grill sessions. It took 10-15 to get the grill to 300C.


Steaks on! I was going for 2 minutes per side. Another reason I wanted to use cheaper meat is to get the feeling of grilling back without fearing a meat failure :)


I missed this! The Smell and the warmth coming from the grill. It's so much fun.


I flipped the steaks after 2 minutes and grilled the other side. I checked the temp and it was around 55C. Perfect I like my steaks rare.


I put the steaks in aluminium foil to rest for 5 minutes. In the meantime I got my other iron tools and put them on the grill to Burn clean. If you look closely you can see two grills and the cast iron top.


End result! I think I still got it. Nicely Rare with a good crust. It's not a cut that will be extremely tender. You do have to chew but the flavour is fantastic! I served the Steak with some leftover lasagna that Bianca and I shared.




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Looking good as always.
I like my meat well done but I have to keep it juicy.
Still working on that part.
Keep on steemin'

This is the main advantage and beauty of the winter season.

That looks fantastic.

Great minds think alike!!

I just put another OTT chili on the BGE. 27193B32-6FBC-4D1E-884F-FDEEAEE3953F.jpeg

Smoking with pecan wood. Ready in 4 hours.


SWEET! Enjoy man! Interesting setup with the double grill!


One day, I’ll show you four layers of chicken wings. Or , pizza between two ceramic stones. It was a great purchase for the egg. Adds a lot of flexibility.

Nice Grill!! I'm sure it is nice to get out in the open air.

Good to see the green egg woken up from sleep after a long time. :)

You did an excellent job as a cook. This definately reminded me spring time when we do the first grill of the season. I just can’t wait when everything starts to grow.
Enjoy it!

Oh yeah, it's nice to see you doing such a job as cooking a famous steak, especially in your no less famous green egg! This steak turned out rather fried and juicy, I'm sure, the taste and smell of it became stunning from the fact that a steak is cooked on a fire! Thank you Mark for such a tasty message!

Back on the Grill, @exyle!! I hope to join you there soon!


O yes! Can't wait for you guys to come over!

It looks delicious, are you adding pepper to it while grilling? Excellent experience!



No only salt. Pepper always later. It burns on the grill.

Excellent posted explanation, what another meat grilled do you like the most? Best regards


I like all sorts but my favourite cut is Rib-Eye.

Oh My love for grilled meat... Am hungry for some already. You definitely had a nice time today with bianca.. Happy sunday!!!


happy Sunday man!

$7 in the Netherlands? I want to know, can this be considered? Cheap?
I still remember that Christmas grill, you were with a lady I can't remember the name now, this seems like quite artistic process, weeeeee I'm glad you back to grilling


$7 for 4 steaks, yeah I think that's not to bad.

You are such a talented guy both in terms of crypto world analysis and when it comes to cook some steak Wow <3

Actually i just came back from my ground after playing cricket and feeling too hungry lol so, i would love to eat these amazing steaks My Friend ;)

Oh that's nice, getting back in the grill wagon. I think it might be a few weeks before I get started on it. I never thought of just burning the tools clean; Excellent!


As long as it's not plastic!


HAhaha, yeah, that might be a disaster!

This is your first grillday this year? my last day last year was 28.dez.2017 and my first day was 4.jan.2018

there is no day where you cant grill my friend. if you like bbq, watch this:

Thats my version of a perfect Tomahawk Steak in caveman style.

It is in German, but it is also self explanatory. Enjoy it


What a cool way of preparing the meat straight on the coals! I have heard about that but I don't think I ever saw it done. Thanks for showing that!

I'm already salivating seeing this - well prepared and sweet aromatic meat is my weakness.

Iove eating meat. Yes! A lot eventhough it's not so healthy - I told you my weakness right?

@exyle how about you try preparing the Nigerian Suya one day?

Try it, it tastes better and delicious. You can try looking up the recipes

Happy Steeming


Nigerian Suya, I had to look it up. It looks nice! I like trying new things! I wrote it down on my to do list :)


Yeah your right @enofile the suya prepared over here in Nigeria is very delicious and mouth watering, it's great you looked it up @exyle and sure it looks just nice as you said you would not be disappointed I bet you.
@exyle I enjoy going through most of your post even when I get so busy with chores at home and Mums shop I try to check out your post on the blog.
Keep been unique and wonderful Boss @exyle.

I was waiting for this... this looks so delicious and amazing.. let me know when you have a grill session at home and talk about steemit ;-)

WoW excellent work friend, it's nice to see you again using your green egg after a long break and man the end result of grilled steak looks so tasty and delicious and i hope it also taste great, honestly i never use green egg but after watching you cook through green egg i am so impressed and i will try to buy that gem soon, thanks for sharing your nice cooking experience with us and after watching and reading your cooking posts my personal cooking also improving gradually, wish you a fantastic week ahead friend, Stay blessed.

You are late this year. I had the pleasure already 2 times. :-)
Enjoy your Sunday.


I'll make up for it! :)

Wow you are sure starting early with this. Here in Jerusalem, you could take out the grill without a cloud in the sky. Winter is not over though. We have more rain, cold and wind heading this way but not until after the 15th

Zo dan, Die steaks zie er heerlijk uit!
Lekker zo een winter bbq helaas lukt dat niet op mijn kleine balkon 😂 UPVOTED & RESTEEMED

Rare steak from the grill. It certainly doesn't get any better than that.

Tonight we'll be having mini-beef Wellingtons and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Seems like it's a beefy kinda day!


That sounds delicious!


I've made the asparagus before, so I know that's a winner. It's my first shot at the Wellington's so wish me luck. Just finished searing off the beef and the duxelles is cooking now. Dinner in T-minus 45 minutes :)

Grilling is a great skill, one that everyone should acquire to be able to produce home made, dry chewable meat. But I think the challenge would be in temperature regulation, as in quality control. Thanks @exyle hope the meats were very palatable.

That's a pretty cool grill. It kind of reminds me of a green golf ball. The meat looks delicious as well!

Those steaks look great! I'll be trying my hand at a reverse sear on the Big Green Egg with some ribeyes soon, I'll take your lead and post the pics/steps when I get around to it.

I grill year round. The other night it was only a couple degrees with a negative 20 degree F windchill and I had a taste for grilled chicken for my tacos. That might have been a little to cold, but I fought through it and made enough chicken so we had extras for the kids lunches during the week.


Respect man! That's grill dedication!


Also might have been a little Tonight I am cooking up Steak Fajitas with homemade guacamole. Will be doing a post on it tomorrow.

Longer days there already! Lucky you, well the cover seems to be doing a good job of protecting, it looked in good condition still especially when you go considering the crazy weather. Congrts on your first 2018 grill it looks yummy @exyle

Hey @exyle ! I covered the oncoming Steem-Communities in this post

Maybe have a look!

wow i like it delicious steak. Good post @exyle

its always nice to cook on sunday,, enjoy mate

The grills looked so yummy. I hope your cooking 🍳 is must be better.

Better solution is absolutely necessary to produce the best grilled meat ever. l love grilled meat because grilling is life, besides, you started very early to enhance good quality

Wow... It looks tasty... Can I come and join you.. Lol.. Nice one.. Lovely post

Nice narrative... plus delicious steak. Good post @exyle

Amazing experience you have cooking better.Really it is good.Have you comepleted to eat!!

good post dear. .tnx

As soon as I saw it I started getting hungry while I wasn’t. Looks delicious

We can deal with the cold when we've got eats like this.

The steak really looks good, hope it tastes as good as it looks

this is great investing sir and thanks for sharing this, this is something new to me.

yummy. The palatable. sharing great

Meat steaks taste heavenly but I still prefer fish to it
But the look of this is really nice, you did a good work there but to consider that it costs over $7 in Netherlands

Nice job! That type of grill is good for smoking too. Do you use it for that? I hope to post soon about cold smoking. I make my own lox and bacon. I also do cold-smoked eggs.

wow posting is very amazing @exyle

You are making me hungry again and I'm feeling too lazy to go cook something myself :D

nice blog that is
i am appreciated by this post
the food is looking delicious
carry on guys

I love the taste of grilled meal, the coal makes it 100times better!!

It sure is back in action again !The grilled Steak sure looks delicious !

Good luck dear

The post bring water to my mouth.Looks delicious,i wish i could have been there with you to taste the food.Thanks for sharing this post.@upvoted

really great information thanks for sharing

Steaks are 👌. I'm salivating already 😋
I don't have a grill (yet) so, I'll Just buy some steak or kebab

good post, the steak loos amazing.

thanks for update your weekend stuff , its really nice and wonderful steeming @exyle

It was a delicious meal. You bake it with a high fight @exyle.
I really like the roast beef.
But in my country Indonesia, meat is usually cooked berkuah and eaten with rice. It feels a little spicy fat fan. If I were with you at the time of roasting the meat, it would be very happy to taste your food
Thank you @exyle
Please follow back

That's pretty amazing to know you such wonderful grilling experience from your side. You have really nailed it. It looks very yummy and delicious. Good and healthy food is one of my weaknesses. I really like the way you have presented the whole process.

wonderful stuff @exyle
very nice cook recipe photo steeming and i like it very much,

i also like grill fish and cooked twice a month at home with family, its very fun and interesting day because we are all together,
my support always with your blogs
steem on

I can never resist great 🥩. Especially with grills like yours. You can feel the taste of real bricks. That’s a great idea for Sunday steak with family.

Now that the days are getting longer the itch to grill is back.

Lol. I thought it was me alone. Those are some nice meats you have there, bro. Wish I was there to devour them witchu. Enjoy.

that looks very nice and tasty

The steak looks amazing...good job!
I never knew there was a small grill like that! I'm used to the longer one

It looks delicious! I never ate a steak ... she wanted to try it :) I also love barbecue

It is really fun time....i think this is your first post like enjoying the air and having chilly grilly meat....#funtime #exyle create a great post....and hear some amazing food...i think is so testy....i like it...i hope everybody like your post....thanks for shear it...

a good post

Seriously @exyle. This steak looks very tasty and I can only imagine how juicy it would really feel in my mouth as I salivate to the pictures you posted...


You should consider changing your username to @chef-exyle.. Lol..
Your attention to every detail + your culinary skills are just top notch...

I love this 100%

You picked a cold day to start grilling again LOL
Siberian cold is on the way and I felt the beginning already today haha

His appearance is fragile, Well done Cooked

Wow! So Tasty steak! after to read this post i feel hungry! thanks to share! @exyle

wow nice

I see one of those Green Eggs every time I go to the hardware store and think one day I am going to get one...that steak looks amazing. Jealous..

Wow this looks cool and soothing to the eye but somehow I feel the fire didn't get I'm the middle of the stake. Looks raw in the center but you are in a better position to tell me how it felt?

There is something we call suya here in Nigeria and it's nothing different from this grilled meat you made, just that we use a pepper sauce called "yaju" to prepare our . Very delicious.

Wow, you are not a bad cook. Great day

Oh is there anything better in life than a really nice barbecue? If I was supposed to die and had one wish left then it'd be a barbecue no kidding :-D

Finally, you got better result of all your efforts. Surely you have had a great time. Its fun to cook sometimes.

you are a chief cook... that was good meal you shared,,thanks exyle

those middle photos of the coals look a bit like the universe or the human mind! i needed to rewind and go again to the pictures to understand them because they seemed not connected! in the end, they were connected!

interesting no? what you write and what others people read! totally different things! :)))

great story.

wow its a awesome writing.👌👌👌i really praise your post.its like beautiful, teasty and delicious.
i like your story.
please carry on dear...

On a lazy Sunday Eve the grilled meat go really well with grilled sweet potato and onion salad,just some lazy chit chats with friends and family makes the ambience really engaging.
Loved it.

Looks really good man, great job! My family and I, try to grill at least once a month! After grilling your own steaks, it's hard to go out anymore, lol.. cool post!

Yammy color of the grill. Done a good job. Hope party will happen when we met.

Awesome food really @exyle

Oh so yummy! Hi my Idol.

Evolution of chicken :p From simple chicken to tasty chicken lasagna.

Great story dear..I appreciate your post..
Can I resteemit your post...?

One thing I do know about GREAT grilling is, what you start out with. If the stakes aren't well marbled, don't even bother opening the grill!

Oh you did them steaks right for sure...

nice story i like it
keep it up..... thanks for shareing

Seeing this after a very long time seem like that was the best day to use it again and enjoy the meals nice shots

Green egg is back in the actions wohooo
Great to see a grill session after a very long time and first time in 2018 way to go

Green egg is back, holy cow, finally! :))

steak is really nice,,, I'll be trying my hand at a reverse sear on the Big Green Egg with some ribeyes soon, I'll take your lead and post the pics/steps when I get around to it.

amazing food with nice post

I live for grilling. My son is building a brick oven with a grill on the side. Bread and roasts done in a brick oven are so delicious. I can't wait until it is finished. In Canada, I used to be standing in snow drifts grilling something just because I wanted a grilled dinner.

You are perfact cheff

Good to find a witness that is from the EU. I still have remaining votes for witnesses and I will use one for you... check it out later. Hey, just for info.. I marinate my steak with a coke overnight... the carbon makes the meat become more tender... you should try it! A beer to soak your meat in would also do the purpose... Cheers!

Super super super jealous that you have a Green Egg! But in the other hand, I’d make pizza every day if I had one....