Finding our first block today and later watching Coco, the new pixar movie, with Bianca to celebrate.

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I had so much fun today.

In the afternoon my phone went mental.

I couldn't check it out straight away because I was busy.

But when I had the opportunity, I saw that I had a ton of missed messages.

They were all from blockbrothers.

When I read and realized what the fuzz was about I did a small jump.

We got our first block!


To keep it simple, as witnesses we verify blocks for the blockchain. But because we are still low on the list of witnesses (we just started) we don't get many blocks to verify.

To get one is awesome because it showed us everything was configured perfectly.

It's sort of a milestone. A small one maybe but still.

One gotta enjoy the little things in life too.

The guys were so happy and that made me happy too.

I told Bianca the news when she came to check on me in my office.

I explained to her what had happened and she got it.

She was happy too.

I'm so glad she's also part of Steemit. It makes things so much easier :)

To celebrate we went to see Coco tonight. It's the new movie by Pixar. (no spoilers)

Bianca and I both like animated movies a lot.

Old or new school.

We saw it in 3D tonight.

It was amazing. Great story, fantastic characters, great animation.

After watching it I am now convinced that the only movies that really work well in 3D are animated movies.

When we left the theater Bianca asked me what I would rate this movie.

'A solid 9', I said. (I think it's the best animation I saw in a while)

'Not a ten?', she asked. (she loved it a lot)

I said, 'nothing beats Lion King'.

She did not argue, she knows me :)

I have recently become a witness with our developer group blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.


It's a great feeling when the first few blocks come in. I was a late starter on bitcoin, but with pool mining I was able to snag about 300 before my useless year old ASICs came.

It's indeed cool. I also mined some coins back in the day. Dogecoin one of them. Always for fun, I was never a real miner. Validating blocks for the Steem blockchain is another matter. It has a lot more meaning for me.

Congts on getting the first block @exyle just wait till you get many coming lol, yea lion king is amazing, sad yes but good I haven't heard of coco I need to see what this is about thanks.

Thank you!

A 9! Fantastic, I get to see all the Pixar movies because my little lady loves them. I have been looking forward to this one!

I like most Pixar movies a lot (since toy story). This one is fantastic.

Ah, toy story (all 3) are absolute classics. I believe there is a number 4 coming. It was toy story that hooked me on Pixar!

haha, I got hooked with monsters inc, really nice movie.

Awesome! Congrats on the block, @blockbrothers !

And yes, nothing beats Lion King.

Excellent my friend, i am so happy to hear that you guys find your first block as steem witness and yes it's great achievement indeed i am in contact with my close friends too who are on steemit and you guys surely get's more votes soon and wow i also love to watch animated movies because they are so interesting to watch, i will try and watch this movie coco soon, you rated it as 9 so i hope it will be a great movie, wishing you best of luck for all of your future endeavors my friend, Stay awesome

If you enjoy animation. You will enjoy this film.

This is really good news. Am so happy for you guys. You really deserve it. There is surely no better way to end the month of November.
You know since I started following your blog it has been from one good news to the other, from steemify, to paying for hosting with steem, to taking profits from bitcoin, and now to having a block. That's really awesome.
Yah, Coco is a really nice movie, it's such a coincidence you've watched it also.
I really love the movie. I was legit crying in the 3rd act/last 10 minutes of the movie. This is one of the best animated movie of 2010s in my opinion. It's emotional, fun, and overall very good.I love how it's not a typical animated movie made for children, it also features some really deep message and really meaningful life lesson. This is why I love so much about Pixar.

I know somuch more goodnews will be coming from you @exyle, just please make sure to share the news with us. All the best.

Thank you, lucy. It's been a good month indeed!

This news really makes me so happy, knowing that you have got a block. I don't know what that really means, but it sounds like good news. You know the reason why am so happy is because my little effort together with the effort of other lovely steemians paid off. I made it my personal goal to tell as much people as I could about voting for @blockbrothers,and am glad the effort was fruitful. You guys are really awesome and I love what you do. Someday I know I'll get to meet you guys in person, and what honor that will be.

Am sorry, am.not really the movie kind of person, but am glad you and bianca had a lovely time. Just let her know some steemians are sending their regards.
More progress to @blockbrothers.

Thanks for your support!

It goodnews hearing you had somuch fun today.
Am glad you guys got the block @blockbrothers.
Your effort is paying out more and more. I know you guys will have goodluck, because, off course good luck only comes to those who work hard, so no need of me wishing it.
You know I was thinking of something,you made your mum join steemit, you made bianca join steemit, and most shockingly you made your niece have the prospects of getting her fees paid by her own investment. This shows me you have crypto running in your veins, not blood. You eat sleep and dream crypto. No wonder you make smart decisions. Ke up the fire @exyle.

I've heard about the Coco movie, but I've not watched it. From what you've said, it looks like a lovely movie. I have to put watching it on my to do list.
Thanks a lot for the update.

also made you mad about crypto blade!

This is wonderful news. This is progress. You guys are awesome. And am so glad you shared this with us @exyle, it makes me feel you see us as part of what you do, and nor just onlookers.
Am glad you celebrated this 'little' success. It's small small successes that combine to give a larger success.
I was reading an article online on celebrating small successes and how it affects the human mind. I found out that celebrating any accomplishment, no matter how small, activates the reward circuitry of our brains. When this pathway is opened some key chemicals are released that give us a feeling of achievement and pride.

In particular, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released which energizes us and gives us a feel-good aura. This chemical enables us not only to get that sweet feeling of reward but also to take action to move toward what triggered it’s release in the first place.

This is the very same substance that gets people hooked on gambling, nicotine and alcohol. So what your celebration of little successes essentially creates is an addiction to progress.

For more on this, you can check out

For the Coco movie, I've not seen it before, but am glad bianca like it, and I guess I'll have to go see it in the cinema with my siblings. Have a good one.

You rocks @exyle ! :D That's a huuuge news ! OMG so many news things for you theses lasts days !

It's pretty insane atm. But feels awesome :). Thank you so much for your support.

Hello @exyle,

From your post today seems to have gone fine for you.

Congrats on getting your first block has witness.

thank you!

Wow. Very nice way to celebrate the achievement. I know @blockbrothers would still come up into the top 50 in no time. Really happy you saw Coco.
I learnt a huge lesson from that movie.
I know what it means to have a family and the movie emphasizes the importance of family and tradition, which is rare in Hollywood these days. It isn't as good as lion king, Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but it is worth your time.
So kudos bro

Yeepie we have a block. I am sure we will get more to verify, afterall are you guys not blockbrothers :) you make the blocks. Haha. The @blockbrothers must top that list. You guys are one of the most deserving. I cant wait to see you guys in the top 50. It would be great.
Good to know that you enjoyed the movie, and for rating lion king as all time knuckles 👊

So glad to hear this news @exyle. You sure deserve that outing with Bianca. Hope the other @blockbrothers had some form of relaxation too. This is really good news for all of us, being that we were privileged to be present when the witness vision started. Kudos guys
For the movie Coco, I learned so much and loved Miguel, such an endearing character. The movie had great colors and imagery. The skeletons got some 3 year Olds around me scared but he later got over it.
The high point of the movie for a Mexican woman sitting close by, was the fact that she got to finally see a movie that portrayed the Mexican culture so beautifully and with so much heart. I guess people from countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil will have a soft spot for this movie.

Awesome movie. Am a big fan of animated movies. When I saw you mention the movie, the feelings just came back. Of course, Coco was not just any movie, it was a heartfelt story of a family with tradition, and sometimes there's nothing more likable than that. It isn't easy to truly care about a group of dead family members to Miguel, but somehow this film managed to do just that. I feel it was probably due to the charisma of young Miguel.

And like you said, Lion king is in another world. It's one of my greatest. It helped give me a childhood to remember.

Am glad you guys got the block, it shows hard work pays. I wish you guys more reasons for celebration.

congrats with your first block... a lot will follow soon... if you're getting close top top 20 make sure you have a backup server in place...

Thanks man! We're working hard on that. Going to have it up and running soon.

Clapping for @blockbrothers. Thats an achievement and i must say that you guys will have more in no time. I can only imagine how happy you were and they were also. What a happy day.
Rounded it up with my best movie. As soon i saw the trailer, i was so happy bcos i have relatives that are hispanics.
When it was released, I saw this film with my family and I honestly did not think it was going to be as good as it was. When an industry takes inspiration from your culture you hope that it does so with dignity and portrayal of the truth. That is exactly what Disney Pixar did. I think everyone can relate to this beautifully told story of family and passion. I think it may have reminded a few of us of aspects of our culture that we may have forgotten. My family bonded more after this. Have a great night.

Yeeii, am so happy @blockbrothers got their first block. I feel good because I feel like am part of what you guys are doing. I feel like my like tiny vote has made a difference no matter how small.
There was no better way to celebrate than to go to the cinemas, and there was no better movie to watch than Coco. I love that movie so much,its surely my best animation after zootopia.
In my own opinion on Coco, very rarely does a movie capture the warm, reassuring feeling of familial love and surely enough, Coco is one of those movies. The film's script may seem familiar and predictable at times and its themes are commonplace in most media but it makes up for it in its execution. The music, culture, and characters feel so alive in a movie about death. The movie also carries the signature breathtaking animation and art direction Pixar is known for. In the end, Coco is a film you, and your family, will very much remember.
Like you said, you and bianca surely had a lovely time, and that's what movies like Coco do.

Glad you passed the first block test! Congratulations to the block brothers!

Fun is good!

Again, thank you, man!

First congratz friend! Then you said animated movies (3D movies) Yeah I also like them, one of my favorite is "Moana" and thanks to you I got a new one to watch :D
I still don't know what this witness thread is exactly do and is there is a way to earn by using it! Hope to hear it from you too!


haha i was expecting some spoiler bro

no man, never from me. I can't stand spoilers.

I'm new and don't understand the whole block thing yet. I just wanted to add that I enjoyed this post, it was very detail filled and I followed along well. Also, I know to take my kids to see that movie now. Basically very well written and I will follow for more well written content thanks.

If you like Pixar, check out Miyazaki movies - Studio Ghibli films. Less technology, maximum imagination adventure!

Thanks! I'll check it out.

The ever Hardworking @exyle, i hail you. Congrats on the achievement. Its a step forward. We celebrate with you and the @blockbrothers. You guys just started and already have a block. I must commend you guys. Glad you kept us updated and thanks for explaining it for us to have an idea. Keep doing more hardwork. It really will pay. Thanks for the update on your witness journey.

Yeeeeei COCO. A favorite. I love that movie. I absolutely loved every minute of this movie, it was so unique and perfectly written to make every culture remember that family is everything!
For those who love music, art, filmmaking, family, or Hispanic culture... get your ass to a theater :)
For now my favorite Disney movie since The Lion King!

Thanks for the "No Spoiler"alert note, I safely proceeded!

Glad you have had such a successful day and I look forward to seeing the show as I am also a big fan of animés.

Namaste :)

That's a great Comment @eric-boucher

Happy for @blockbrothers for the feat. You guys are going places. I pray a lot of steemians support you guys to achieve this vision.
Hmmm. So the day ended with the movies.
Pixar is their best for 2017, lion king always remains a favorite here too :)
Its an Amazing movie.. music will give you goosebumps. Animation is amazing.. overall 11/10.. such a wonderful movie and story. Moving, funny, emotionally gripping and incredibly well made. Pixar's original films are usually excellent and this is no exception. Great to see them back on top of their game after several sub-par (for their standards) efforts.
Cant wait for more blocks.

One of the major reasons i love following you is that you pay attention to little detail and victory. No achievement is worth not celebrating. And you always tell us about them and we are happy about that. I am sure when i meet you eventually, i already know the kind of person you are.
I see you going places. Glad to hear you and bianca spent time together at the movies. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Man, I jumped through the roof! lol
Didn't know I could be so happy with that first block. Awesome to be a part of this endeavour!

lol :). Great job, man.

Once again. Happy for you guys. From one good news to another, to another, to another. This is just the beginning of greater things. You have my full support in everyway possible. Ofcourse the best time to see coco. Amazing movie for all! Faith, dream, friendships and family! Have it all! Have it all!!! Great story!!!! Nothing is more important than family. They are the best.

Kudos to you guys @blockbrothers, you deserve every good news coming your way. You guys have really worked hard and patiently for this,so celebration is on point.
As a lover of animated movies, am glad you chose watching one as a way to celebrate with Bianca, and I know when you get home, you'll still open a bottle of wine to round up the celebration.

Off course I would not have missed watching Coco for anything in the world.I absolutely loved every minute of the movie, it was so unique and perfectly written to make every culture remember that family is everything! The colors, music and story made me fall in love with Mexican culture again! Also this movie is really great for all ages, even though a an adult, I totally enjoyed it. I could pay again to watch it all over.

This is the beginning more good things to come to @blockbrothers and to the steem block chain at large.
hartelijk gefeliciteerd

So nice we can share the same excitement! And your post reminds me I need to go out once in a while...working on it!

Go see this movie with the little one!

I haven't seen that yet! But I will have to soon with my husband! Some of my fam members have seen it and they love it! My family is a huge Disney and Pixar fan!! My sister @gringalicious loves Lion King!! It's one of her favorites!!

I keep running into more family members of @gringalicious :). Nice to meet you. And yes, Lion King is amazing!

Ah yes, my 2 brothers and 3 sisters, mom, dad, my husband, brother in law, Aunt, another Aunt and her 2 sons are on here!! It's a Steemit family lol! Nice to meet you too!

Many blocks will follow. And good you do celebrate succes!
Fun is everything in life!

thank you!

Hope to see you guys in the top 50 witnesses soon :)

@exyle likes Elton John singing the Circle of Life......

Congrats and hope you go a long way with the @blockbrothers and as for the movie it does looks like great !

someday, steemit will pay me an entrance to the cinema, for that reason, I need to work hard here, to be able to grow and in the future to have to buy an entrance for me, and to be able to enjoy the cinema.

Now there is no money to see coco, I want to see it.

I really love this post.. Keep it up

how much steem power gives 1 block to witness? also i know witnesses set some fees for sbd and creation accounts, can you give more details how it works and so on

Congratulations on getting your first block as a witness and also thanks for the movie information.
That will be a good one for my little grandsons and me to see together.

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

Pixar movies are super awesome with real good quality pictures.
A movie with a "9" rating as you scored it. Ought to be really fantastic

seems a fun movie to watch thanks for sharing about this mate :)

Hai boss, you look smart and handsome

A milestone is a milestone indeed, I share your joy.

nice one u hv my upvote

Simple question, is Coco one of the films beter in 3D than in 2D? Mostly I don't like 3D.

perfect way to enjoy the moments like these :)

Congrats!! That must of been so exciting!! And pleaaaaaaaase let us know how Coco was!! Going to see it on Saturday!

cool you doing grate i hope one day be like you
share your influence please xD
have a grate live !!
my 100% upvote and resteem for you
i love that movie here in mexico its a beautiful day

Pixar movies always a good thing to go through. Enjoyed this one. loved it.

Wow. Glad foe you and your crew. You really have been very busy lately. We cant wait for what you have up your sleeves. Glad you crowned the day with COCO. A nice movie i will recommend.
Beautiful movie about family and being yourself no matter what. Cried almost the whole time.
Did bianca cry :)
It was really emotional

i too love the animated movies they are simply the best to watch and that was good one

seems like the movie was great to watch i too need to watch it soon

This is make me so funny when you said as your phone goes to mental, but that's the dramatic story which had happened with you and your business, after that you mention the movie COCO, i had seen the ad but yet never watch, i really attracted to seeing this movie, it also ad as my site So many thanks dear for info @exyle

Pixar movies are always on top class level would love to see this one

Congrats! I am happy for you too ;)

your way of creating or design blog is amazing ..there are some gif ,,,proper heading ,,pictures ....very nice way of styling and also the content is much better...thanks for such post

that was really a joy to watch the first block as a witness for sure the little things matters the most in life :)

That's a huge joy when you would have seen that happening :)

bravo ! cheers!

i don't know how it comes and happens but seems fun after a lot of hard work and patience it a joy to be remember forever

Fantastic bro, keep it up!

the animations on that is incredible and watching that in 3d is quite cool anyways congratulations on your first block success many more to come
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Watch online here
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i like that cute child ,holding guitar with awesome facial expressions

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