Brazilian hotdogs are insane!

in life •  2 months ago


Yes! This is the face of a happy person that is almost done consuming a Brazilian hotdog!

Let me explain.

In the Netherland or any other place in the world I have been a hotdog is a sausage on a bun.

It's just a nice little snack, maybe with some ketchup, mustard or sauerkraut.

But not for Brazilians.

No, they have taken the concept and went nuclear with it.

Just look at the size of this thing, it's a small planet!



Not only is it filled with sausage there is also room for bacon, potato chips, cheese, pickles and who knows what not.

It also comes with many different sauces you can put on.

And for about $3 it's a real steal!

It was great! I loved it.

I does make me wonder how people stay thin here :)

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Hey @exyle it's fun to watch you explore Brazil but many of us really miss your crypto and Steem analysis.

I for one am getting stupider by the day without them!

C'mon man at least one a week!


i agree i am also one who love crypto analysis of exyle i believe in his presictions and believe me his predictions and analysis are very abvious and 100% right ... i surely miss them




yeah, we miss the early morning videos, have them back




yeah watched it 😍 Thanks

The "problem" with Brazil is that it is like being in another planet. We are the biggest tropical country in the world and with lots of fertile soil. That is why food here is so cheap and diversified.

Brazil is a new reality and a new planet. But not a dry, lifeless and infertile one like Mars, but just the opposite!

We are destined to become a new India with billions of inhabitants.


I think Brazil has major potential. Indeed good weather and soil for crops but also plenty of other resources.


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I does make me wonder how people stay thin here :)

They play soccer 16 hours a day!

Dear friend, you would be surprised to see here, in my beloved Venezuela, what we call hot dogs and hamburgers.

I present to you your famous hamburger called la diabla, they make it more than anything in the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela

And this is what we call a hot dog, and it can be much bigger and with many more ingredients.
I think that here in Venezuela you would be very happy eating food at street cars.

That is crazy! It looks delicious though! My wife cuts her turkey dogs like that sometimes and puts them in a hamburger bun to eat. She usually just has them plain though. I wouldn't have believed that thing was as big as your hand if you hadn't posted the picture!

Yum!!! That looks like it is worth the flight!!!!


Haha! Need to eat plenty of those to justify the flight! lol.


Challenge Accepted!! :-)

I don't think they eat like they are on holiday every day and they work hard so they work off their food. I could never go on an extended holiday to Brazil because I would come back 100 pounds heavier than when I arrived! I wouldn't be able to say no to all the great food!

Yep.. In Latin America everything is spiced up in one way or another! They do similiar things to boring American foods in Mexico.


Yeah, they certainly spice things up here!

that ain't no hot dog...its a fully grown adult sandwich !!


HAHA! I tend to agree with you.

Whoa! That is definitely a meal. It looks delicious!


It was great. It's like they supersize many things here :)

Ah $3. Back to the bargain food @exyle. 😁

Potato chips in a hot dog seems a bit random. Mind you. I have been known to eat crisp sandwiches so maybe not! 😂


The crunch is nice!

Haha! Soooooo good to be on vacations! if you think logically about it hot dogs do not make any sense at all. This proves art is above logic. Enjoying hot dogs are one of the great parts of being alive! It's like a bumble bee and is it even so! Hahaha! #life #fun

@exyle I'm portuguese but I live in Brazil since 2004 and I love Brazilian hotdogs and other sandwiches like hamburgers with special and exotic inputs like various sauces, ships known as "batata palha" onion circles, pickles, corn, peas and meat stuffing.
I love this country I still in holidays

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wow! You have been living here for a while. I sure wish I could take some of the food choices here back home.

That looks delicious and plentiful, @exyle! You have the face of a child who has committed a great mischief. Hahaha. You look very happy!! Your face is the best publicity for that hot dog. Every time I say, "I'm glad you're in the gym. Beautiful afternoon.


Haha, it sure was delicious!

Hi exyle. I love your corner as it is always full of food. like you I love my food and the only way to travel is to try new things. Still would have given that creamy avocado drink a miss though lol.


That creamy avocado drink is infact extremely delicious. If you like milkshake you will like it.

Wow..the Brazilian hot dog looks like a sandwich I can buy at Subways. With all those ingredients and sauces it must taste heavenly. Am sure you really enjoyed it...keep having fun on your Brazil holiday :)

Lol this can’t be called hotdog anymore. Not even a burger 🍔. It’s combination of hot dog 🌭 and burger 🍔 with potato chips as an addition. Nuclear hotdog/burger might be the right call. You really seem happy though.


Very happy!

Not just in Brazil, in other countries in southamerica we have hotdogs like that. I always thought that the hotdogs featured in movies (like movies from usa) were lame hahahaha

because they dance a lot

Well looks really delicious and whatever one need is in there ;)

Your face seems to be very Happy. I know that expression!

that looks like a hamburger here in my country hot dogs are different, but even looks delicious I love eating junk foods hehe

A delicious food.

Even if you won the lottery you wouldn't look this happy :)

Stuffing in it looking tasty and mouthwatering ,your face is telling us how tasty it is .

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Who doesn't like a good wurst? No matter where it's made at or of.

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Someone looks very happy to have tried that Brazilian hot dog haha you should one day try the hot dogs that make in my country! You will be delighted and especially want to eat more often ;)

brazil is getting amazing day by day as tourist and travelers are giving us pictures and showing us the beauty of brazil like you have shown 😉

Wow really it's looking gorgeous testy and yummy food that made me hungry now. Very nice to see you are enjoying lot's in Brazil , when will you be back in Netherlands?

Never tried that would be something to eat up on my wishlist ;)

There is nothing vs yammy food. am i right sir .?

We see you eating and drinking but your face is getting smaller.
It must be the heat!

LOL size of a small it. And man that looks tasty!