A Brazilian haircut nightmare..or not?

in life •  3 months ago


So this is me this morning.

Pretty normal like probably most of you know me.

I was picked up this morning by Monica's brother + son and her dad to go get a haircut.

Arriving at the place on time we had to wait 45 minutes for the hairdresser to show up.

After being here for a while I sort of gotten used to the waiting :)

Bianca's dad and the kid where up first and then it was my turn.

He asked me what I wanted...

So I showed a picture with instruction that was given to me by Bianca.


The guy lid up like a Christmas tree!

MUITO BONITO!! he screamed...

I sort of should have known I would be in trouble..

He went to work and within 3 seconds he shaved the sides of my head to millimetres with a trimmer.

By now I had already given up hope. Accepting my faith instantly...

Monica's dad and brother looked in horror....

He continued shaving and cutting and shaving and cutting...

It never seemed to end.

But somehow something started to appear from the darkness...

A new me...

Still in shock..


I paid the man $10 for all his work.

My beard was still untrimmed so they took me to the next place.

A barbershop.

Just the sight of empty beer bottles settled my nerves a bit.

They trimmed my beard to perfection and even used a single razorblade to shave the outsides (never had that before).


And here you have it.

The new me for a while.

Tbh. I still don't know what to make of it.

Give me hope :)


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It looks good....besides....

Any man who has a full head of hair with no thinning should never ever complain!


That's true!

Top notch! You should keep it that way. I love my hair real short at the sides!


Cool! thanks! It is sort of refreshing :)


I always notice the breeze at the sides!


Top notch! You should keep
It that way. I love my hair
Real short at the sides!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The new me for 2 weeks lol!

It looks better Exyle!

Lookin sharp man! Improved you!



Dear @exyle, wow, Bianca must take care of you, because you are very handsome, so for the wedding, do not lose sight of yourself, so that no Brazilian lady can look at you, hahaha, you look very good, you should keep it that way For a long time You see yourself still Younger Enjoy your new image

IMHO, it looks great!

You look strangely nice. At first I thought he had given you a mohwak, but this is good. It looks neat but it is definitely not star striking. Change is good. Enjoy it


Strangely nice, lol!

Wow, @exyle! In my country they would tell you: How beautiful you look, papacito. hahahaha. The cut was very good for you. You are you, but improved. It doesn't mean you didn't look good before, but now you look more modern and even younger. A very well invested money! I'm sure Bianca will want to dance with you all night. Good luck!


Modern and younger....I guess that's a good! Thanks!

It actually looks very suave @exyle. With your suit you'll look like a city gent!

I think it will be perfect for the wedding. Have fun!


Enjoy it while it lasts lol.

Looking good man! And I will say I am very envious of your hair...lol :)


Thanks man!


You are welcome!! :)

Lol, but if you look even younger, I could say, the haircut was really good for you.

I tell you what happened to me last weekend, I went to the barber, I paid at the beginning, I sat down and waited, I told him about the cut he wanted and the guy says: "Yeah, i got it"
After his words began to talk with another guy and did not see what he was doing, he shaved me in the center of the head ruining everything.

I'm still getting used to having my head shaved.


O man! That is unfortunate. Did he charge you?

Hi @exyle, your second look is nice as compared with first look. It is my experience that we should not try more than one hairdresser. We should not take risk of this. For last many years i have only one hairdresser, and i choose the timing when they became free. What do you think one hairdresser for many years.

You stole my hair cut style and swag haha jk :)

Hi exyle. Give me hope you say? Bianca is transforming you lol.



Mark @exyle if you Drink enough Beers It doesn't matter what you think about your Haircut and Beard Trim............Dos Cervesa's Por Favor......


Trinta cerveja's por favor :)

Wow! You look like a new man! So, what does Bianca think? I think you should keep the new look!

Well don't you clean up well :)

I died laughing with,

MUITO BONITO!! he screamed...


We're from Canada, but residing in Mexico, and my husband goes to the barber, gets a great cut, warm towel, straight razor shave ... face, around the ears, perfect sideburns ... all for about $3. I know that barbaring (that's not a word is it? haha) is the new thing, but back in Vancouver, that kind of treatment would run upwards of $40-50 big ones!

The new look really does look great!


Yes! Barbering is also very expensive in the Netherlands. Here it's ok!

Your posts are so unique.
Thanks for sharing.
You look really good.
I do not understand you have to go another place for your beard.
This is the Brazilian look.
Have a good weekend.
Keep on postin’

Honestly, I think it looks great! I actually have similar haircut. Very short sides (not as short as @meesterboom) and a bit longer top (not as long as @meesterboom) lol. It’s very practical for me. I’m sure you get used to it very quickly.


I'll try it for a few weeks :)

Esse estilo caribenho se encaixa muito bem. Uma saudação

I think the haircut did gave you a fresh cleaner look. It’s a great look I think. I’m sure you’re family is happy for you.

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I think you look sharper to be honest

That hair and beard cut is looking good..no doubt and no lie. Have fun at Monica's wedding :)

So... As @englishtchrivy asked on Weku today, is this you or a copycat? So far this Steemit clone seems like a good place for plagiarism!

Wow must say that haircut is quite amazing one looks a great change for you :)

Looks like they did a great job. I have always wanted to get a shave at a barber shop, but I am too scared. :)

You look awesome and I know Bianca must love it...she chose a perfect cut for you :)