Vlog 255: Steemit 2 year anniversary + Steemblockexplorer

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I think today or this week is the two year anniversary of Steemit (March 2016).

Congratulations to everyone involved!


Steemblockexplorer will show you that every 3 seconds a block is produced on the steem blockchain and what is in it. (make sure you press auto update on the top left).

It was made by user: @PenguinPablo

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 09.24.28.png

There 86400 seconds in a day / 3 = 28800 blocks a day.

Let's say that on average 50 transactions are in a block = 1.4- 1.5 million transactions per day.

And according to Blocktivity the record is currently 2 million in a day.

Pretty cool stuff.

In my vlog I refer to a post about communities. This the link:

This is the post resteemed by @andrarchy (Content Director for Steemit) and written by user @dannyzen I refer to in the video: https://steemit.com/steem/@dannyzen/steem-update-communities-are-coming

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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You are correct the first block was mined today!


I'm subscriber number 266,748, July 2017.
Many new subscribers.
Wow Steem 7 cents!
It's still cheap compared to $8.

Waaooo if today is the 2 year anniversary of Steemit then iam very very happy with that because today is my Birthday Also,waao So me and Steemit sharing same Birthday 🤓🤓

Happy 2 Years to you Mark. @exyle it would be neat to see everyone go over to STEEMd and post what your account number is so we can see how much STEEMIT has Grown...................I was # 47,336

Being active proves the vitality and strength of the blockchain. I love it here.

Happy 2 year's of steemit. I feel happy I have joined in it. Though it is late. I know many things and still knowing a lot. Thanks a lot that you added Steemblockexplorer. Thanks to @PenguinPablo for making it. Special thanks to you for continuously helping by update, news and sharing each small happiness of life.

Sir @exyle is the best :)

Congratulation to steemit and all members. I am glad I am part of this record breaking event. Happy anniversary many more years of success to come.

happy two years on steem blockchain that is awesome congratulation :)

wow,two years celebration.congratulation to know for all steemians and steemit.steemit is the great platform in the world for all country people good comunication together.its giving alots of facility for all steemians and earn to helped doing more money.but you are a success man of steemit. really steemit is the good opportunity for all people.so, congratulation steemit anniversary for only two years.thanks sir best of luck and thanks your good information..@exyle

8B9F72EF-9464-4832-BB5D-4A1F7CD54894.pngHey cool you’ve got that sweat top on again. From certain angles the string makes it look like you’ve got a priests collar on. Very saintly.

o lol! I never realised!

You are right @kus-knee. It really does! 😂

Wowww 1.5 million transaction per day, its a splendid achievement for steemit. And yes ita Steemit birthday today and we all are excited and happy. Its growing like bacteria and its unstoppable. Its gonna change the history in the currency's world.

Happy Anniversary, Steemit!!!! Long live Steemit! May Steemit live for a thousand years. Haha!

I think the success of Steemit comes from witnesses selflessly mining blocks on the blockchain so that users can do activities in the platform, upvoting commenting and so forth. This makes sure that the transactions can be transacted efficiently. Upvoted!

Really exciting! Seems we are already ready for the future. Thanks for update... Love to see the steemblockchain at the end of the next 2 years... :)

Your vlogs and dtube videos has been a revelation, it's 255 already and I can't even have enough,
Your witness responsibility have been a success in this platform, and your cooking and grilling session too have been what I look forward to

Happy steemit anniversary my friend, and well the blockchain has been so amazing so far

That's interesting watching the blocks coming in @exyle. Not sure it means much to me but it's fun to see. 😊

What a coincidence. My one year Steemit birthday is also today!!!

O Wow man! That's is pretty special!

Oh yes, happy anniversary :)
It's still so young but has a huge impact.
Let's work together to make this community to the best the world has ever seen :D

I am so in two minds about communities but it is good to get an update of sorts!

Wonderful time just flies away this is so amazing to see many more years to come cheers to steem :D

Happy birthday to all steemians! there are a lot of exciting updates coming soon which are just what we need as a birthday present :)

Has it already been two years? Time flies just too fast.
I haven't even noticed. Congrats, I guess :d
But why do I think it's only the beginning... Like the party hasn't even started yet.

Happy birthday to steemit

Nice. Happy anniversary @steemit. Here is to Steemit taking over the internet.

Happy anniversary to steemit and to all steemians. I am happy to be part of this. Thanks @exyle

Woooh happy anniversary more sucess to come

I'm not even a year old steemians I wish to find steemit at least a year ago as i love it.

Happy to know that today is anniversary of steemit. In 2 years steemit make huge users .
Congratulation to all user special you @exyle.

Congrats to Steemit for its 2nd birthday and to all of us for being here! Best wishes to Steemit for the future! :)

Nice update you shared today two awesome years yay many more to come cheers to that

Happy anniversary to all of us!

The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

Its a moment of celebration..happy 2nd anniversary.thanks for this @exyle

That is cool news to here steemit anniversary is around the corner. @exyle if its possible u create a trend for the fourthcoming aniversary for we all to participate. I would defintely join in that trend @exyle

Congratulation of your two year on steemit more year to come and continue to blog and more steemit reward for life @exyle

Wow... Steemit is 2years... I just wish I've joined earlier

Ookkaaay 2 years is 2 good!

friend @exyle thank you for remembering this date regards my dear

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

big congratulations to everyone who is celebrating two year anniversary on steemit you were the first people who believed and made this steemit the best

Woah two years celebration. Happy birthday to steemit😉 and steemians too. This platform brought people from different parts of world together.

I am so happy to be part of this celebration.

So glad to be a part of this platform before Steemit turned 2. Can't wait to see what the future of Steemit holds for us all

I'm glad to be part of this wonderful community
Happy 2 years to you @exyle and may the steemit community keep on going forward for a 100 year


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Congratulation Steemit :)

Happy 2nd years from to many to come

Happy anniversary!

Happy 2 years Steemit!

I wish you and all my memory beautiful and every year and you are really fine my beautiful memory I have improved my friend
تنزيل (2).jpg

Happy anniversary Steem
2 years down the line, my life has been transformed positively courtesy of Steem.

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