Vlog 227: Steem listed on GOPAX (korean exchange) + Alexa Ranking #991

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STEEM and SBD are now listed and traded on yet another exchange called GOPAX. here.

GOPAX is a Korean exchange.

This is great news for the steem blockchain.

The more places you can buy and trade steem tokens the more confidence this creates in the blockchain because you will always be able to trade (buy and sell) your steem tokens somewhere.

It's also another sign that the steem blockchain is growing.

This growth also comes back in the Alexa ranking. here.

Yesterday we were ranked #1000, today it's already #991.

The STEEM price has come down a bit, but so have all the other markets.

Prices of crypto are still so closely connected in the crypto space.

What's important to me though is that the STEEM price at the moment is still more than high enough to sustain the development of the Blockchain through monetization by third parties and also to reward content creators.

Or in other words, sustain growth.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Wow! We're on rank 1002 when I wrote about it only two days ago! Steemit is Amazing! Thanks for sharing the good news.

Excellent video!!

The small things really do matter :-)

Steem is starting to power up and I was reading earlier about the new music platform which looks exciting too.

Thank you so much sir , I like your post @exyle i love you.

Steem is making headway. More exchange means a lot but the positive part more access and more steemians to hold steem.
Steem price is very appealing cause it is common for crypto volatility.
We all loved it when steem were $8 so we should embrace steem at $3+. Now a lot of new steemians and traders, the price has no other option
All the way up
Keep on steemin'

Well that explains why there was a "green candle" everyone was talking about this morning. Seems the news hadn't broken then as no-one knew what had caused it. What I didn't understand though was why the value of my account had gone down significantly overnight? It seems I still am not really understanding this stuff very well. 😢 😁

The value of your account is based on the average STEEM price of 3.5 days. When STEEM goes down in value your account value follows after a while. This also works the other way around which admittedly is more fun :)

Ah. I see. I was thinking it was in real time. Is that the same with payments? Are they also based on an average of 3.5 days?

Yes, they are. That's why they have gone down a bit in the last couple of days.

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God Bless you.

It’s a great news that Steem has been added on more exchanges. It’s a pure indication that Steem is future currency. I am excited about the many developments in Steem blockchain.

It's really time for a bounce and higher volumes! These low Steem volumes are making me nervous. Let's hope for a Korean push!

Yes, the more exchanges the better!! I would like to see STEEM and SBD get added to a non Korean exchange though. Already over 80% of all volume comes through one Korean exchange, so I would like to see that level out!! At what price would development start be be held up? Thanks for the post!!

I'm so glad to see STEEM goes in Korean exchanges, as I consider Korea a crypto nation, they are really great people when it comes to crypto.
That makes me feel optimistic about steem future :)

The blockchain of steem deserves to get attention from all people it doesn't take more than 3 seconds in a transaction.

For Alexa Ranking, This is amazing and I see this is just the beginning
STEEM stats on Alexa will be higher than Reddit and Blogger soon.

Thank you @exyle for sharing this info with us, really appreciate that :)

Steem has some " addiction factor" like Facebook did . once you started blog and "earn"some Steem you will most likely come back and try it again.
Alexa Rank is a good indicator for it

Great news that shows growth for Steem. I agree, the small things do matter. Prices will be volatile for some time and that is fine. You just have to deal whit it. Long term there is nothing to worry about, of course if you believe in this platform.

@exyle now this is very exciting news and more exchanges creates liquidity in the market place which is good for any crypto currency. I feel good about the recent pullback in price and am looking at it as an opportunity to buy more STEEM.

The new announcement of the government of South Korea in the prohibition of cryptocurrencies in their country, caused the cryptocurrencies to fall to around 10% today the BTC had a rise of 2% while the steem does it in the order of 5% , very good things are happening around the steem, the new platforms of exchanges and positioning among the 1000 most valued platforms in the world.
Thank you very much dear friend @exyle for sharing this information
I wish you a beautiful weekend

My daily dose of rational enthusiasm. Thank you.

Thank you!

991? It rose from top 2000 to top 1,000 and now this...Fantastic!!!
We heading somewhere
Steem keep soaring higher

As I'm a najamsultan and need your support to grow on this platform :)
if you have some time, give a visit to my profile and show me some support :)
God Bless you.

Growth is good, but endurance is still required to earn new Steem. If new people can afford to buy Steem, they will enjoy the growth. It they must earn it, it will be a long race for them.

wow two good news once again steem got listed this is the main reason for the boost up in the prices i guess today and the alexa ranking is going great :)

More great news for Steem! The more exchanges we get listed on the more people hear about us and are inclined to come check it out. I feel like it adds legitimacy to steemit as well every time it gets listed on a new exchange. The more people see it the less of a risk it is.

I wake up with this good news thank you @exyle


It's been a long time since I have converted Steem/Sbd to fiat I am powering up whatever I am earning from blogging. So it's a great news to hear. Cheers!!

Wooahhhh.. We keep climbing and climbing..really good news.. I envisage the steem blockchain becoming one of the strongest in the future.

Excellent video friend and i am so happy to hear that gopax listed steem and all these developments and existence of more and more new exchanges proves that steem has bright future ahead and it also give more strength to steem blockchain, all such new prominent exchanges will catch more investor's and trader's, so it directly beneficial for whole steem community, thanks for sharing your knowledge and information with us friend, Stay blessed

very excellen post @exyle

This is really good news for steem blokchain. Even though I was disappointed with the price of sbd for several days but this news has encouraged me.The news of steem and sbd being listed with gOPAX Korean Exchanges will be very inspirational for new steemians like me

This is indeed very good news, you see already the volume is going up enormous. After several weeks with negative information, it is good to know and follow this Korean "explosion". Hope many will follow !!

this is a very good information of steem blockchain..but i am very frustrated this time.because steem sbd prize up and down for some days.i am new joined to steemit of some days ago.i have no idea this matter.but your post always helped me alot of new thing learning.i am inspired of my work to see your post.this time i read your post. i am alot of learning korean exchange of alexa ranking matter.thank u very much for ur good post.i am appreciate of your post.. @exyle

Thanks for sharing this new I a good step for currency and blockchain keep informing

Thank's for the great news.I have voted you as witness.Hope steem will go up soon and this gives us more confidence.Thank's for the post.@upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for sharing this useful information

I'm glad Steem is becoming a mainstream coin


Yes, it is a great new though! and I want to congrats all my steem fellows on this great success.
Hopefully, we will keep growing like this.

wow very excellen post

STEEM and SBD are now listed and traded on yet another exchange called GOPAX.

Great news! @exyle
Atleast I have more gist for my meet up, to make my audience more convinced...
I strongly believe that steem will rise up as usual and put smile on faces, I guess this is the right time 2 get more steem! Off I go

I'm new here. Join steemit last month. Pls i need to know how it's done.
Great news @exyle

Thanks for giving information us about what we don't know we are very thankful to you guys you are very very intelligent and knowing better the way what is right path. We are farwording with you guys follows u always and learn good and new things.

It's good to know that Asian crypto is calming down abit.

The price of STEEM has come down more than "a little bit".
A few days ago, you were impressed as STEEM rose from 4.40 to 4.50.
Now you see it as a sign of strength that the price has fallen by 20% in the past 2 days?
I think a sign of strength would be a GAIN of 20%. Big losses like this aren't insignificant. You're saying you are happy and excited, but I think you would be actually happy and excited if the price wasn't crashing.

the Koreans are going to buy steem like there is no tomorrow :))

Wow thats great news all coins dad becouse btc is not stable and i think steem and sbd will go up news is big lets see

This also on a Korean exchange is even a bigger news for the blockchain. The market has bleeder badly the last few days but am sure market corrections will hit soon. Cheers man.

Niceee! Lets go. I love to see Steem on another exchange. I've been telling my friends you don't want to miss the boat on the next big social channel. Good find and share @exyle

useful information. i support you.

your too god 8 spots is what it do!

great post.. thanks for your postsharing..

Thanks a lot for introducing us Gopax.It is
my new experience.
Thanks @exyle.
@resteem & follow done.

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Is he?! haha


6 figures is insane for this guy on YouTube, no matter how 'huge' he is :)

What's the account name again?

I suppose if he curates well, the time limit to reach 1,000,000 would reduce exponentially, but it's still a big ask.

I'm keen on dlive, especially when upload speeds and costs aren't an issue when you are mobile - it could be a few years until then but I think that could make dlive explode.

Have a good day man!

Great to hear good news today now Lets see if we can get into a green market.

Great content like always UPVOTED & RESTEEMED!!

Kind regards,

Nice video

Nice positive updates for the day despite the dip in Steem’s price. Thank you!

Hi Gopax, I just put together a Web 3.0 Social platform rank list,

Ranked by alexa stats and google trends all projects I could find that exist or have existed so far. Projects based on Web 3.0 Social Platforms only, would be nice if you take a look :)


Good news but still frustrating that the STEEM price is still so highly linked to the general crypto market. Hopefully the fiat to STEM gateway that @jerrybanfield is building will go some way to un-tethering us from the BTC price


This is a really good news for steemians. The more platform we have the better. This is a good intro into the Korean market, very soon the rank would move from 991 to the 500s. Thanks for the info

korean exchanges are really pumping up the prices in the volume just saw the volume chart KRW/steem on top

Good post

Did I step on shit? Oh shit!

This is an exciting news, there are a lot of people over here who don't know steem. With this kinds of positive moves i am sure our future has positive potentials. Thanks.

Excellent update this is super fun the korean exchanges are really loving the steem the most nice to see steem is rallying back up into the game and steemit along the way making it to the top in worldwide status :D

dear @exyle your good post...
i like your all post...
I look forward to every one of your #post..thank you so very much for #sharing..

That's fantastic news. I've a big smile on my face because it's amazing to hear so much progress about that platform on which I have trust.
Hopefully within months, we'll be ranked among top 500.

Wow. Thanks for sharing such kind of good news. It is amazing.

Yesssaa!! STEEM and SBD traded on another Korean exchange and Steemit had jumped 8 spots to #991. These types of news will motivate me to keep going with my blogs even as they are worth pennies because I know in the future it will be paid off. Upvoted!

in between when market is down this is a great news for all of us who hold steem specially we have gold in our hand to be honest one of the wise thing ever

Thanks for the great news for the new exange Friend. For sustainable development we have to adjust ourselves in every walk of life, so that we can enjoy our journey with properly and productively.Thanks

steem is really shining in this crypto market today good and positive news coming very happy to start the day on a positive note

Another positive step in the right direction for the currency and the blockchain.

thank you I really like the information about steemit you have a lot to give us the news.

For us, early addopters, we only need to think about the prespective that STEEM price will be higher than $100 ina near future, if people are trying to get a good ROI with a smaller risk, STEEM is probably the best coin/project to go for it.

That guy with 5M subs on Youtube is a huge example of what is happening in that platform, and DTube and all of us will be very grateful when all of this big guys start migrating to our dear platform.

Well that is a very big news for all of us !A great addition to the Steem Blockchain !

Woot Woot !! Sounds like we are making progress. Thankyou @exyle for this Update.

Cheers to all of us here at Steemit 😊

upvote follow bunny.gif

These are excellent news for the platform, it is noticeable that every time is generating more confidence in this chain of blocks and these are positive results, in the last days the price of steem has been declining however it is still profitable to maintain the platform with your current price as you indicated, but as we all know at any time you can raise your price again.

Good news for korean @exyle

good post

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Thank You! ⚜

Great news!

As I'm a najamsultan and need your support to grow on this platform :)
if you have some time, give a visit to my profile and show me some support :)
God Bless you.

It just a matter of time steem and SBD will be in the ranks of eth and btc, so so positive about about the steemit blockchain. Another great news

That is awesome news!

Thanks for the share.
Great news! Grow grow grow. Strength strength strength!

Seems SBD is not on many exchanges. No surprise, compared to Steem, but would be great to see it more available.

It's also another sign that the steem blockchain is growing.

It was great to learn in this post, that STEEM/SBD are listed on another exchange. I popped over to take a look; and it made me smile to see it was comfortably seated in the top 20.

As always, thanks @exyle for your valued perspective.


Excellent video
i hope guys if we can make some support for this a broken memeber who just joind steemit

Great news for Steemit!

Great news for Steemit!

Great news for Steemit!

Great news for Steemit!

I think all of the exchanges will add steem because it is so widely exchanged. It is only a matter of time. I am resposting this good news and thanks.

hi friends steemians, I am newcomer from Nanggroe aceh darussalam NAD is the most western tip of indonesia, best regards and compact greeting always .. thank you

Great news for Steem! The more exchanges we get listed on the more people hear about us and are inclined to come check it out.Fabulous to grow.

Thanks for the info. I have been looking for an exchange. Hitbtc, Poloniex is not taking them from an outside wallet.

This is good news @exyle ..Now my SP is just 15..is it advisable to purchase atleast 100 steem power by using the 'fiat currency' to increase it? Because I think it will take few months to reach 100SP.

I know it the price would be unpredictable..But wouldn't it be helpful for me to grow here?

Excellent video . very helpful . Thanks mate :)

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