GOPAX Announcement: STEEM and SBD are now listed!

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We are excited to announce the listing of STEEM/KRW and SBD/KRW trading pairs on GOPAX! GOPAX is a fast and reliable technology-centric cryptocurrency exchange. For the Korean version of this post, please go here.


GOPAX (Global Online Professional Assets Exchange) was launched in November 2017 by Streami, Inc. - the first blockchain firm in Korea to be backed by a major bank (Shinhan Bank).

Since its launch, GOPAX has grown exponentially and is now one of the top 4 Korean exchanges and ranks in the top 20 worldwide.

The GOPAX team are staunch advocates of Steem, so be sure to check out their account @gopax-insight. Also, visit their official account @gopaxkr where they have announced a "Promote Campaign with GOPAX" contest.

The contest starts today (2/21/2018) and will end on 2/27/2018. Users of can participate by uploading creative one-liners aimed at explaining the website.

The winning one-liner will be used for a screen door advertisement in 12 subway stations in downtown Seoul. The winner will be awarded 50 Steem Dollars!

Results will be published on the GOPAX official page @gopaxkr on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

For more information, please visit:

About Steem

Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform that helps entrepreneurs monetize their website and grow their communities. By providing a scalable blockchain protocol for storing publicly accessible and immutable content, along with a fast and fee-less digital token (called STEEM) the Steem blockchain empowers people to earn the token by using their brain (what is called “Proof-of-Brain”). More information can be found in the Steem Bluepaper.

In 2018, the Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) protocol will be presented to the community which may choose to add it to Steem. SMTs will allow entrepreneurs and community builders to launch their own customized Proof-of-Brain tokens with real-time fee-less transfers on the Steem blockchain. Along with built-in smart contracts that enable entirely new fundraising opportunities, SMTs will allow anyone to monetize their platform and bootstrap the value of their coin by leveraging all the lessons learned from STEEM and More details can be found in the SMT Whitepaper.

For more information, please visit:

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Let the rally begin! Looks like the Binance listing of Steem pairs caught the attention of many competing exchanges. I expect Steem and SBD listings on Bithumb sometime this year!

Doing anything with perfection is like wearing an impeccable suit the best way to make a great impression. Well done Steem team you are make a great impression.

This is great news for Steem,Steem and SBD to the moon soon.I like the new way @steemitblog is consistently updating the community.

This is great news for Steemit as i have realised the Korea influences the crypto market a lot! This will greatly help Steemit.

As a side note,a few days ago one of the leaders of #promo-steem @anarcotech posted of a crptocurency show that will happen in April in London and he had said it would be awesome if @ned represented at the show.

I personally promised to talk about that post if @steemitblog posts(which am doing now!).You can check out my comment is the first on top of that post and am now fulfilling my promise if @ned or any Steemit Inc could look at that post and see if they could attend.
You can see the link here below

Last time we added a Korean exchange we saw a pretty big pump. Looking forward to seeing what this one does to the price of Steem.


Maybe when good one-liner will be added, than money will flow faster through :)


@aggroed that is absolutely right! Good point you brought! Korean exchanges are experts in making crypto to the highest highs!

Regards, @gold84


We'll see. raise hope.


Nothing so far! Might take a week.


I'm hoping the same but I went there and found it's all Korean.
Too bad for the rest of us who does not understand the language.


It's always good to have an extra door for getting in and out, but ultimately it will be the sentiment in the crypto markets that will cause prices to rise or fall. If Steem is a solid ship it will rise with the rising tide. All initial pumps will find a base, and the solid ships will rise again while the leaky ones will sink. But I know you know all this @aggroed, I just wanted to make it clear for the less experienced :).

Nice, we definitely need more exchanges to list STEEM, get the trading volume up

This is a great news for all steemians. The steem blockchain is breaking grounds.With the introduction of SMT into the steem blockchain I see a lot of investors trooping in. This in turn will spike the price of steem.

Its really nice information. It encouragment for the steemit community. We all are steemit family members and hope it will grow more and sustain. Thanks for sharing.

This is awesome. Next stop coinbase! hahaha. is an excellent option to make transactions and facilitates the exit of money in Steemit ..
good option to make currency exchange ... gopax came to stay .. :-)

This is great news! Getting more Korean investors could really benefit Steem, so it's great to see a Korean exchange list both Steem and SBD.

And thanks for sharing this news with us, @steemitblog. It really seems like you guys are doing better when it comes to interacting with the community and keeping us updated, which is something we all really appreciate!

@steemitblog thanks for keeping your promise by keeping us updated on things. This is good news not just for Koreans but for all steemians around the word. Now let me check out that contest.

Wow! I saw the Korean version first and was just hoping for a translation. This is great great news! I'd be sure to enter the contest. Anything I can do to help the steem blockchain 💪🏾.


Haha, I was kind of surprised to see a post by @steemitblog in Korean myself, but luckily saw that they also had one in English.


But I'm looking forward to seeing your entry in their competition my friend lol ;-)
This is my entry....적용된 스팀잇이라는 멋진 커뮤니티를 ;-) no copying lol


You might want to go over to their page before you decide to enter mate ! ;-)

Gireaaat news, people. I think this week is definitely great news week from the steem developers. I see you're already holding your end of keeping us updated on things. That's awesome, guys.

Will defined check out the contest. Wouldn't mind my line being all over Seoul. If I can't go myself, then maybe my words should go before me.

This is another great news. First it was making it to Top 1000 list.
Now steem and sbd has been added to another exchange. This makes me so many happy regardess of the fact so many cryptocurencies (bitcoin, steem, sbd and others) are at dip.
There's still something to be happy about.


It's good to focus on the positive, @levitated-mind :) The reds in the market will be green again soon, so we should rather focus on the good stuff until we go green again!


Yes, i'm very optimistic about the future of cryptocurencies and steemit, so i'm not bothered.
Thank you @valth

This is great to see the stronghold of steem taking place in the korean community. The SK markets are full of avid traders and when a coin catches, its like a wild fire that can’t be stopped.

Question for @gopaxkr does the one liner need to be in korean, or is English okay?

Awesome! The more exchanges steem is listed on the better.
Steem to the moon!


Yeah, more exchanges is never a bad thing!

There we go! The more exchanges adopt Steem, the better for the entire ecosystem! By the position of the "kr" tag, it seems the Korean community is highly active, so this will definitely improve their experience with the ecosystem, being able to use a local exchange for Steem. Great news!

This is a good news. The future we have been waiting for is finally here.

That is some dope good news, tired of just few exchanges for Steem/SBD...


yes I more agree with your opinion

The listing of STEEM and SBD on GOPAX is another significant exploit which deserves to be celebrated. Everyday we wake up to good news about the Steem blog chain. I am optimistic that this will never stop. We will continue to soar and soar to lofty heights.

Gopax... Listing steem and sbd there will make them more stronger and increase reachability to more people around the world. I love it @steemitblog for these kind of informations updated frequently and make us aware about what's going on with steem related things.

I use Gopax... WOW!!! For me this is really a great news specially. I love it.

This usually makes a coin jump.
Not today.
Not for STEEM/SBD.

After nothing was announced for Binance I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be the new norm for the Steemit team on releasing updates and am starting to look forward to what the future holds.

More great news, it keeps on coming ! Would even better news if I could read Korean...I'll keep watching the winter olympics and see what I can pick up !

So good to see steem enlisted on more and more exchanges....

Great news @steemitblog and @ned ! As you mentioned in the updates post about the steem blockchain days ago, more exchanges will be added, and here is the first one.

Regards, @gold84

STEEM and SBD to the moon! I don't think any country has adopted crypto currency with as much enthusiasm as South Korea. This is huge.

This is amazing news! I think we all do remember what happened when SBD and Steem was listed on Ubit... We have a bright future friends.

I'm so hard looking forward to communites and the SMT launch!

WowW nice post, thanks you information

Wow, 50 steem dolars? That's great.

Great news for great community
Good luck

Very nice post and great article.. Thanks for share it.

this is exciting especially for our korean friends. i hope this development will bring about good result.

thanks for information @steemitblog
its so useful like me beginner on steemit

thank you very much

I noticed from my blog that GOPAX and Blocktrades have been added as third-party exchanges, which I'm very excited about. Kudos to team steem!

@maryfavour, founder of @redfishpillar project.

I am user of Gopax and that is very good news for me and the users of Gopax. Good luck steem, sbd, steemit.