100K Steempower reached and future plans.

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A couple of minutes ago I powered up 1460 STEEM to reach my ultimate goal of 100K Steempower.

I got there a lot earlier than expected but that's all thanks to the insane SBD pump we had last week.

Buying almost double the amount of STEEM with SBD really got things going fast.

It was worth waking up twice in the middle of the night for.

I did break my own rule of not buying over a dollar to buy the last 80 SP @ $1.15.

I'm not complaining though, this pump could not have come at a better time.

I'm hoping that the world will finally catch on to the beauty that is the Steem blockchain.

Although realistically I think it will be a little while longer for that.


Ben and I working on future plans for Blockbrothers today. The other two were working their real jobs :)

Future Plans

I always think it's very important not to get stuck in a rud.

Always keep moving and try to improve yourself and if possible take others with you.

I'm very grateful that my girlfriend Bianca, most of my friends and my mom are now part of the Steem blockchain and actively involved.

With my friends, @bennierex, @eqko and @s3rg3 I recently formed a group called @blockbrothers.

We are actively developing apps for the Steem blockchain and each of us has their own strength.

I think it's one of the proudest endeavors I ever been part of.

We recently released our first app called Steemify and it's been so well received by the community.

Around 50 Steemians have that app (beta) installed on their phone and testing it for us and new applications for testing are coming in daily.

It's beyond cool.

Today we got such a nice surprise by @roxane, she made a video about Steemify in French, without us knowing, explaining how it works! here.

An app we made!

Our channel we use to communicate was buzzing I can tell you that! Thank you @roxane, you made our day.

But there's more.

We needed a server today for a new project we are going to start.

We first tried a Dutch company but they couldn't deliver what we wanted.

So we did some research and we came across @privex a hosting company that accepts STEEM.

It could not be more perfect.

After talking to them on Steemchat we decided to give them a go.

They send us an invoice and I paid with STEEM in 3 seconds and no fee! (I love this blockchain).

An hour later they had the server ready for us!

Our Dev Ben started to install the server straight away. It will keep him busy for a while :)

Stay tuned for more info.

And last but not least I want to give my thanks to two people, first my friend who I met on Steemfest 1 and the one I can always call when I have the greatest ideas and biggest doubts about things. @ezzy, thank you, man, you're a star.

And second, Bianca, my love, who lets me free to chase my passion every day. Te amo.

I'm looking very much forward to the future!


Wow. @exyle @exyle, you really are doing well. We have not recovered from steemify and you are unto another project. You are a hardworking fellow. I really admire your zeal and drive to make things better. I must say that @privex are really efficient to deliver quickly. Thank you for filling us in. Waiting foe the next goodnews, qnd what the next project holds for us.

Hey my bro! Thanks for the shoutout and just know that those same sentiments couldn't hold truer for me too. It's been an honour to watch you rise up to the "Steemit Knight" that you are now and I've got a feeling this is only the beginning of your success story.

All the best, you awesome cat, you! To the stars and beyond! :)

Thanks, man!

Wow!!, you guys are really working hard to put steemify on a good stand, I have not gotten the app because am using android. I really appreciate all your effort @blockbrothers

Wow awesome to hear!

Super congrats on that and also a WISE investment!

I have powered up 100% of every steem/sbd/sp I have earned here and also invested what little bits I can here and there. I feel very good about it and am also really happy to support this community I love so much by buying gin and holding to increase the value of $teem for us ALL!

Thanks for all your contributions and showing support for this revolutionary community!

Full Steem Ahead!

Thank you. I also have powered up most of what I earned and bought.

A smart move!

And on behalf of all of Steem holders thanks for helping increase the value of $teem!

Full Steem Ahead∞§∞

Wow, you guys are beyond inspiring. I needed to see the success story in the form of your post. Sometimes it is discouraging, however you come along and build things up and add value to the world and brighten days. Thank you so much! You are your budz are highly respected for your examples. xoxoxo Thank you again for being awesome.

Congratulations on achieving this goal of 100K.

Congrats on the 100K steem man. Well done ! Love being in the blockbrothers with you and all the things we have planned. To The Moon !

It's a lot of fun, isn't it :)

Fun doesn't even begin to describe it ! It's exciting, exhilerating, special and then some !!

Congratulations man, it's exciting watching you be part of your dream :)

@exyle Congrats on your 100K STEEM Power !!!

Lekker bezig, tof om te zien! Keep up the good work :-D

This is really good news. You.mean @privex received payment in steem for hosting. This is really ground breaking. I have not heard of any site or company that receives payments in bitcoin for hosting. This is showing us that it's not only bitcoin that is making feats, steem is making too, but it seems bitcoin users seem to tell theirs louder than we steem users.
You guys are doing an awesome job @privex you guys are helping advance the steemit blockchain and steem at large. Please keep up this noble task, knowing fully well that you are engraving your marks in the wall of steem.
To @blockbrothers, you guys are awesome. You are really an inspiration. Keep steeming guys.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Congratulations on reaching your goal @exyle!

Thank you, Eric!

Wow buddy congratulations and it is indeed a dream come true level :)
and as per your future plans all the very best and we hope to get the android version sooner than later :)
Best of luck buddy !

I am so proud of you, you work so hard and consistently and your passion is clear to everyone at Steemit and certainly also for me and your friends.
You succeeded in creating a group (@blockbrothers) and the enthusiasm of the four of you is heartwarming. You have reached a goal you wanted to reach, congratulations!! And now, Steem on good luck to you and your @blockbrothers.

thank you, mom.

Congratulations! You guys are doing really well.its really inspiring to see your hard work.. hard work always pay. All the best... thanks

Cool how much work you are putting in. 👍🏼
100k. WOW. glad you reached your goal. Mine is 10k.

I think 10K is a good goal. My mind is busy with Steem basically the whole day.

Congratulations @exyle for reaching 100k steem power. It is really special. I knew you would get to it quick.

Hehe, now you will have everyone dying to know what the new project is!

Well done man on smashing the 100K barrier, I always said you were a machine. I am gunning for 25K for the end of the year. It might be possible it might not but hey, ya gotta try!

Gotta try indeed!

Wow @exyle !

What a day today for you !
Goood to set up goals (high goals!) and reach them. I can't wait to have this sensation too (I don't expect 100K, 10K would be already great :D).

Congratulation ! This is called perseverance ! I am sure you have learn a lot trough this journey ! ;-)

And about the video, I am very happy that you and your Brothers From another Mother enjoyed it ! That's what I am doing on Steem for 6 months discovering talented programmeurs and doing a video about their IT Baby :-) And for me, its such a cool thing that I have featured something from someone I really appreciate In real Life ! :-)

Good luck with it ! It's really usefull and the design is pretty great !

Thank you so much @roxane!

Great achievement i must say @exyle. And to top it up, you achieved it before the time you thought you would. I am proud of you. Congrats. Steemify is nothing but great. I am a fan, a huge fan, a huge huge fan. :) more grease to your elbow.
You and @ezzy are a real definition of buddies and great friends.
Whenever i read your post on something that has to do with @ezzy, i go to @ezzy and he also has sIt's strange actually. I know this may sound a little weird at first but I find Steemit has changed me so much as a person. I find myself connecting more with my steemian chums. Sure, there is the commonality of everything “steem” related that forms the basis of these connections, of course. But like any buddy you’ve ever had in your life, there is always that initial spark that leads to the formation of the actual friendship itself. And @exyle and @bkdbkd are the very definition of that.

Steemit aside, we will now always be hanging around with one another, chilling out and having fun. There will be frequent trips to see one another (which is just a short hour and a bit plane ride across the English Channel). That is the “real” power of this platform. After all, our posts could warrant any amount of money but how much financial reward could you place on knowing great people. It transcends everything and moves into the territory of “improving the social quality and lifestyle of one’s existence”. That is so special and I believe should form the basis of the platform.omething to say about your support and friendship. Come on, who are you guys if not great friends. I really love the bonding and the way you guys enjoy your friendship and dont hesitate to tell the world about your friendship. I love the mutuality.
I Cant reference here on steemit, but i will pick a touching phrase from @ezzy post on
"Maximizing the "Social" Aspect Within the Steemit Community"
He made a nice comment saying "
It's strange actually. I know this may sound a little weird at first but I find Steemit has changed me so much as a person. I find myself connecting more with my steemian chums. Sure, there is the commonality of everything “steem” related that forms the basis of these connections, of course. But like any buddy you’ve ever had in your life, there is always that initial spark that leads to the formation of the actual friendship itself. And @exyle and @bkdbkd are the very definition of that.
Steemit aside, we will now always be hanging around with one another, chilling out and having fun. There will be frequent trips to see one another (which is just a short hour and a bit plane ride across the English Channel). That is the “real” power of this platform. After all, our posts could warrant any amount of money but how much financial reward could you place on knowing great people. It transcends everything and moves into the territory of “improving the social quality and lifestyle of one’s existence”. That is so special and I believe should form the basis of the platform

What more can define friendship. What more can define buddies, i always feel so glad whenever i see you guys commending each other. May you guys remain besties for life and achieve all your dreams on making steemit better. Glad to also know that you are taking others with you just like you said by bringing your whole dearies into steemit with the huge support from Bianca, what else does one want from his love if not for support and belief in your passion. You are a lucky man to have her and viceversa. You are really a positive addition to steemit. I cant wait to see all your projects and dreams come true. Thank you @exyle.

Congrats @exyle for reaching your goal of powering up 100k.Am really amazed you guys could do so much despite the fact that two members of your team have day jobs outside of steemify.
When you said 'they are working their real jobs', sincerely I think thats not their real job, rather steemify is their real job. It's what gives them much more satisfaction. They do the other jobs to make ends meet, but they program because it makes them meet their purpose for existence.
A lot of people might not say this because it might make them look like they are money driven, but you are an embodiment of what you Preach when you say 'Always keep moving and try to improve yourself and if possible take others with you.'
You've helped alot of us newbies on steemit here, encouraging us in all areas especially in your upvotes.I don't know of anyone else on steemit that gives generously as you do. It's a big encouragement here, cause writing posts and getting nothing can be really discouraging. Sincerely we appreciate.
You've also contributed more to our lives through steemify app, again at no charge. That shows you a person that has a heart for others.
Kee up this good work, even as you actualize all the future plans you've stated here comes to fulfillment.
Thanks alot

This is awesome. You know when you mentioned that @roxane ma a video on steemify, I was really amazed and dumbfounded knowing that steemify has become this popular in such a short time. So I headed over to her page and saw the video. I don't really understand French, but I just wanted to see what the first 'audience' video on. Steemify would look like. Mehn she did a wonderful job there. Kudos @roxane. You could not have done it better. I saw a link she posted, indicating the English version of the video on steemify app, and as expected it was made by the @blockbrothers team.
So for those who are just seeing this post for the first time and have no idea what steemify is all about, you can check.it out at https://steemit.com/steemdev/@blockbrothers/steemify-an-iphone-notification-app-for-the-steemit-public-beta-is-now-live
You'll get all the info you need there.
Really nice work @blockbrothers.

Super excited for you. I can remember your first VLOG. Great you are working with such a talented group of @blockbrothers

Thank you so much. That first vlog, o my, it's hard to watch nowadays :), but it did help me change my blog.

Glad you have finally achieved your goal of power up.
I agree with you to always improve yourself and you are an epitome of it. Always trying to come up with something that would make life easier for steemians
If circumstances permit, and if we know we have the ability and power to improve ourselves, to grow and develop our skills and talents, why should we settle for less and just remain where we are just because we're "comfortable"?
It is always commendable for us to acknowledge that we've all got a lot to learn and to actually go on to do something about it such as investing in ourselves. Whether we're psyched to pick up IT skills, learn a third or fourth language, i like your mindset @exyle and you really practice what you preach, bcos i see you and the @blockbrothers carrying each other along with everyone having his own task and role. You guys are doing great things really. Thanks for that

That is a great milestone, congratulations! Steemit has indeed rewarded your persistent effort. You have inspired me to work harder. Thanks @exyle

Congratulations on reaching a personal milestone-- that's awesome!

I do hope the world catches on to the awesomeness of Steemit... and I hope those of us who really care and contribute can save it from being overrun by spammers and auto upvote bots. This place has the potential to become a major player in the social market... we just have to be willing to fight for it!

Thank you! If not Steemit then certainly the Steem blockchain. I'm sure of that.

For sure! The blockchain will live on, even if the front ends 10 years from now would be unrecognizable to us, today.

Wow. Hurray. Thanks for the Xmas gift and end of the year bonus of giving us the privilege of having steemify on our phones. I am personally grateful. I know the hardwork you and your @blockbrothers put into this. And i heard one of you guys are still busy with other things and still had us in mind to create this app. And now Ben is still going to go on another streak of busy schedule and you doing your own part. You guys have really taken steemit personal and more than just a site for earning dollars. My respect goes to you and @blockbrothers. My year is made on steemit for that. Thanks for being thoughtful. This is why i will invest in steem when i can.
A way of returning the favour, i will definitely do more personal promotions for this new app. I have that in mind. See you at the top @blockbrothers.

Te amo :)

Lovers. :D

Congrats on reaching a goal, not just a goal, a huge one for that. Its one of the most exciting feelings one can have. The steemify is a great app definitely. Best invention for steemit this year (IMHO)
Anyone not using it as of now is missing out. The only people i would pardon are android users and non iphone users. Come on get an iphone. This is great. Life is smoother, easier and faster with @exyle. Kudos friend and to the @blockbrothers. I love you guysx

I love your enthusiasm for Steem..congrats, exyle.....

Congratulations, man! You certainly earned it!

Thank you so much, man! Was fun meeting you on SF2!

My wish is that SF3 will be impossible, because too many people will want to attend. Be careful for what you wish for!

hahahaha I don't wish it to be impossible but I do believe that every year there is going to be more and more people and the special small group feeling we got for the first year and second will be ancient history!

I agree. But good memories.

Epic memories!

Its bitter sweet the growth of Steemit. Obviously we want that and it seems likely. Yet the beginning in these intimate times I will cherish!

∞§∞Full Steem Ahead∞§∞

Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment. 100K SP is amazing...you will end up a very wealthy individual because of it.

The app looks great...I cannot wait until it is out of the test phase and into mainstream use.

I love to read about all the development going on with the steem blockchain.

I was just reviewing my steemify feed before opening steemit. I really enjoy this app!!!

I was spinning up a virtual server last night. What distribution of Linux do you guys recommend? (For general steem blockchain use)

I chose Ubuntu server but was wondering what everyone else is using for their basic servers. I only chose Ubuntu since that what we built EZsteem on. but that was over a year ago.

@bennierex your up :) I'm pretty sure it's Ubuntu.

The cool thing is ... because of steemify, @bennierex should see the mention.

It's great!!!

not only him, cause I can get notifications of mentions of @bennierex as well through steemify ...

Lol, it’s just that my battery died. Now I got it though 😬

And yes, I mainly use and recommend Ubuntu

Ubuntu server 17?

For servers I’d recommend 16.04 because it’s a Long Term Support release (updates until at least q1 2021. Next LTS release will be 18.04 in Q1 2018.

I have missed so many things lately. Congrats on that SP, one day, you'll be a Steem Millionaire, I am looking forward that day. :)
@Blockbrothers seems interesting; I'm wondering what are you guys going to launch next.

congrats .. 100K that's a dream for me.. but all is possible if you believe

Love to watch your videos on youtube, love your enthusiasm for Steem. I believe the world will catch up eventually to the greatness of Steem. Everyday Steemit and Steem is impacting the world positively. It's like a freight train I think. Slow at first, but it will get going and going in time. Steem on!

Huge Congrats on reaching your goal. Perhaps I'll be able to join you in short order, we'll see.

Thank you and I hope so! was great meeting you on SF2!

Congratulations on a goal reached early. What a great time to be alive!

Wow, great news and you are on the right path to your goal for 100K SP , so I wish you to reach it sooner! Also I wish good luck to you in your project in the future! Thank you @exyle and keep us informed as things go :)

Congrats mate, you are going to do a big business with steem at 20$!!!!

$20 might be a while :) And thanks!

awesome news and congrats man, onwards and upwards! :)

Thank you!

That's awesome. Congrats on reaching your goal. I'm still in the process of getting more steem for myself.

Thank you! You have done well so far! congrats.

Nice work @exyle .can any one join to @blockbrother??

Nice question @mouradb. It's really awesome you want to join @blockbrothers, who wouldn't want to join such awesome team of partners (who actually are close friends).
Well from one of @exyle post, he made it clear that they are not a company, but a group of friends. I think this would be the reason why it would be difficult to join @blockbrothers, since you'll have to be @eqko or @exyle or @@@bennierex or @@@s3rg3 to be part of @blocktrades.
But I also think it's good you raised this up, so they can know we really love what they do, and should incase they want to become a company, we would count it a privilege to be part of this mission.

Yah very true. Am into software designs and app designs too, and I've seen the potential steemit and steemit related apps carry, and I'll really love to be part of this movement too. But it seems we would just have to wait, because @blockbrothers is not yet a company, but just friends. So I think it would hake some time before they start considering hiring people.
To @blockbrothers, we sure love the stuff you guys are doing. And we would like you to know we can take wait for you guys to give us the opportunity of being part of it. Awesome jobs guys. Awesome

I guess if this really lifts off we might have to expand at some point :)

Well, as we don’t have any income that would be difficult right now, but who knows what the future will bring!

Excellent what I heard.
Si you can share ideas and guidelines, or even hints from time to time.
thank you for the valuable information @exyle, @bennierex, @stellastella, @lucyc

This is great @exyle.mehn the steemify app the bomb, like I was just discussing it with my brother, who coincidentally is on.steemit, about its possibilities and learning it can go. And when I saw this, I was wowed. You guys are tremendously hard working. You are just giving it to us hot hot. We surely are in for a wonderful and memorable ride with you guys.
You guys are awesome.
Is the dress code white t-shirts? Lol

Congratulations on reaching 100K steempower,that is wonderful. I am definitely going to try steemify. Wishing you and the other blockbrothers all the best as you embark on your new endeavors :)

Thank you, so much!

You guys are really amazing @exyle @bennierex @s3rg3 @eqko and together @blockbrothers. Your work really inspires me. You guys are a epitome of hardworking and dedication. Your product (baby if I may call it) is a big boost and advancement to the steemit community as a whole.
The reason I love this app is that it's was not born from a mindset of business and money making, but from one of friendship and cooperation. Am glad to be part of you guys making history. Thanks a lot for this experience. You are well appreciated.

Gefeliciteerd! What an achieve 100k, Very Very good job. I See you pit a lot energy in and that is paid out.
Great to read the app is working and even a manual in French made for you.
Be proud and enjoy the trip you make !

In almost there with ya.... I only have 900,999.50 to go...,..lol

I wish you the best of success in your project @blockbrothers, someday I can contribute in this way to this excellent community !.

have nice day writing 👏👏

Wow, I am so happy to know I am one of those 100k! I got in before the millions which are for sure to come. Thank you for your hard work :)

Cool article, wish you much luck.

You guys are cool, signed, I will follow your projects.

Wow! Congrats on that milestone ;)

Awesome jobs @exyle.This is really Kool. Am happy you and your friends are taking steemify to the next level. Now it's being talked about in French, who knows it might lure the pope to steemit through its awesomeness.
You are having worked hard for this, and you deserve these results.
Good work guys

Congrats on reaching your goal @exyle

Good post @exyle72, I invite you to support me in some of mine that are part of a contest! Thank you

Congrats on your achievement m8! You reached an awesome target most Steemians can only hope to reach someday. Thanks for being an inspiration for many!

I just love seeing your posts! Keeps inspiring me!

Keep up the good work!
Together we're going to vibe this place off the ground!

Hi @exyle, yout steemit is too interesting, great job, if you have a little free time, I'll gratiful of your visitation to my blog!

Congrts on reaching your goal I am still trying to reach dolphin lol good job on those night trades @exyle Yes it hopefully will be a little longer to give more people the opportunity to grown on Steemit. Keep at it it with Steemify

@exyle it is a great news, if it's in Android, i am going to download it

This is good news.Am really happy for you guys. Am a developer too, and I know what it takes to develop an app. It takes hard work and dedication. Very few people know this. They just see the app and think it dropped from the sky.
You guys are really awesome. You've done a good job.
I know you guys have so much more projects ahead in the future, and I know it would turn out much more better than this has.
God bless you guys.

Props for kicking ass and making waves @exyle! Looking forward to checking out your app(s)!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my recent super fun vlog/article about gratitude: How To NOT Feel Like S#*$ In the Morning [PART I]. I had a ton of fun creating it today!

Nice ...surport me plz

Congratz dude! Reaching 100K Steem power is not an easy task! You made it!


Congratulations! And I hope a future even better than this.

amazing :)

Wow you guys are cool making this sort of money from one post!

Congratulations with this huge achievement! It's a very big step into the future.
I wish you good luck with your project guys! I'm sure it will be a very useful app for all Steemians. When it will be available for all the rest people?

I hope be like you..

좋은 정보 감사합니다

Congrats, you have implemented your dream through 100k SP, wish you to implement your dream & you loking so beautiful.

Full steem ahead etc!

wow thats a mazing
good job
whats your steem power up comment hit ?

wow this is huge achievement really awesome update and finally steem price is going high awesome :D

congratulation man just keep moving , you are the best

Congrats!!! On the steem you've accumulated. That's an enviable height you've reached.
More steem to your wallet😁

Are you using all your power ? how many upvotes do you give per day ?

Steem is my life.

I'm just starting here but you guys have convinced me to buy steem power

Wow ! Congrats !! I'm new but I want to learn more about Steem Blockchain now :) !!

Can't wait for steemify to be open for public use!

Thanks for all you and your friends are doing!

I'm in a little city here in Niigata, we've slowly been building up a little steemit community (had a meetup last week) - not doing anything like what you guys' are doing doing, though. But, it is great to have people along for the ride.

Good men 😃

we've not recovered from steemify and you are unto another undertaking. you are a hardworking fellow. I definitely respect your zeal and force to make things better. I should say that @privex are virtually green to deliver speedy. thank you for filling us in. ready foe the subsequent goodnews @exyle

Still not quite sure what being a 100K steem man gets you. Supposedly your voting carries more weight, but what else? I posted my most popular youtube video here, and it didn't even get to the 50 cent mark, but there seem to be dozens of people getting $200+ on posts that frankly are boring, or uniformative.

Congrats :D Keep on going :)

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