Vlog 257: dlive 0.5 update + My experience with streaming.

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Dlive released a new version yesterday here.

I'm having a lot of fun streaming on there lately.

It's been a nice change from my usual content and it's always fun to try new things.

The things I most noticed myself from this update is that the steps to start streaming have been simplified.

This made the process of starting a stream much smoother.

Also, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this update, but when I press Start Streaming on OBS (streaming software) now, it connects to dlive straight away and before I got a lot of 'can't connect' errors before it would work.

All and all I think we can say the platform is coming together very nicely.

I think it's a great addition to the steem blockchain.

In my vlog, I talk about the fun of trying to create new content and my experience with dlive (@1:00).

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That's true... Steemit platform is coming together very nicely with all these new applications that are being build and constantly improving, will definitely make the Steem blockchain , one among the best blockchains available now!

You've shared many important and realistic things about YouTube and Steemit with all of us who are actually knowing the very useful knowledge we need from you, we hope to benefit greatly, personally I personally support this post. This post is very important to me. It seems that there is a lot to thank for your important post Bong has many wishes on my behalf

The new version seems very cool and I love it.
Don't worry I'll support u. I've just voted you for witness

Yeah you are right for this great..support it hash

I agree with you that we must support the projects which use the STEEM blockchain such as dsound and dlive for example. Upvoted!

Bro your are right i too face problem with OBS. Sometime it looks complicated. It took more time to Stream live and shows error sometime.

Internet Speed matters, If you don't have good net speed then we have to face problem.

I am going to check new version of Dlive.

I hope we are able to stream by using our smartphones too because i don't have a laptop yet🤓

I think people do this, but I'm not 100% sure. Give it go!

Dlive has changed peoples lives i bet 10 yrs from now things will look pretty normal, continue having your fun.

every update to the different apps built on top of the blockchain is music to my ears. Now if only sign-ups were quicker :)

Good morning @exyle! It's great to hear dLive has gotten a bit easier to use. The technicalities had me a bit hung up in trying to get some live yoga classes happening! Now, i am excited to give it a go!! Love your encouragement!! It's awesome!! Have a really good day 😊✌

Go for it and their support team is great if you have trouble.

your steemians are always great to see dlive integration on steem blockchain is the very best thing that happened working seamlessly all the time :)

Dlive looks really nice, im in love with d.tube already

I would love streaming on DLive but I don't think my internet is fast enough

My upload is about 5mbit. I use a bitrate of 1500 and it seems ok. But not as sharp as I would like.

Thanks for the news @exyle I will be streaming very soon!

Im so happy to experience the rise of steemit.

@exyle the many features of STEEMIT are going to attract so many New People here this year. It only gets better and better.....DLive, DTube, DPorn, and SMT's and on and on and on....................

dlive is having some new updates and more will come in the future. I can't wait for it to replace youtube haha!

You are right dlive is great platform for fun where you can alot of fun and make money easily

I would try it out too. More friendly will allow more users. Thank you for the update @exyle.

thats a point! BTC parking last time bei 8k.. increaneble

Still trying to figure out how to play a game live stream 😭

Super movie! Today they will start the adventure with Dube, so I invite you to my channel and please rate my movie! I record in Polish, but how many people from the US will watch me, they will start recording in English! I will have motives to learn English.

I'm super happy that DLive is here! I'm planning on videos, which Dtube gave me tons of problems and I never ever, ever upload not even one video because of internet issues and Ipfs stuff.

Tube rarely opens for me. I just get a blank page. Do you have an idea why this is happening or how/if I can fix it?

yeah,i am agree with your opinion.its really good information because dlive released new version yesterday.its very big achievement of steam blockchain.i hope dlive new version helped u very much for your all video doing perfectly and quickly.your experience of streaming giving new changed idea of dlive version matter. of course i am trying this version of dlive.thank u for your good experience sharing on your blog..very well done sir... @exyle

dlive already a week
it must alias add to the excitement using dlive .. but i can not use dlive
because I do not have a computer.
I only use low quality telephones.
hopefully later i have a computer and i can use dlive.

great post and video @exyle

I wish dtube would bring out a new version too. Tried using dtube but my efforts were futile.

i'm glad to see you in steemit!
i upvoted you! thanks.

the streaming is not that hard there so simplified version that is great the team has been hard at work

Super movie! Today they will start the adventure with Dube, so I invite you to my channel and please rate my movie! I record in Polish, but how many people from the US will watch me, they will start recording in English! I will have motives to learn English.

I have to check this thing out.

dlive come together very nice from the start with no problem at all i think the team deserves a huge shoutout for that :)

I'm excited to read soon your new content hopefully that's inspiring

Thanks for great story..i appreciate this writing ..i like this life..all the best..

Nicely done, its so amazing to see new changes on the platform🙏

I can't do it as my account is anonymous... ;/

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