Why Russians are leaving Russia?

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Try to explain this phenomenon is very simple.
Today in Russia a lot of companies that created the Americans and the British 15-20 years ago. Within these companies employ foreigners. Most of these people look quite happy.
Like all Russian people, I often ask the question:"Why the Americans or the British (many others) to live in Russia?"
Like all Russian people, I answer this question:"Because Russia is awesome!"

Moscow — one of the best in terms of comfort city in the world. In this place everything is possible. Any problem is solved by specially designed software for smartphone and specially trained person in uniform.

If I were a foreigner, I would have easily lived in Moscow. But why am I, a Russian man as all Russian people, eager to escape from Russia?

I found the answer to this question: Hopelessness. The lack of alternatives. The constant feeling that you are not able to decide anything, to change anything.

I want to leave Russia for the same reason the wife wants to escape from her husband - gangster, and from his mansion in the Rococo style. This mansion is very expensive, walls inside the mansion beautiful, a golden chair is particularly well fit into the interior.

But... Hell, it's scary!

golden chair

Because at any moment can happen anything. Because you don't belong yourself.

The husband can beat you, he can kick you out of the house. The husband may even die in another fight and then the enemy gang will come to your house.

Yes, you live well, you don't need anything. But you - nothing. And you never give to forget about it.

If I knew I could always go to my cozy and comfortable home, then I would certainly easily considered crystal chandeliers and oak floors was evaluated.
But the feeling of impending inescapable hell always stopping to relax and feel safe.
I love my country. It's just not mutual.


Cultural cringe. What is familiar is banal, what is not familiar is interesting and new, novel.


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