Important post about the pandemic COVID-19

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The other day I was flipping through the news and saw that in Belgium, the locals staged a massive celebration in honor of the first day of quarantine.

I don't want to comment on or condemn the actions of these people.


I have only one question: "Why do most people only have two reactions to strange global events?"

It's either a complete disregard for the situation or hellish panic. I think now is the time when we all need to find a third way of responding to the situation in the world.

You will not die from this virus. Your chance of Contracting this disease is also quite low.
If you are young and you are not lucky enough to get in a number of cases, then you are much more likely to transfer the disease, as severe seasonal flu. Such episodes do not always lead to intensive care and death.

You are being asked to isolate themselves and sit at home for several weeks not because the virus is deadly.

You are being asked to isolate themselves, because the threat is you.

If you are reading this post today, a chance that you 70 to 80 years is reduced to statistical error. This means that your immune system is stronger and able to overcome the virus. Many don't even know it and are carriers without any symptoms.

The main problem is that before the manifestation of the virus you will have time to go to work, attend a friend's birthday, don't forget to go to the hairdresser, to drive a couple of times in the subway.

You will interact with hundreds of people and possibly transmit the virus to someone else.
And this is serious.

For most of these people the virus will remain unnoticed and relatively safe, but every tenth person may need intensive care.

Someone infected people will travel to visit parents and older relatives. It's already 15% mortality. Because old people are more susceptible to this virus and the risk of not surviving this disease are much higher.

You just took a ride on the subway, and a month to a few dozen old people got sick with this nasty virus.

Guys, no need to panic, no need buy up masks and macaroni, and write what we are all going to die.

Just stay home for a few weeks, work remotely, cancel and reschedule all appointments that you can cancel and reschedule. Play Board games with your family and view TV shows.

There is no reason for such a big panic. Self-isolation is not panic, but a way to save a bunch of lives.
All health and good luck.


Never let a crisis go to waste when it can be used to further destroy a free society. Have to bow before our political masters.

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Stay strong!

Stay strong, stay safe. It is our first day here, and my industry are not in the list. So I'm getting ready to go back to work 😑 @tipu curate

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Well the real crisis is not health its financial and this is actually what we need, the more people don't care the more the virus spreads the more it looks even worse the more measures need to be taken the larger the economic impact the quicker the bubble bursts that we've all been waiting for, I think this virus has brought the bubble pop to this year instead of it being 5 or 10 years away from continued QE. The banks are running out of ideas and so are the governments and It may be painful but this is what we need to build a stronger more efficient society that is in touch with the equilibrium the world has instead of throwing fake money at problems

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