Doomed to failure: the strategy of the martingale in our lives

in #life5 months ago

There is a strategy in gambling (including the stock exchange) is a martingale.

This is when you are after every defeat increases the bet to win to win. And you know what? You can lose an infinite number of times. If you always raise, then you only have only one win.

Many people think about their lives in this strategy.

The Simpsons

They are junk all the youth, putting all their efforts in all sorts of useless projects. In their minds no thought about the future. About something specific. They are engaged in an imaginary business, conduct important conversations over a Cup of coffee and improve your Instagram account on the courses known trainer or work at a frankly bad performance, because they soon plan to move to Spain, but eventually to Spain goes to someone else.

And then, suppose in thirty years (actually sooner, just beautiful number), they suddenly realize: "My life is failure".

And then they decide to fight back. They are betting on something big and risky that will help them to immediately be up.
Someone of these people are less lucky: they fall to scams or a pyramid scheme. There in their desperation, ably played by the master: they promise them success and winning, pulling more and more money. The person who wants to win, willing to bet a lot. Someone is lucky more, they just keep doing their job, dreaming of a better project to their lives.
The project needs to solve all their problems, bring a lot of money and allow them to fulfill their potential.

People who live by the principle martingale, I think that ordinary people that go to work every day are idiots. Because a perfect plan in this life is to combine the pleasant with the useful.

The project is not triggered. They come up with a new project (because they are desperate and doomed to move). The new project also does not bring result.

They come up with a new one. And in this endless race is their whole life.

Now is statistics. Today over 90% people 30 years — the poor. We are so used to be young millionaires, but the reality is that no one thinks about how and what he will live in 40 years.

So the buisness lectures are always popular a lot of young people. Therefore, the Agency of microcredit always has customers. Therefore, there is a mid-life crisis, alcoholism and suicide.
Moreover, all of us, even the culture makes the "live for today". And the phrase "think about the future" today is very boring.

But I say to you: think about the future. Don't live for today.

The future is just today that have not yet occurred. And to live these days a happy man, you need to think about them in advance.

Otherwise - martingale.


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