where to start with e-scrap for gold and other metals

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so in this post i am gonna tell you a bit about e waste recycling and what the best things are to collect and some of the things you should stay away from aswell.

This is my logo if you will. got bored one night and doodled up a cd out of my recycle bin. gonna upload it as my profile pic one of these days


So what is e waste? its all those dead or outdated electronics that many of you either throw in the garbage or take to you local recycling establishment. However there are people like me who gather those up and try to divert them from goverment recycling facilities.... why you ask? Because they contain gold.. silver, platinum, copper, aluminum etc which is easy money for someone willing to put the time in... you wont get rich off it tho if your just picking up a few things here and there from friends, you gotta go big, im not rich yet, but i plan to be, every year ive been expanding now

So next here is a list of what i have found so far to contain the best scrap

Laptop and desktop computers
house phones
printers and photocopiers and their ink cartridges
video game systems
older stereo equipment
routers and modems
old hospital equipment like blood pressure machines and aed packs
UPS power banks
cash registers and scanners and old atm machines
dvd players
satellite boxes
flat screen tvs and monitors
streaming boxes

These are the best i can think of for higher quality scrap right now, if i think of more ill edit and add them... In this stuff youll find gold, silver, platinum, and high grade printed circuit boards..as well as copper wires, aluminum heatsinks etc.. below i will make a list of stuff with lower grade boards

tv remotes
kids toys
alarm clocks
digital bathroom sca;es
kitchen appliances
etc moreless any electronic or appliance that has a cord or takes battery has some kind of scrap in it, somes just less valuable

So now that you know the basics,,, start gathering. in my coming posts ill show you specifics like how to tell brass coating from gold,,, how to tell 12 k apart from 24 k gold. how to test silver etc... happy scrapping guys


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