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RE: The Importance of Being Wild: A Short History of Wild Things

in #life3 years ago (edited)

I love the book "Where the Wild Things Are" .. or I should say that my son loves the book! :)

The Movie "Major League" is a true classic (hysterical). And who wouldn't love watching the Movie "Wild Things"? I mean, as a teenager growing up when that movie was released, there are several unforgettable scenes in there!


Very right ma'am @evolved08gsr back in the days those wild movies were the bomb.... Being wild has it's good sides... We have a lot of wild folks on steemit too keeping us entertained... Nice comment 😋

I'm not sure who ma'am is.. but thanks for your comment..

Ahhh...sorry for the ma'am 😊 @evolved08gsr just my wild funny way of trying to guess the gender of a great steemian blogger...😋

No worries, I don't take it personally. It's difficult at times to guess a person's gender simply from their comments / blog posts. Although between my avatar being a car, and some other hints, I feel like it's not too difficult to figure out mine haha

For you may not be...but not all is as intelligent as you are with a great IQ 🙆 find time to also check my blog posts

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