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I'm living out my dreams in my apartment, turning it into a tropical wonderland. I'm a crazy plant lady and been filling my apartment with plants for the past few years and a couple days ago the obsession went to another level. I got five new green babies because I'm babysitting @escapist's plants while she is kind of homeless for a while. I promised to give back her plants and the humidifier, but I'm pretty sure I need to go and get more plants to replace the hole they leave in my heart when they go back to their own mama.

The weather in Finland has been breaking records and I love the hotness. I can be semi naked and naked all the time, inside and out.

With the added plants and the humidifier, my tiny apartment really looks and feels tropical, and I love it. The hot, humid climate is my absolute favourite, I just wouldn't want to live in one full time, there is all kinds of nasties living in there. I don't like deadly creepy crawlies.

I really hope the weather stays like this for another month, so I don't have to escape anywhere yet.





Ps. these are not all of my plants, I have a few more in the entryway and in the bathroom...


The plant life has taken over my place
They breath, so I give them their space
With the water and such
And my special touch
It's their home, not anyoldplace

that's great, good for the air quality and it must be nice to have a little green most of the time in Finland. Avocado makes for a fun houseplant.

Plants just make me happy and if they make the air better at the same time too, it's a plus! Avocado is one of my favourites, it's been growing really nicely this spring/summer.

I've had one going on the windowsill for over a decade, no avocados yet. ;)

I’ve heard it’s somewhat impossible to get it to bear fruit.

I think in a non tropical climate it is unlikely. In good conditions they take 7 years to bear fruit and starting one from seed is unlikely to produce a good fruit. Pretty much all avocados that we eat are Hass avocados and they are all clones of the same tree.

I can buy the fruit from the store, I just like the way the tree looks, though mine is still a baby. I gave one to my mom over a year ago and it's taller than me!

Yeah, that’s why I like Las Vegas... the dry heat and no humidity 😂😅... only bad thing here is we don’t have many trees... just palms trees 🙌🏼

Dry heat is so bad!!It just feels like it's burning the flesh off.

Man created lotion lol

An apartment full of plants! How do you fight off all the bugs and insects that are attracted to the plants?

The only plants that have been attracting nasties have been my ivies in the bathroom, if they dry out, they get dust/spider mites. I just shower them almost every day and then they are fine :)

Wow..living in an apartment full of plants, that's lovely, no wonder you are healthy cos that's one of a small healthy garden..nice one

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So beautiful greenery. Perfect Job.

Lovely, a true jungle! The last photo is fabolous!

Thanks, I went a little artsy by taking it through the open window :) let's ignore that the window is super dirty....

Interesting decor ...

It's called a creative chaos!

I love plants, I want to have this many!!

Do it, buy more, fill the house with plants!

Oh I will !! We are moving soon, so that's a good excuse to buy more!!

Wooot woot that’s a fine looking space

You mentioned needing to get some plants to your office, have you done so?

Yess, I’ve got about 9 plants in my office right now, but I can always use more !

Stay Tuned....
Post containing shitty iphone pics of office plants coming soon!

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