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How Eve determines if she is happy

Yes, I now speak of myself in the third person, my head has gotten so big.

If you are unaware how to determine if you truly are happy, then you might find these four indicators helpful. These might also be helpful if you are in the search of that magical happiness everyone keeps talking about.

Forgetting the time

You know you are having fun when time flies, and it only does if you forget to check up on it all the time. I completely forget to check the time when I having a good time. Whether it’s drinks with friends or roaming about in the woods alone, forgetting about the time is a good indicator that I’m on the right place at the right time (pun very much intended.) Say time one more time. Shit. I dit it again.

Forgetting the phone

When I’m happy and doing something fun, I forget to check the phone, and also the laptop. No WhatsApp, no Steemit, no Blockfolio(!!), no scrolling mindlessly through Instagram and no need to kill time browsing cat videos. Like I would even do that It’s so nice to actually forget to check how cryptocurrencies are doing and if I’ve gotten any new comments on Steemit. It has to be truly that I forget about it, and not that I force myself to not do it or leave my phone in the corner.

It is so refreshing to notice that you’ve spend half the day with hardly clanging at the phone, and even then, only to check the time or to locate a missing fwend, or Google a restaurant to go to.

Not caring about appearance

This point is not to do with only purely physical appearance, but also self confidence. If you are feeling good about yourself, it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing, or how you look. For me, I know I am never fat, but if I feel bloated or I know my skin is bad, it’s something that can easily bring me down and affect on my overall mood. If I look my best, by my own indicators, it’s much easier for me to enjoy myself. That is why I care about my personal style and appearance. If I look and feel like shit, I’m not going because I know I won’t be able to enjoy myself fully. By looking my best, I actually forget about my looks and just enjoy myself instead.

In the morning (read: noon) I do my makeup, maybe fix my hair, and put on an outfit that is both comfortable and good looking, and hopefully forget about my appearance for the rest of the day. I do care what I look like and what I wear, but when I stop worrying about it on the go, it’s a good indicator that I’m having fun. By the end of the day, I might look like shit, having stains in the jeans, hair a mess and makeup worn off, but if I only realise it once I’m getting ready for bed, it’s been a helluva good day!

Not dream of being somewhere else/with someone else

This is a tough one. I often miss someone I would like to share an experience with, or sometimes I dislike the company I’m in, and would prefer being with someone else. I zone out and think of the person I would rather spend time with, and can’t because one reason of another. It doesn’t mean that that person is above everyone else, but more so that I would like to share this certain experience with them, or that I know they would appreciate the view, just like I do.

I know I’m both physically and mentally in a good place, if I don’t dream of some faraway land to escape to. I’m having fun here and now, not needing a getaway to a tropical five start resort to make me happy, where I most certainly would only miss someone.

It seems that this happiness thing really boils down to who you surround yourself with and how comfortable you are with both yourself, and with other people.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching (soul not located, please check back again later) recently and really tried to pinpoint the moments that have fulfilled all four happiness indicators. These kinds of moment are the ones I search for.

I have high hopes for this weekend to fill all these requirements for happiness!

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You are brilliant and beautiful.


Of course you're right! The indicators are true! After my country Nigeria won against Iceland, I forget time, phone and just everything! I'm super elated!

What, can football make people happy, that is weird! 😝

Trust me it does! I'm the happiest man on earth!

After watching that game, I could see exactly why you'd be so happy. Musa played exceptionally out there.

The match was so fantastic. The second half was a hit!

(I'm happy too<3) Whenever you are able to travel an do your thing AND not acting like a stupid girl a k a tyhmätyttö.

I still have about 18 hours to do something stupid.

My recent experience tells me that's plenty enough time for you.

T minus 30 minutes for lift off. loading Tinder 😈

Lookin all ruffled means you’ve had a good day 🅱️

Maybe even 🅱️ + day :D

No seriously?!?? I hope you had an amazing one!!

As I'm a man my appearance has much less of an affect on my psychological well being. Or at least old-school enough for me not to care much. Otherwise this posts was spot on: a person is at their happiest when they forget themselves and time. Happiness is like a flow state where one only focuses on the here and now without any worries at all.

Lol....."say time one more time...."
That cracked me up!😂

Happiness meter not covers all the things forhappiness... loop holes

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Happiness is a wanted good these days. Shy as a deer, it hides in the underwood but you as a country girl should know, best way to get out of this circle of shit (Internet) is doin something manual. Put your hands in dirt, sweat, work, insects on your arms and legs... The sun or wind or rain on your skin... if I miss nature for more than a week, I feel the walls getting closer, so no choice in it. We live today, like we re not supposed to. That s my word. ;)

Happiness is more a state of mind more than situations and experiences, because even in the hardest moments you can still be happy if you're positive.. So I don't think it depends on a particular situation, moment or people to surround, because being happy is a choice!

That smile :)

Lady, I'm with you. Can really relate to this. ALL of these apply to me.. and also I would add in when i'm happy I am more kind to myself. I go a lot easier on myself than I usually do. Sounds silly, but incredible how happiness can creep in and begin to affect all areas of yourself.

I love this post. Seriously, it has such deep meaning and it made me realise many things! Happiness is so much more than I used to think it is. Hope you have a wonderful day!

I'm happy and I Know it :D
Great post @eveuncovered :)

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands👏 👏

Eve, please tell yourself to have a good and happy weekend!