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A farmer being on the point of death, and wishing to show his sons the way to success in farming, called them to him and said—"My children I am now departing this life, but all that I have to leave you, you will find in the vineyard." The sons, supposing that he referred to some hidden treasure, as soon as the old man was dead, set to work with their spades and ploughs and every implement that was at hand, and turned up the soil over and over again. They found indeed no treasure; but the vines, strengthened and improved by this thorough tillage, yielded a finer vintage than they had ever yielded before, and more than repaid the young husbandmen for all their trouble. So truly is industry in itself a treasure.—THE FABLES OF AESOP

Systems Passed

The value of the systems we inherit from our parents' generation is so misunderstood. This original fable was seemingly written to comment on the frustration of parents when their children don't take the time to think about and really understand their words. But it also speaks to the parents. A good parent gives their children something to build a life with, a wiser parent puts systems in place that benefits their children even if they don't appreciate how it works.

Supernova Boomers

The "Baby Boomers" are a prime example of this. They were given the keys to the kingdom during the post war period. Technology was growing at an incredible pace, allowing for incredible leverage of human potential. If all of this had been handled effectively, our nation could have been set for generations. But this isn't the best example, because the wisdom suggested by the fable is more more applicable to individuals.

Challenge Yourself

  • What did your parents leave you? What bits have you overlooked, thinking you knew what the story was?
  • What systems can you create as a legacy to your nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, and protege's?



Appreciating the past and embracing the future with the virtues of the past. Educating the next generation and passing on essence of the past is really not an easy task.

Damn that is such a better way of phrasing it, thanks!

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