My First Video on Dtube. Vlog# 001: Here I am coming to introduce Myself to Dtube! (Evalina's Dream)

in life •  last year  (edited)

Hey Dear Guys and the Dtubers!❤

I am Evalina here. I am 17 and I am a student. I am a member of Steemit family and really feel very lucky for that.

I am glad that I am also a member of this family. In this platform I am sharing my drawings. People are supporting me. They are telling me that if the art is good or not. By those comments I am trying to increase my art skills.

Now let me give a thanks to Slothicorn. They are approving my arts that's why I am getting so much confidence. They are also giving me rewards. It's really a very big good sign.

The other member like me are also getting benefit for this. We are working hard so that we can prosper. Because of this platform today we are getting rewards for our work in a easy way.

I am really very thankful to this platform. Those people who have taken this step are really great. They have work hard and that's why we are here today. Respect for them.❤

Another Thanks to Dtube. They give us one of the best platform to express our moment by creating videos. We can make video and share our words. They are also rewarding us. For this people are working really hard to make a better video. Thus their working skills on videos are rising up. They are making better video then before. Because of Dtube it have become possible.

I want to make more good videos on DTube. I want to work hard for this platform. I want to share my videos in this platform. I want to learn something new from here and at the same time I want to gift some new things here.❤ Thanks to @dtube, I think they'll look up to my 1st video here. I wanna do something creative here.

Keep supporting me. I will work hard. Keep me in your prayer.

Thanks for all your support.❤


▶️ DTube
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Thanks for you kind information. I'll be careful about my next posts :)

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