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I have realized many things since I first joined this platform. I never thought that I will fall in love with Steemit and eventually, it became part of my life. It is like a habit that I can’t resist in doing. Steemit is not only about upvote, comment, and resteem. It is more on dedication, patience, researching, and interaction. We don’t need to be the smartest in order to succeed, the key is the willingness to stumble, stand up and move forward.

Lessons that I've learned in Steemit…

Write not to impress but to express.

There is nothing wrong to choose deep words but don’t make it too much because we may confuse the readers. When we write only to impress, it will be reflected in our writings. The readers will feel that we are insincere and fake. A blog full of sugar-coated words to make it more appealing is good to the eyes but it will not stick to their souls. On the other hand, when our intention is to write straight from the heart, the flow of ideas will be smooth and the words will be remembered by many.

When someone is being mean to you, show them more kindness.

We can’t expect everyone to agree with everything that we’ve said. We must respect every criticism and never argue with them. I’d experienced many times to have some rude and sarcastic comments in some of my blogs but I always say “thank you”, I am thankful for their effort of reading it. Instead of being mad at them, I am trying my best to understand their behavior. Maybe they are not really mean, it is just their personality. Don’t count those people that are nice to you, be a nice person to everybody.

Don’t pray for high upvotes, pray to have a quality post.

It is normal to human nature to wish for a generous reward specially when we work hard for it but be careful because we may end up in greediness. God can see our real motives and He will only bless those genuine ones. Instead of focusing on getting high upvotes, we must focus on the quality that we are offering to the readers. Steemians are willing to give their full support to those worthy of it. When we do our best, God will surely do the rest and His blessings are more than we can imagine.

Success doesn't come in one knock, be consistent along the way.

Write not because SBD is pumping up, write even if it is down. Consistency is not about doing it every day, it is more on having a time allotted for it. I understand that most of us have a day job and it’s reasonable to think why some haven’t posted anything yet. When you have the time, please don’t forget your Steemit account. You did an effort to apply and now that you’ve got one, don’t abandon it. Being busy is a part of our life which is hard to avoid so having a time management will help.

There is more joy in giving than receiving, share your blessings.

Sharing your blessings can be done in many ways. Teaching the knowledge that you’ve already know is already an act of sharing what you have. There are also Steemians who conducted contests to give back the generosity that they are receiving from the others. I have also witnessed those who are even boosting someone’s work to help them not only to earn but to gain more confidence as well. Happy are those people that have so much in life but happier are those individuals that despite having less in life, they are still there to give a helping hand.

How about you, what lessons did you learned in Steemit?


nice pam..

Thank you so much, sir. :)

Very good points and philosophy in my opinion

Thank you so much sir, for giving your time in my simple post.
I wish you more success in life.
Please continue to live healthy. :)

Thanks for this article! I've also fallen in love with this platform, and I agree write not to impress but to express!
I'm learning so much while on here and also able to express thing that I'm passionate about. I also love that I can express en español.

I also love discovering new people's blog like yourself and following their journey on here too :) ... I feel a deeper sense of community on steemit than any other platform '

Keep expressing and sharing beautiful <3

It's so nice to hear that we have the same thoughts about Steemit!
And you are also awesome 'coz you are so good both in english and spanish!
Steemit is blessed to have a talented like you! :)
You are great! :D

Same happened with me too dear.
I too fallen love with steemit and with this awesome community of love and knowledge,and my journey was just remained great and full of happiness brought to my life,which was really great and a amazing journey for me.

Love and knowledge indeed!
The road may be rough but our determination will help us conquer it!
God bless to your journey!

thanks for your sweet words dear.

I also feel the same. Every time I wake up I always thinks about steemit. My account was approved just more than a week ago and since then I'm not letting a day passed by without opening my account. It's not just about the money you will earn, it's also about seeing and wondering if someone is following you or appreciating your post.

By the way thanks for sharing your post. Following you now!

Always think about Steemit but don't stress yourself about Steemit. :)
There will be a lot of disappointments along the way but I believe in you!
Keep posting! :)

Hey there! You were featured on the #97th edition of steemitfamilyph's featured posts. Congratulations!

Thank you so much my Ohana! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Nice and sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and beautiful and cute post my friend

You are so sweet!
Thank you my friend! :)

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Thank you pam
Your important words are the secret of success

Thank you wahid!
You are one of those hardworking here in Steemit.
You will succeed, I believed it! :)

yay! some very good lessons.. yes, post for quality, not quantity, and consistency is about what u said.. but also about posting everyday! i mean c'mon, the definition of the work consistent is what?? :P see, i am trolling on ur post, but u must be nice to me, right??! :P

I will always be nice to you because you are a good person and you deserve to be respected. :P
I am always amazed of how you can post every day, I wish to be like you someday. :D

:) not even. it is I who want to be as good a writer (and wushu performer/dancer) as U someday.. =p

Wao nice and sweeeeet photography plzz follow me

Thank you very much for appreciating. :)

Do you have friends do the steemit on .when I vote in you, I will vote, OK kamrankami from pakistan.thankx

same here pamela steemit has been part of daily routine it has become a part of my life, i love the interaction, the lessons that i learned from my co stemians its awesome i love steemit thanks to @mrblu for urging me to join this wonderful platform😳

And you are also a wonderful woman!
You are an inspiration to everyone to strive harder! :)

I like impress the drink. Quality juice

Thank you so much!
God bless you. :)

You have come a long way and I'm so proud of you!!
Bear Hugs to one of the shining stars!! x0x0x

Thank you so much papa bear!
You are always there to guide and teach me!
More bear hugs for my dear friend! :D

Wonderful words of wisdom!!

Thank you so much my Bear Family! :)

yes steemit is very different social media with others. I also always spend time with steemit sometimes until 3 am. best regards from me and success always make @escuetapamela

You are so dedicated! :D
Don't forget to take care of your health, lacking of sleep can make us weak. :)

thank you very much for your attention and suggestion from @escuetapamela, it seems like you are a very nice person and very caring about your friends. success continues for you @escuetapamela

Very good insights and I fully agree to all the points you listed. Steemit is a free and open platform, and you should be able to express what you think is right.

Also, patience is key. So many times I have seen new Steemians trying to spam and write things that they are not interested in order to gain more views and votes.

Thank you so much for appreciating it, words like these are what makes me feel more welcomed here. :)

To be consistent and have a long patience is never easy, I'm still working on it.
But whenever I see nice and good people like you, those difficult things became bearable. :D

Nice one dear :)

I agree with the part where you said consistency is the key to success :D

Thank you my dear!

You are one of the smartest and dedicated girl that I've known. :)

So much to learn from you, Pam! You are a great example :) I personally look at it if I truly like to blog and share knowledge/stories in the first place. Not thinking about money. If I do consider money in the first place it becomes a hard time. Keep on steeming!

I agree with you!
When we think about the money, it became more stressful.
Unlike if we love what we are doing, everything seems fun and exciting! :)

Prior to your question "How about you, what lessons did you learn in Steemit?"
I'd like to say that one of the reasons that keeps me active on this platform actually converges with yours in a way, especially in this context "Write not to impress but to express ".
Steemit to me, serves as a voice that echoes my innermost creativity.

"...a voice that echoes my innermost creativity." - I love that line.
People like you, who have so many words of wisdom is making the Steemit special.
You are special! :)

Good job pam

Your welcome beautiful!

@escuetapamela(53) Well said. In this era of globalization, when everything is in hand, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and many other things with help, I can learn everything from the world. At the same time, Steemit started the path to take the new generation forward a step further. Because Steemit is not only a social media, but we can also develop ourselves economically. So, love and good luck for Steemit.

I agree with you, Steemit is not only a social media but it also help us financially.
I also learned other things from Steemit like enhancing my abilities to write and building up my self-confidence.
Lets keep on Steeming together! :)

thanks .best of luck friend

Great thoughts and true is all that, for not all the way up is easy like others who does, and good for them :) but for me the road into steemit is colorful and joyful. Along the way we meet great, good and nice people and we also do win friends in the community. But most of all, the important lesson i learn in this journey is not only the reward which is quite im not fit as u can see hahana, but instead... The freedom to do and share what i have and what i can be. I may untalented but i tried to show my talent hahaha. Like what you said "u didnt think you fall in love with steemit" so did i, and now i dont even kniw whats happening on other social media site like fb :) i felt like its wasting my time checking it, well, truth is i dont have time for.fb anymore for my time is already consume in steemit and not even have enough time sometime. You did a good wrap up of a simple steemians and give encouragement to keep going, not just because of the rewards but because steemit is already a part of our lives. Steem on! :)

You are so sweet and thoughtful!
I think we have the same in mind, I also get lazy to use Facebook when I learned about Steemit. Well, I still used Facebook but I get bored easily hehe.
Like you, I'm also untalented and I hate dancing but Steemit made me dance! Hahaha. - it was some contest that I joined, Zumba to be exact, LOL!
Steemit is life changing! :)

Hahaha yah i know that contest but too late already when i find it out! Me also is a frustrated artist but "untalented" by @surpassinggoogle made me draw a panda hahaha. At least i tried and the result is brilliant, the panda looks like a koala!hahaha steem on

yes I agree with you, write not to impress but to express !!! Godbless pam:)

Thats really nice.
Actually I am new to steemit and I gave you an up-vote it would be great if you could return a favour. In this way we can help each other building our profile

Thank you.

Your picture has been pretty amazing. You are so beautiful and pretty. There is a different kind of look in your look.......

Looking awsome

Thank you for sharing this Ms @escuetapamela. I believe that following you I can learn more in steemit. Im a newbie here .. your words are very inspiring 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ues one of my friend suggested me to join stemmit 4 months back. From then to now i met many people on this platform some are magnificently amazing and some are not. Some just pray for upvotes but i think this platform is more than that. Keep steeming.

You said it all pam. Steemit teaches us to be more of who we are. :)

Your posts are really interesting I visited many of your post I love it