Human Composting?

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Today I'm going to do something different, I'm not going to post photos taken by me, but write about some news that I came across a few days ago.

Let's start with human composting, which will be possible very soon in Washington, USA.


Yes, that's right Washington could become the first state to legalize human composting.

Composting is a very good think, I know that from experience. My dad has a composting place and all the organic waste goes into the composting bin, then the compost is used in the garden next spring. I can tell you from experience, composting is a very good thing, it's natural fertilizer.

But human composting? That's a whole different thing.

The aim is a less expensive way of dealing with human remains that is better for the environment than burial, which can leach chemicals into the ground, or cremation, which releases earth-warming carbon dioxide. source

I don't know yet if I'd opt for my body to be composted, but I think people have the right to decide what happens with them after they are gone. I think this method would be adopted by more states and countries, although in some countries, where the church has a saying, this method would never be adopted.

In some countries burial places are sold for life because they believe the spirits can't be disturbed. In other countries burial places are leased for a certain period and if you don't pay the lease, they are selling it to someone else because crowded cities don't have the luxury of keeping each and every cemetery intact for ages. I'm curious to see what's going to happen.

What do you think about it? Would you opt for your body to be composted?

My dear friend @melinda010100 has a challenge called #cemeteryphotos, which is interesting, since we get to see old and new cemeteries from all over the world. Melinda, what's going to happen with your challenge after human composting becomes real? :)



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If it's going to help mother nature, I wouldn't mind letting my body to be composted.

I'm glad to see people think like that. Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.

My pleasure, have a good weekend to you too!

Thank you!

I am all for human composting. That is what happened in the old days- when a body got buried without chemicals added.

Now, we have so many bodies that it is a safety issue if too many are all in one place.

I like the idea of a mushroom suit a lot. But I think the other experiments are all good. Graveyards can become tomato farms. 😀I like pictures of tomatoes for Melinda’s challenge ❤️

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Yes, you're right, just stated that in a previous comment, it's the same as when you're buried in a coffin, but in that case it takes a bit longer. Let's see the reactions.

This is a good theme for a debate. I wouldn't mind returning to mother nature afte I'm gone. Indeed, for some confessions this is a hard one to digest but... In the end, it's all about "dust to dust and ashes to ashes", right? 🙂

It is definitely a great topic for discussion and I guess it was and will be discussed as not everyone agrees with it, although that's what it happens to your body when you are buried the natural way, it's just that the process takes a bit longer.
And by the way, it's "Ashes to ashes dust to dust" 😜

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Thank you!

I think composting is an awful term for a very beneficial practice! There are green cemeteries that are of interest to me where the body is wrapped and placed directly into the grave to decompose naturally rather than placed in an expensive casket which is then placed into a concrete vault. That just does not make sense to me. Cremation is not pleasant to consider and is not good for the environment. But whatever method is used I still like the idea of a memorial stone with names and dates.

I agree, it's a bit awful, but whoever invented the term, probably thought about the decomposing and returning to nature as a compost. But this is just a supposition. A stone is nice, we both agree on that.

Priority #1
If my body can be salvaged in any way to help other human beings, by all means salvage away. Women and children first.
Priority #2
If my body can be used in any way to help the planet, by all means, utilize it to help the planet.
Priority #3
There isn't one, because once I'm dead, it isn't about me anymore, and if I'm living my life according to altruism, it should never be about me anyways.

Thought provoking post.

How interesting i wonder if we would end up with fingers and toes growing in our veggie garden...hehe :)

Awww, that's not fair :)) :)

It is, indeed :)

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