Cathedral of Saint Paul

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This cathedral is just a few blocks from where we live. Even though I’ve passed by this place thousands of times in twenty plus years, each time I see it I’m in awe of its design.

Construction of this beautiful (and megalithic) building began in 1906 with a budget of one million dollars and was finished nine years later, in 1915. You can read more about the cathedral here.

I took this shot from the sidewalk (with an iPhone 8) as I was walking our beagle.

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You have a lot of reason dear friend @ericvancewalton this building looks really beautiful, no longer seven new constructions with this level of architecture. congratulations for the beautiful capture and all this information
I wish you a good start to the week

Beautiful capture .. it is great having the phone on walks. I get a lot of photos like that. I love the perspective.

Thank you @rebeccabe. I need to get better at deleting photos I take. I have over 3000 on my phone now.

You may already know, there is a free Google app for photos .. I looked on my phone it is named "photos". Anyway, if you haven't already download that app. Then you can go to and your photos are there. It has an assistant and everything.

It goes by date so you can access photos from way back.

I take a photo and select send like I am going to message someone with it and I chose the photo app. It is then sent to that location, I use my computer from there.

This is great to know! I've seen that app but never realized it saved the photos after you deleted them from your phone. I'll be downloading this ASAP and freeing up space on my phone. Thanks!

Happy to be of help :)

Awesome, it has an aura of majesty. It is not as old as most of the famous carhedrals. I used to believe that they stopped building with such care since the time of Michelangelo and Bernini. Obviously, I was wrong.

The interior is even more beautiful, I'll have to get a shot of that someday. The only newer church or cathedral I've seen here in the US that rivals this is Saint Patrick's in NYC.

It is wonderful and majestic, @ericvancewalton. No wonder you are always in awe every time you pass by here. 😊

This has to go over to @photobe for sure .. love this!

That's so beautiful to check out nice shot there simply outstanding :)

@ericvancewalton This is a great shot. The angle and the beautiful sky in the background make it breathtaking!

Awesome click of awesome building

Some of the structures does indeed makes us feel very great.While the time spend to built it was indeed worth it !

@ericvancewalton, I heard before you're the perfect writer in steem blockchain. But now I know you're the professional photographer. It' perfect art of creativity. Saint Paul is oldest cathedral and I'm really impressive to see. Nice click.

So awesome :) I've been thinking of doing a series on churches, there are so many in this area, and they never cease to fascinate me.

It’s so good to hear from you @dreemit! I’m fascinated by them too, especially the ones in Europe.

Beautiful piece of architecture

Nice and beautiful photography sir, thank you for this sharing this awsome post @ericvancewalton

Yes its beautifull i liked it too its totaly awsome design.

Wow! A very fun narrative and photography description to enjoy. Both, blend in one incredible package. What an artistic architecture. So cool!!

Wow really it's a wonderful cathedral ! Awesome design, brilliant architecture in a word ,very nice to see and know about this cathedral. Your photographs also looking great.

Awsome and greatfull photography boss nice and very beautiful, thanks for you sharing this good information and best photography @ericvancewalton

wow this is awsome and great photography sir, nice post, thank you for sharing this post @ericvancewalton

That's nice.
Sir can you tell me?
What is the St Paul's Cathedral famous for?

So Beautiful!

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beautiful cathedral

this cathedral has a design that really makes people amazed, but also have the impression of its own beauty in this building, it is very old, but still looks solid to look at, thank you for sharing

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