Living like there is no tomorrow...

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My hiking days started early. When I was only in the third grade my parents signed me in a summer camp. But that wasn't regular camp at the sea like everybody would assume. They signed me in for camp, which was located in the middle of the beautiful nature, surrounded by high mountains and clear water.


Now when I think about it, I realized, that it happened long 21 years ago. But the memory stayed in my mind. Every day early morning routine - run before breakfast, and then so many activities. From going hiking in the nearby mountains to making bivouac from only natural material like branches, leaves and so on.


We even picked a lot of flowers like below, so we could make us all some healthy tea.


After that camp I know, I have been in two more in other locations. And then I stopped going. Sometimes, when I think about it, I think it was such a shame I didn't keep on going in the mountains. Living in a place surrounded by them, and still no time and will to go.


Maybe I'm just waiting for the little ones, to grow up a bit, because now, I just know I would have to carry at least one of them for a half of the hike. After that, we just need to start exploring nature more, especially as a family. Because living with such pace will kill us. Literally. And if we don't find the time for our loved ones, while they are present around us, we will have deep regrets afterward.

So I'm putting you in your heart - tell your closest how you feel about them, tell them how much you care about them, and how difficult your life would be without them. Tell them, they can always turn to you without hesitation. Because time is precious. And we will all die one day. But we have to live like there is no tomorrow exploring our precious world.

Photos for @juliank's #landscapephotography contest were made by me and my old camera Sony DSC-W125.


Nice landscape....I would love to walk or hike around there. Take your kids on small hikes...go for as long as you know they can tolerate the walk - walk halfway somewhere and turn back. That's what my son does with his 18month old - they hike in the BC mountains and he loves it.

Take advantage of the freshness around you. I forget how old your youngest one is. But I know they'd love discovering everything from sticks and stones to puddles and flowers. :)

Seems like you really enjoyed that place!

I really did. And afterward, when I came back home, my parents bought me my first bike with shifts for my size. And I felt like a queen. I was 9 years old, so you can imagine what a joy.

Realy nice and i hope oneday i will go there.

Thank you. This lake is called "Krnsko jezero", and it's located in Slovenia. Check it out and you will see how beautiful is the nature around.

thank you very much for your advice

I like beautiful photos

Thank you.

Wow, beautiful landscape and clear waters with the reflected rays of the Sun, I really like with natural mountains and thank you for sharing my friend ...IMG_20180204_184230.jpg

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it. But I also like yours, with totally different trees growing behind you.

Of course, this is my area, mountains of Aceh, Indonesia.

The stunning nature portraits from you and thank you for teaching this life. Good luck always for you @emmamia.

Thank you so much. I'm really happy to see when others like you tell me that my posts reach to all your hearts. I wish you a really nice rest of your day.

I hope it won't be too long before your kids are big enough to take hiking with you. Maybe sooner than you think! Perhaps you could just chose shorter hikes to start with. 😍

I used to take my daughter when she was 3. I chose easy hikes on boardwalks and we used to stop every 30 minutes for some sort of treat. I seem to remember gummy dinosaurs were always popular!

I will definitely have to think about it. Because being active is important. Even though they move a lot during whole 9 hours in the kindergarten, it's just so nice to spend some time together with the family and having fun. Thank you for the advice. :) Especially the gummy treats. :P

Hope you can work something out that works for you all, 😊

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live like there is no tomorrow

I'm trying to do this every time possible and i keep reminding people around me about it.

Btw: Krn i suppose? It's been almost 20 long years since i've been here. And i am 100% positive, to go this year. But regarding this years winter. It could take a while for the snow to melt.

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