The Queens Birthday: Happy birthday Maggie & Mimy

in #life6 years ago


To Maggie a.k.a @switmag ;


One look at you and I see a great woman I'm given the opportunity to love. Your beauty is astonishing and your heart even more captivating. You're the best.
Her entrance into my life was like flicking on the light switch in a dark room.. your presence illuminates my heart with joy. The fairest of them all.
The future can only be brighter and better with you by my side, my brainy microbiologist, i find your intelligence sexy, your meals are amazing. God bless you gorgeous.


The stars draw beauty from you.. your love pushes me to do more. Your heart is the most precious treasure I own. In wisdom will you grow every passing day, I love you, Happy birthday Beautiful. Have some more. Cheers🥂

To you both ( @switmag & @mimy)


Today also happens to be @ehiboss queen and Maggie twin sister birthday Mary a.k.a @mimy. Happy birthday Angels.
Even though i haven't met you yet @mimy, i feel like i already know you.


You two, the best presents ever gifted to the enough to melt hearts of stone...two beautiful and strong women born to ride the unending waves of success...your affluence and impact to be felt long after your days match the Lord's calendar (tangibly and otherwise of course)

On this very auspicious day which happens to be both your birthdays, I wish you nothing short of the best. More sbd to your wallets :) Cheers 🍻 to more years in health and prosperity. All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. You two are wonderfully made in particular.
Bon anniversaire lovelies. @switmag and @mimy

P. S: una go sell for market pass M&M chocolate... (Maggie&Mary)😍 😋😁

Thanks for Reading

Image Credit : From my Android smart phone gallery.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww,thanks love am highly honoured dear

Awww, this is sooo lovely. Nice write up bro. Happy birthday anniversary M&M. More wins🍻

I smell love in the air... Happy Birthday two cuties....

Happy birthday @mimy and @switmag. God bless you

Amen. thanks

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